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The Frightful Waters: An Angler's Story from Chennai

The Call of the Profound

By AshokPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
 The Frightful Waters: An Angler's Story from Chennai
Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

In the core of Chennai, where the clamoring city meets the peaceful waters of the Straight of Bengal, lies a story of fear murmured among anglers and mariners. It is an account of a solitary angler, Ravi, whose life took an evil transform when he considered wandering into the dim profundities of the ocean looking for a plentiful catch.

Caption 2: The Unholy Experience

Ravi was referred to among his companions as a gifted angler, however, his desire frequently drove him to wander into deceptive waters where others dreaded to step. One portentous night, as the red tints of the dusk painted the sky, Ravi set out alone in his, not set in stone to procure a rich gather from the profundities beneath.

As night plummeted and the stars arose like precious stones overhead, Ravi cast his net into the dull waters. For quite a long time, he held up in expectation, the main sound the delicate lapping of waves against his boat. However, similarly, as he lost trust, he felt a pull on his line that sent a shudder down his spine.

With shuddering hands, Ravi started to bring in his catch, however as the animal arose out of the profundities, his heart froze in fear. It was no common fish that squirmed and whipped on his line, yet an odd evil entity with scales as dark as noon and eyes that sparkled with a supernatural light.

Caption 3: The Scourge of the Profound

At that time of repulsiveness, Ravi realized he had released something outside his ability to understand. With a throaty thunder, the animal rushed towards him, its extremely sharp teeth gleaming in the twilight. Frantic to get away from the grip of the plague, Ravi cut the line and escaped, his boat slicing through the waves with newly discovered criticalness.

However, attempt as he may, Ravi couldn't shake the sensation of fear that grasped his spirit. Wherever he turned, he looked at the animal hiding underneath the surface, its pernicious presence tormenting him like a ghost from the profundities of his most obscure bad dreams.

Caption 4: The Drop into Franticness

As days transformed into weeks, Ravi's once convivial disposition started to shrink away, supplanted by a spooky look of dread and suspicion. Rest evaded him, for each time he shut his eyes, he was spooky by dreams of the animal that hid underneath the waves, holding on to drag him down into the pit.

His kindred anglers murmured stories of reviled waters and wrathful spirits, yet Ravi ignored them, polished off by his plummet into franticness. He became fixated on the animal that had attacked his life, spending all the time scouring the shores looking for answers that remained everlastingly too far.

Caption 5: The Last A conflict

One blustery evening, as the breezes wailed and the waves ran into the shore with unwavering wrath, Ravi pursued a critical choice. Furnished with only a spear and a heart loaded with retaliation, he set off on a mission to stand up to the animal that had tortured him for such a long time.

As he cruised into the core of the storm, Ravi felt a feeling of bleak assurance wash over him. He would either overcome the monster that hid underneath the waves or surrender to the dimness that took steps to consume his entirety.

Finally, Ravi arrived where he had first experienced the animal, the waters stirring with supernatural energy that creeped him out. With a basic thunder, the evil entity rose out of the profundities, its eyes bursting with unholy fire.

In any case, Ravi persevered, his spear raised high as he arranged to confront his biggest trepidation head-on. With a wild rallying call, he thrust towards the animal, their destinies entwined in a dance of life and demise that would reverberate through the ages.


In the days that followed, the anglers of Chennai talked in quiet tones of the courage of Ravi, the gutsy person who thought for even a second to challenge the obscurity that hid underneath the waves. Some say he died in his last conflict with the animal, while others guarantee he arose successful, his soul everlastingly bound to the ocean that had both favored and reviled him.

However, one thing stays certain - the waters of Chennai hold insider facts that resist human comprehension, and the people who set out to wander into its profundities do as such at their own risk. For some place, in the dimness that lies underneath, the anathema that spooky Ravi hides, trusting that its next casualty will haul into the profundities of depression.

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