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The Game and the Joystick

Obsession with video games

By mozhibPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
The Game and the Joystick
Photo by Hardik Sharma on Unsplash

As a kid, Henry had been obsessed with video games. He would spend hours upon hours playing his favorite games on his old Nintendo console. But one day, he discovered a new game at his local arcade that would change his life forever.

The game was called "The Abyss," and it was unlike anything he had ever played before. The graphics were incredibly realistic, and the gameplay was immersive. The game had a unique joystick that was unlike any other joystick he had ever used. It was sleek and black, with glowing red buttons that seemed to pulse with a life of their own.

Henry quickly became addicted to the game, spending all of his free time at the arcade, playing "The Abyss." He even saved up all of his allowance money to buy the joystick, which he believed was the key to his success in the game.

But as he played more and more, Henry began to notice strange things happening. He would often see strange symbols flashing across the screen, and he could swear he heard whispers coming from the joystick itself.

Despite his unease, Henry continued to play the game, unable to resist its pull. But one day, something strange happened. As he was playing, the joystick suddenly came to life in his hand, writhing and twisting like a living thing. He tried to let go of it, but it was as if the joystick had a mind of its own, refusing to release him.

Suddenly, the game screen flickered and went black. Henry found himself standing in a dark room, with nothing but the joystick in his hand. He tried to move, but his body was frozen in place.

Then, he heard a voice. It was a low, menacing voice that seemed to come from all around him.

"Welcome to The Abyss," the voice said. "You have been chosen to play our game. You must beat it to escape, or you will be trapped here forever."

Henry was terrified. He had heard stories about video games that could trap people inside, but he had never believed them. Now, he was living one.

He tried to use the joystick to navigate the game, but it was no longer responsive. It seemed to have a mind of its own, moving in random directions and pushing buttons without his control.

As he stumbled through the darkness, Henry began to see strange figures in the shadows. They were humanoid, but their limbs were elongated and twisted in unnatural ways. They seemed to be watching him, waiting for him to make a mistake.

The game was unlike anything he had ever played before. The graphics were incredibly realistic, and the sound effects were so lifelike that it was hard to tell if they were coming from the game or the real world.

As he played, Henry began to feel his grip on reality slipping away. He was no longer sure if he was playing a game or if he was trapped in some sort of nightmare. The joystick seemed to be the only thing connecting him to the real world, but even it was unreliable.

Days turned into weeks, and Henry remained trapped in The Abyss. He barely ate or slept, devoting all of his energy to the game. He had to beat it, or he would be trapped here forever.

But as time passed, he began to realize that the game was not beatable. It was designed to trap him here, to feed off his fear and despair. And worst of all, he was not alone.

Other players had been trapped in The Abyss, just like him. They were now twisted, grotesque creatures that lurked in the shadows, waiting to drag him down into their madness.

Desperate for a way out, Henry tried to destroy the joystick. He smashed it against the ground, tried to snap it in half, but it was indestructible.

Henry realized that there was only one way to escape The Abyss. He had to sacrifice himself to the game, to become a part of its twisted world. He closed his eyes and let go of the joystick, surrendering himself to the darkness.

Suddenly, the game screen flickered back to life. He saw the high score screen, with his name at the top of the list. He had beaten the game.

The room around him began to shake and fade away, replaced by the familiar surroundings of the arcade. The joystick lay on the ground beside him, still and lifeless.

Henry stumbled to his feet, feeling weak and dizzy. He realized that he had been trapped in The Abyss for weeks, but it felt like years. The other arcade patrons looked at him with concern, but he could barely speak.

He never played video games again after that day. The memory of The Abyss and the joystick haunted him, a reminder of the darkness that lurked just beneath the surface of the games he had once loved.

Years later, he heard a rumor that the arcade had burned down, taking The Abyss and the cursed joystick with it. But he knew better. The game and the joystick had never truly been destroyed. They were still out there, waiting for their next victim. And Henry knew that he could never be that person again.


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