The Following Night

by Jay Kolsrud about a year ago in fiction

Mountain Town

The Following Night

I woke up in a log cabin in the mountains. I was unsure as to where I was or what I was doing but as I looked around, I realized that the room was empty minus the bed I was on and I was covered in blood, though the blood was not mine. My head was pounding like the day after a long night of vodka and tequila, but I don't remember drinking the night before.

I decided that I needed to get out of this unknown place but as I opened the door there was the body, I had discovered whose blood was on me. It had looked like he had been stabbed multiple times through the chest being the cause of death but he also had a slit throat. Looking at the clotting the slit throat was just something the killer had done for the feel.

I couldn't help but wonder if this could have been me, but it couldn't have been. This would have been way to significant to not have memory of. I went back into the empty room to sit on the bed and think, to remember. I couldn't go in public without cleaning up and getting the blood off me.

I found the bathroom connected to the empty room. I slowly undress finding there was more blood under my clothes. My body was more red from blood than skin. I turn on the water as hot as it can go and it was still freezing. I wash off the blood as quickly as possible to try and avoid the freezing feeling I was feeling from the cold water. Coming out of the shower the head pain had spread down to my neck.

There was no towel so as I open the door to leave the restroom a cold chill runs through my body freezing me in my place. I close my eyes to try to overcome the cold but I am stuck there as I feel my pain spread even further down to my collar bone. I dry off with the sheet from the bed to help try to warm up. I went back in the restroom to wash the clothes off and free them from the haunting of the victims' blood as well as much as I could.

I hung up my mostly clean clothes over the shower rod to let them dry as I go lay on the bed. The pounding in me wasn't going away as I slowly drifted back to sleep. When I woke I didn't know how much time had gone by, the sun had seemed to have remained in the same position as when I went to bed.

While I was asleep the pain had spread more covering half of my left arm at this point. I felt like I was slowly becoming paralyzed. I went to go check my clothes in the bathroom and they were mostly dry so I got dressed in the damp clothing hanging from the rod. I needed to search the rest of the cabin to try and see if there was anything to explain the day before.

I opened the door to leave the empty room and the body was gone. There wasn't even blood from where it once laid. I go to search the rest of the cabin to see what else is around and I realize just how small the place is. Other than the bathroom connected to the bedroom the hallway leads to an empty living room to the left and to the right looks like it's supposed to be a kitchen. Inside the kitchen though, is just cupboards with no refrigerator, stove or oven. The kitchen is connected to the only door to leave the cabin. Outside is just a simple wood balcony with stairs leading down to the base of the mountain.

I search the cupboards just to see if there is anything in this god forsaken place. In the cupboard closest to the hallway I find 2 empty bottles. I find that one is a handle of tequila and the other is a smaller bottle of vodka. That would explain the loss of memory but I don't even remember having one drink the night before.

I look over towards the hallway and see a guy stumbling down towards the bedroom holding his stomach. I look towards the ground and notice blood is dripping from him. I start to run over to see if I can help him. As I start to run over I feel the pain shoot down my right arm now and I'm just struggling to keep everything straight. My vision starts to go blurry to the point that I can't even tell I'm in a building.

All of a sudden, as if no time has passed, I wake up in the bathtub next to the bedroom again. The throbbing pain from my arms and head are starting to feel unbearable. I slowly stand up and step out of the shower and step towards the mirror. The mirror has shown me something I haven't noticed in a long time. It seems to be highlighting the pains from my past. My cuts from my youth are highlighting in such a way that they seem to be glowing purple from my arms and neck. These scars are things I haven't even seen or noticed in the past 15 years.

The pain was too much to bear as I look away from the mirror to avoid the pains of my past I feel the numbing pain stretch down the rest of my left arm and stretched across my right arm. It feels as though I'm starting to lose control of my arms as if someone else was controlling them now. As I try to walk out of the bathroom, the bleeding man is blocking my way to the bedroom. His face was covered in a dark shadow making it impossible to see who he is. As I inch a little closer to him trying to walk passed and ignore him he says very faintly, "This is your fault," and then vanished into a black mist.

This was starting to feel like a dream, almost like there's no way it could ever happen but it feels so real compared to any dream I've ever had. When I get to the bedroom and close to the bed my stomach starts to twist and turn, not in a sick way but in a painful way. I begin to feel like there is nothing I can do as I fall over unsure as to what I can do the rest of my body turns to this throbbing pain and then instantly as if nothing had happened it all goes numb.

I was no longer in control of my body. I could see everything that was going on but I was unable to move anything. Still even without me being able to control anything my body walks out of the bedroom and down the hall then as if I knew it was there it opens up a secret compartment with a knife hiding inside of it. I try everything I can to fight against it but it starts walking down the hall repeatedly stabbing me. There is nothing I can do to fight against it as I still feel numb I can't feel the pain but my body looks down to watch all of my blood dripping out of me. As it gets to the bedroom door it falls over managing to squeeze out the sentence, "This is your fault," as I took my last breath before sitting in pure darkness and silence.

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