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The Forgotten Doll

"The Forgotten Doll: A Curse Unbroken"

By mozhibPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Forgotten Doll
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The Forgotten Doll

Sarah had always been drawn to old, eerie things. She loved exploring abandoned houses and collecting odd trinkets. One day, while browsing through a dusty antique shop, she stumbled upon a doll that immediately caught her attention. It was a delicate porcelain doll with curly blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it that Sarah couldn't resist.

The shopkeeper warned her, "Be careful with that one, miss. It has a dark history."

Sarah's curiosity was piqued. She didn't believe in superstitions or curses. Ignoring the shopkeeper's words, she purchased the doll and took it home.

As soon as Sarah placed the doll on a shelf in her bedroom, strange things started to happen. At night, she would hear soft whispers and tiny footsteps coming from the doll. She dismissed it as her imagination, but the whispers grew louder, and the footsteps became more distinct.

One night, unable to sleep, Sarah decided to investigate the source of the sounds. She tiptoed towards the doll, her heart pounding with fear. As she got closer, she noticed the doll's eyes had changed. The once innocent blue eyes now glowed with an eerie, malevolent light.

Terrified, Sarah tried to remove the doll from the shelf, but it resisted her touch. The doll seemed to have a life of its own. It started laughing—a sinister, mocking laughter that echoed through the room. Sarah's blood ran cold as she realized the doll was possessed.

Desperate to rid herself of the doll's presence, Sarah decided to seek help. She contacted a renowned paranormal investigator named Professor Jameson, who agreed to look into the matter.

Professor Jameson arrived at Sarah's house armed with a bag of mystical artifacts and a determination to uncover the truth. He sensed the malevolent energy emanating from the doll and began performing a ritual to exorcise the spirit trapped within it.

As the ritual unfolded, the room grew colder, and a sense of dread hung in the air. The doll's laughter turned into a blood-curdling scream, and suddenly, the porcelain figure shattered into a thousand pieces. But the evil wasn't gone.

With a horrifying screech, the spirit that had inhabited the doll materialized before them. It was a twisted, grotesque figure with empty eye sockets and long, sharp claws. Professor Jameson stood his ground, chanting ancient incantations and holding up a protective talisman.

The battle between the professor and the vengeful spirit raged on, unleashing chaos throughout the house. Sarah watched in horror as furniture levitated, mirrors shattered, and the walls bled.

Finally, with one last desperate incantation, Professor Jameson managed to banish the spirit back to where it came from. The house fell silent, the malevolent presence dissipating into thin air. Exhausted but triumphant, the professor turned to Sarah.

"It's over now," he said, his voice filled with relief. "The doll's curse has been broken."

Sarah thanked him profusely, grateful for his intervention. As the professor left, Sarah gathered the shattered pieces of the doll and burned them, ensuring that no remnants of its evil remained.

Months passed, and Sarah's life returned to normal. She swore off collecting haunted objects and focused on more mundane pursuits. But deep inside, she couldn't forget the horror she had faced.

Late one night, Sarah woke up in a cold sweat. A faint sound reached her ears—a soft whisper, reminiscent of the doll's haunting voice. She sat up, trembling, unable to comprehend how the doll's curse had found its way back to her.

From that night on, the whispers grew louder and the footsteps returned. Sarah realized she was forever bound to

the doll's malevolent spirit, trapped in a never-ending nightmare.

Haunted by the forgotten doll, Sarah would forever roam the world as a vessel for its vengeful soul. The cycle of horror continued, as the doll found new victims, spreading its curse to anyone who dared cross its path, forever consigned to the realm of darkness and despair.


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