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The Floorboards Of Sin

Corruption is sweet like milk and honey, until you're in too deep.

By Robert AneiroPublished 7 months ago 24 min read

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window.


A pale hand emerged, breaking through the rotten floorboards. The hand creaked and cracked as it stretched its fingers, as if waking from a deep slumber.


Another, similarly pale hand, broke through the floorboards, spreading its fingers out as far as they could go.



Two more hands, half an arms lengths distance from the first two hands, shattered the floorboards that dared to stand in their way. Soon, a cacophony of creaking and cracking sounds could be heard, reverberating and echoing ceaselessly withing the confines of the abandoned cabin.

Eventually, quiet descended once again. The cabin, reclaiming its usual calm.

"The ritual has succeeded."

From out of the shadows, a hooded figure slowly approached the now inert hands. Their pleasant voice, like the hum of a bird, lingered for a time. The scent of lilacs followed them wherever they moved. Starring at the hands before them, confined within chalk drawn overlapping pentagrams, their breath quickened.


Falling to their knees, the figure clasped their hands as if in prayer.

"Omin Us Dis Tor Tions Con Tract Be Low. Sum Mon Hask Mor Tal Cor Rup Tion Be Stow."


The next day, at Ripplewood High School, a beautiful blonde girl walked into her homeroom, a thirty minute class to relax in before the day started. This was the homeroom of thirty plus senior students with last names ranging from O to P. Kendra Pleat, the beautiful blonde, was in this homeroom.

Only, unlike the other students attending Rpplewood, Kendra was a transfer student who transferred in at the start of senior year. So yeah, it was hard to fit in, trying to acclimate to a nuanced social structure that had been growing and developing for three whole years.

Not that Kendra cared about any of that. She just wanted to do what she wanted to do, run track and field, the 100m and 200m race. She was pretty darn fast, it's a shame that, well, more on that latter.

Kendra liked the way she looked. Daily workouts and lilac scented baths helped a lot. She didn't flaunt it, but anyone with working eyes could tell that, even at 5' 7", she had the grace, poise and charms of a blooming young model.

Her smile? Ahhh! No words can describe how refreshing it was to see.


Why did it have to disappear?

Replaced by that devilish smirk.

If only Ripplewood had been more accepting of Kendra. Welcomed her into their midst, instead of ostracizing her. Bullying her. Hurting. Her.

Did I mention that today was the last day of school for the seniors at Ripplewood?


Well. It certainly is. Their last day.


The bell rang. Homeroom ended. Following the crowd, Kendra headed to her first class of the day, Photography. Finals for this class were already done and turned in. Today was supposed to be a movie day, a day to say goodbye to new and old friends.

Kendra walked into the classroom and there he was, Kenny G Bee. At the sight of him, the beauty gritted her teeth and clenched her hands, before relaxing them moments latter. "Not yet," she muttered to herself. Taking her seat, Kendra waited for the rest of the students to file into the classroom.

The photography teacher, noticing that all his students were present, stood up and gave a little speech. He talked about how he was proud to have been their teacher and how much they have learned, thanks to him. On and on, such mushy and self-congratulatory stuff, for about five minutes.

Just when the teacher was about to put in the movie for the students to watch, Kendra lost her patience. Standing up, Kendra looked breathtaking in her simple outfit of light yellow t-shirt, blue denim jean shorts and pink tennis shoes. The entire class turned to look at her. Some showed gazes of lust, others indifference and others yet, disgust.

Kendra ignored their gazes and put on her 'I'm superior to you' devilish smile. Turning to look at, Him, she said, "Kenny G, you creepy tattletale, I hope you had a nice breakfast."

The class gasped, even the teacher was stunned into silence hearing one student address another in such a manner. Kenny, for his part, seemed unfazed. With a smarmy smirk on his face he replied with a lazy drawl. "Yo, bath petals, how ya doin'?" Kenny couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips.

The students in the class looked around awkwardly, trying their best to avoid eye contact with Kendra. They had all seen the photos. Kendra, naked, in a bathtub with lilac flower petals and very clear water.

Why did none of them, none of the entire student body report Kenny? It's simple. They were afraid he would produce something equally embarrassing as what he did to Kendra and post it for the world to see. So, no. Adults, parents and faculty of the school were unaware of Kenny's violations of human decency against Kendra.

Sure, Kendra told her parents, who then went on to call the school and demand Kenny be expelled. However, Kenny was a master at anonymity. If he did not want you to know he was behind something, you wouldn't. He was a master manipulator, rumor monger and photographic peeping tom.

Kenny continued to chuckle, the students in the class looked anywhere else, avoiding Kendra, and the teacher wanted nothing to do with this situation either. However, they were a teacher and role model to their students after all, so they had to do something to diffuse the tension. Right when they were about to take action, Kendra's bubbly laughter made him pause in confusion.

Kenny too, stopped his laughter and replaced it with a look that said, Kendra had lost it. He wasn't wrong.

Her grin growing wider, Kendra spoke in a sultry voice. "Kenny, Oh Kenny, you have such a gift for gab." Kendra suddenly frowned and said, "it's time you start using it on yourself."

"What," Kenny said as he felt himself become speechless for the first time in his life. The other students in the class and the teacher stared at Kendra in disbelief. Had she really said that, they thought to themselves.

However, before they had the chance to try and comprehend Kendra's words any further, it began.

"I still wet my bed a couple times a week," Said Kenny.

The force with which the students and teacher turned their heads to look at Kenny resembled the cracking of a whip. Never had they thought, especially the students, that Kenny would say something so self-debasing. Yet, when they looked at Kenny, they saw the same surprise on his face as theirs.

That's when they noticed the black bite mark symbol on Kenny's left shoulder. Kenny looked at it horror, then he screamed in pain as the bite mark disappeared, taking with it a chunk of his flesh. A loud tearing sound rang out in the classroom and blood poured out of Kenny's left shoulder.

before anyone had the time to process what was going on, they heard Kenny's voice, once again, revealing another embarrassing fact about himself. This time the black bite mark was on his right kneecap. Same as before, after spilling Kenny's secret, it vanished, ripping flesh and bone from his kneecap.

Kenny continued to scream as more and more of his secrets were revealed before tearing his body apart bit by bit. As time went on more and more bite marks appeared on Kenny's body at the same time, increasing his shame, his pain and his dismantling.

The teacher tried to intervene, but found themselves frozen in place, not out of fear, though that was there, but due to some invisible force restricting his movement. The students were the same, frozen in place, breathing and fully conscious, though by now they wished they were not.

Forced. They were all forced to watch the gruesome sight of Kenny's supernatural death.

"Hahaha." Kendra's laughter spread in the classroom, giving the teacher and the students chills up their spines. Gone, was the bubbly tone to her laughter. Instead, it sounded ... warped somehow. "This is what you deserve, Kenny. You were the start, you were the influence that sparked the nightmare I've had to endure at this school." Kendra's beautiful eyes squinted in pleasure at Kenny's screams of pain and calls for help. "Now it's your turn to suffer, filth."

Silence. Loud, reverberating silence. Kenny was gone, eaten up by his secrets. The students and teacher remained frozen. Some had passed out, eyes rolled back in their head, drool dripping out of their mouths. Others had vomited on themselves while a few had left puddles at their feet.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Kendra's cry of pleasure went unnoticed by the traumatized. However, if they were looking they would have seen a thick black line appear and wrap itself around Kendra's right arm. It coiled itself around Kendra's arm, from her hand up to her elbow. Clearly, this brought great pleasure to Kendra, who's eyes flashed an eerie pink.

And so the corruption begins


Leaving the Photography classroom, Kendra headed off in pursuit of her next victim. Her devilish smile, plastered to her face, would ever so slightly part to let quiet, deranged, chuckles past her lips. The black line coiled around her right arm constantly sending waves of pleasure to her brain. Any students that met her in the hallways would look at her like she was crazy and distance themselves far from her.

Kendra didn't care. She only focused on her next target. Soon enough, Kendra arrived at the gymnasium. Pushing open the doors, the laughter of youth, filled with the promises of tomorrow, rolled over Kendra like a hot summer breeze.

Undeterred, Kendra stepped inside the gymnasium and spotted, Her. Jessie Jayli Jhones.

Beautiful, slightly creepy Kendra, stalked her prey. Everywhere she walked past, the laughter of youth cut off like a strangled hose. Kendra was like a miasma, sucking the joy out of those around her.

Kendra stopped walking when she neared close enough for Jessie to notice her. "What are you doing here, loser," Jessie greeted Kendra.

In response, Kendra's smile widened enough that you could see her shiny, white and sharp canines. Immediately, Jessie felt as if something was wrong. Something was different about the loser before her.

"Oh, Jessie," Kendra blushed, holding her face in her hands like a bashful schoolgirl meeting their crush. Jessie frowned, feeling creeped out.

"Did the beating I gave you give you brain damage?" Jessie sincerely asked the person in front of her that looked, but acted nothing like the Kendra she knew.

"Mmmhh. I guess, you could say I have the jhones for you," Kendra said in a mesmerizingly sultry voice.

Startled, Jessie took a few steps back as she stuttered. "Y-you, you've, g-gone mad!"

Dropping the act, Kendra said, "no, the only one who's gone mad is you. You love running, enough to literally knock you opponents out of the competition. So, go, run and run and run to your heart's content."

And so she did. Jessie, with a startled look on her face, began running around the gymnasium. And just like before, the students and teacher in charge, found themselves inexplicably frozen in place, forced to watch Jessie run herself to death.

It wouldn't have been so bad if all that happened was Jessie collapsing due to exhaustion and heart failure. But, no, that wasn't what Kendra had in mind for the Sprinting Queen turned bully of Ripplewood High school.

As Jessie ran around the gymnasium, she quickly picked up speed, going faster and faster, until she was all out sprinting. However, that wasn't her limit, not by a long shot. Jessie continued to run faster and faster. soon, Jessie's shoes began to emit steam from the endless buildup of friction. Her shoes started to break apart, falling off of her feet in tatters.

Her socks didn't last long either, exposing her bare feet to the force even her shoes could not withstand.


The bones in Jessie's feet began to break apart, leaving chips of bone fragments and scraps of torn bubbling flesh in her wake.

Jessie had been screaming bloody murder for a while now, but it was nothing compared to her cries of sheer anguish as her feet started breaking apart under intense friction and heat. Her muscles were burning, pushed far beyond their limits. Her sweat, which should have drenched her, came off of her as waves of steam.

On and on this went. Jessie ran like an impossible machine, breaking down, but never crashing. When her feet were gone, she continued to run using the stumps at the end of her legs. When her legs were gone, some mystical force grabbed hold of her and slid her tortured body along the Gymnasium.

By now, Jessie had cried herself horse, her mouth, open in a silent scream of terror. unable to pass out, Jessie endured what should have already killed her, as each agonizing moment seemed to stretch on longer than the last. Her hands and arms were not spared as the mysterious force bound her arms to her side.

Even when Jessie was left with only a head, she still lived, sliding across the bloodied gymnasium floor at insane speeds.

Finally, it was over. The gymnasium was a mess of shredded clothes, flesh, bones, organs and scattered clumps of hair.

Kendra gasped and moaned in pleasure as another thick black line coiled itself around her left arm. Both coiling black lines on each of her arms surged upwards, reaching her neck, where they connected just under her chin.

Panting. Out of breath, but clearly in a world of bliss, Kendra's eyes flashed with a deeper shade of pink. This time, when the pink faded, a little bit of it remained at the edges of her eyes.

Straightening herself out, Kendra's smile had clearly become deranged, her steps, staggered and jittery, as if too much caffeine was in her system. Her quiet chuckles now bubbling out of her moth nonstop, her eyes wide, eyelids twitching.

As Kendra stumbled her way out of the gymnasium, she left a horde of traumatized youths and one strangely excited gym teacher.

Further down the slippery slope she goes


The bell rang. Again.

Too slow.

Kendra couldn't help it. Something inside of her was tired of waiting. Quick. Hurry. Finish the HUNT.

Step by jittery step, pleasure coursing through her body, Kendra stalked her prey through the school's hallways. Every person within five feet of her mysteriously froze, their movement halted. Silence began to descend upon the once boisterous hallways. Like the pictures Kendra took in her Photography class, the school was slowly developing into one, giant, real-life still.


Too Slow.


Kendra, frozen herself, let lose a bestial cry of pleasure mixed with urgent anticipation. Arms outstretched, face looking to the sky, Kendra trembled uncontrollably for nearly a minute. The thick, coiling, black lines seemed to pulse in tandem with Kendra's heavy breaths. Finally, exhaling a long sigh of relief, Kendra brought her arms to her sides, her face looking forward.



Now the entire school was still. Nothing moved. Only Kendra.

The silence was her background music.

Her bubbling laughter, the vocals.

There, ahead of her, stood her prey. Jilla Fur and Mia Bull. The two girls who started all of this. Without them, her senior year could have been beautiful. Without them, There would have been no bullying, no stealing of her clothes during Gym class. Without them, no Kenny, no Jessie, no Populars.

But here they were, ever increasing panic filling their eyes as their bodies refused to move. The sight of Kendra approaching them did not bring them hope, only despair. They knew what they had done to her, how miserable they made her life for the past year. Seeing her moving, when no one else could, sent shivers down their spines. The coiling black lines around her arms and neck, bright pink eyes, jittery steps and constant bubbling laughter escaping her lips, might have also tipped them off that something was wrong with Kendra.

"He, He. I Found you. He, He." Kendra's beautiful voice tickled the ears of Jilla and Mia. Unable to speak, all they could do was stare at Kendra in fear.

Waving her hand in a come hither motion, the two men standing next to Jilla and Mia, walked over to Kendra. Fear, mixed with confusion, evident in their eyes. Why were they moving towards Kendra? They didn't want to.

Kendra had them stop in front of her and turn around to face Jilla and Mia. "Your boyfriends are so obedient huh?" Kendra smirked. "What's wrong besties? He, He. Oh, I remember. That's right, we're no longer friends huh? He, He. I thought you two were so nice when I first moved here. But, oh, no, no, no. He, He. You two are quite the naughty girls. He, He, He. I was just one of your prey then, isn't that right? He, He."


Absolutely horrified, anyone within earshot of Kendra fainted, their eyes rolling up in their heads.

"Oh no you don't," Kendra forcefully awakened Jilla, Mia and their two boyfriends. Conscious and unable to escape reality, they couldn't even tremble in terror.

"He, He, He. Why did you hurt me?" With a snapping sound the right hand pinkie on each boyfriend was broken, bent backwards. Unable to scream in pain, all they could do was shed copious tears. "He, He. What did you have to gain?" Kendra's voice echoed out once more, followed by a tearing, squelching sound as the two boyfriends pinkies were torn from their hands by an invisible force.

Tears and snot covered the two boyfriend's faces. The eerie plop of a finger hitting the floor, followed by the measured splatter of dripping blood, sounded like the sweetest symphony in Kendra's ears.

Jilla and Mia, stared aghast, unable and unwilling to believe what was happening in front of them was real. Kendra's voice, now strangely serious, broke them out of their daze.

"Oh, Jilla, Mia, I'm sorry. I don't want to do this, really. If you want me to stop tearing your boyfriends limb from limb, there's an easy solution." Hope, however slim, began to bloom in Jilla and Mia's hearts. They would do anything to end this nightmare and save their boyfriends.

Kendra, seeing their hopeful gazes, gently closed the trap she had sprung. "Despite what you did to me, encouraging Kenny, Jessie and the Populars, heck, the whole darn school to band against me, I'm a forgiving girl. Since the only reason you bullied me was because I'm a lesbian, I just need you to do one simple thing."

Kendra paused for dramatic effect, letting the tension build. Jilla and Mia were on tenterhooks, ready to do whatever Kendra asked of them.

Kendra smirked. "I just want you two to embrace one another and kiss each other on the lips."

Stunned, Jilla and Mia were filled with repulsion. As hardcore believers that LGBTQ people were a sin against nature, they felt like vomiting at the thought of kissing another girl.

A snapping, tearing, squelching sound, followed by the splat of flesh hitting the ground and the steady drip of blood, broke the two girls out of their disgust. That's right, now's not the time to think about right and wrong. Now's the time to act.

"That's right," Kendra said as she saw realization dawn in the eyes of Jilla and Mia. "Show me the determination you have to save your boyfriends. Show me there's some good inside of your selfish hearts."

Releasing her hold on the two girls, Kendra watched as Jilla and Mia staggered for a moment before shakily turning to face each other. With one last glance at their tortured boyfriends, Jilla and Mia embraced one another, closed their eyes tight and kissed each other with a passion born out of helplessness and hope.

They froze. Their skin, blood, bones and flesh becoming stone. Jilla and Mia remained interlocked, unable to feel anything except their lips pressing against the other's. They could see Kendra out of the corner of their eyes and hear the dripping of blood from their boyfriends mangled hands.

"He, He, He, He." Kendra's laughter filled their ears once more. Walking up to Jilla and Mia, the two boyfriends following unwillingly, Kendra made sure to position herself and the two boys in Jilla and Mia's sight.

"Yeah, sorry. He, He. I'm not gonna' stop." Jilla and Mia watched, unable to look away, as their boyfriends were torn apart, limb from limb. The sight of body parts falling to the ground, the sound of blood splattering in all directions. Kendra's smirk grew increasingly manic as the symphony reached a crescendo in her ears.

Unable to bear the mental trauma, Jilla and Mia's stone bodies started to crack and splinter. Eventually, the sound of stone breaking apart and smashing to the floor, accompanied by a cloud of dust, brought Kendra's symphony to an end.

Falling to her knees in the cloud of dust, and hugging her sides, Kendra squirmed in pleasure. Her passionate moans and squeals of delight brought on by the appearance of quickly growing thick, coiling, black lines, snaking their way up Kendra's calves. The coiling, black lines did not stop there and continued to move their way up Kendra's thighs, disappearing underneath her shorts. The black lines on her neck spread to her face, swirling into the pattern of a lilac, one each, resting on her cheekbones.

Kendra's eyes were shining a rich shade of pink and even after a while, they refused to dim. Gasping for breath, Kendra slowly stood up. Her laughter was gone. Her head, tilted to the left side and a huge smile was plastered on her face. She ran her hands through her hair, giving it a tousled, wild look. And with a step, she began her last hunt.

The corruption has pushed her past the point of no return


As Kendra walked through the school in search of her last prey, any outside observer would be shocked speechless. The school was bright and cherry, with posters lining the walls, decorations here and there. However, the statue still students and faculty created an eerie scene. It was almost as if someone filled an entire school with mannequins. Except, each and every mannequin had tears running down their faces, fear clearly evident in their eyes. The juxtaposition of these clearly opposing moods would give anyone a headache.

Fear? Of course they'd be scared. But, it's not like such a scene would instantly make someone scream bloody murder and run away. Sure, some people might do that, but they're the minority.

Not that Kendra cared. Why was she having such thoughts anyway? The hunt. The Pleasure. Revenge. Those were the only things that mattered now.

And just in time. There they were, the populars King and Queen. Standing still, with hands interlocked as they looked out over the balcony on the second floor. The lunch room directly below was empty of tables. First period had just ended recently, so it was still too early to set things up. Not like anyone could put out the tables now since Kendra froze everyone in the school.

Curtis Hammered and Shyla Bangs, the top populars, waited patiently for Kendra to approach them. Patience was the only thing keeping them sane at the moment. Every step Kendra took brought her one step closer to them. Every step Kendra took, synced with the pounding of their hearts.

Finally, she stooped and stood to the right side of Shyla. Her neck still tilted to the left side, a wide manic smile plastered on her face.

She turned, faced Shyla and placed her hand on Shyla's right shoulder. Shyla would shudder if she could. The creepy aura and expression on Kendra face that she could see out of the corner of her right eye made her want to curl into a ball and cry.

With a thought, Kendra turned Curtis and Shyla around so that they faced her directly and said. "To be honest ... you're both so dumb, I don't even want to deal with you scum. Didn't you both laugh at my poem rhymes, well look, it's now a change of times. You're both so popular, but you're like puppets on strings. Jilla and Mia have long since crippled your wings."

Pointing at Curtis, Kendra continued to speak to her baffled audience. "There once was a jock who thought with his ... block of a brain. He was fit and strong till graduation, now all he does ... is sit on a couch growing flabbier by the day. He once had love with the popular girl ... but with a look of disgust and a mighty shove, he fell to his death on the ground."

Ending her verse of poetry, Kendra watched in aticipation as changes began to take place on Curtis. His head began to throb as it expanded into the shape of a block, roughly two times the size of a normal human head. Curtis couldn't cry out and Kendra wouldn't let him pass out. He was forced to endure the excruciating pain. But to him, what happened next was even worse. He watched as he felt his body morph rapidly into a giant blob of a person. His fit body was his pride and joy.

As much as his head hurt, even with the constant preassure of his heavier body, Curtis knew what would happen next. He saw his beautiful girlfriend turn to look at him, a look of disgust etched onto her face. Then, like promised, with a mighty shove, Curtis fell from the second floor to his death. The last thing he saw, was the tears, unending, flowing down Shyla's face.

All as scripted, Kendra thought, as she turned Shyla around to face her once more. Kendra recited the end of her paly. "Horrified by what she had just done, Shyla withered and aged in one ... minute, her beauty faded away and her hair now dry as hay. Her teeth fell out and her hair in clumps. With a mirror reflection and a tear of regret, she jumps."

Kendra watched as Shyla aged and withered, her teeth and hair falling out. Shyla seemed to have seen her reflection, a solitary tear fell down from her right eye, as she jumped from the second floor to meet her death next to Curtis.

Kendra stood there, feeling numb. Revenge was done. The hunt was done. The promised pleasure ... nonexistent.

And now she breaks


Kendra stood, in a daze, confusion filling her every thought. Where was that good feeling, that rush of pure pleasure? Kendra didn't undderstand. She had gotten revenge on Curtis and Shyla, just like she done with the others. Why didn't she feel that joyful sensation that came after the deaths of each of the others?


She needed more of that blissfull feeling. "I ... I ... I need more. I WANT more." Kendra hungrily looked around herself, seeing the surrounding students not as people, but fule for her pleasure. "If Curtis and Shyla weren't enough, I'll just have to sacrafice more of you."

And so, it began. Students around Kendra began to die various gruesome deaths. Blood and gore splattered all around Kendra, painting a scene of pure carnage.

But all Kendra cared about was that it wasn't enough. Like a drug addicted person trying to stave off their withdrawl symptoms, Kendra was desperate. She needed more. MORE. MORE.

Soon, the entire student body of Ripplewood High School, began to experience the most horrific nightmare of their lives. It was if Kendra had cast a school wide genjutsu, with the school faculty and Kendra as the only viewers. If only it was one big illusion.

"Yes. Yeess! Yeeeeeesss!" Kendra cried out in pure bliss. Her head arching back, Kendra reveled in the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. As the students of Ripplewood died, the thick, black coils covering her body began to expand. With every death, a wave of pleasure. with every death, The coils tightened their grip around Kendra.

The waves of pleasure soon became too much for Kendra to handle. Her entire body was coverd in pitch black coils with no gaps to be seen. Kendra was about to fall to the ground writhing in exhaustive joy. But the pleasure was too strong. It lifted her up.

As Kendra slowly floated in the air, the coils covered her clothes and her hair until she resemble a shadow creature with pink eyes like lighthouses cutting through the fog. Few students remaind, the death count slowed down. Cracks began to form all over Kendra's body, leaking a rich pink mist from inside.

Ten students left. The cracks grew wider and the pink mist spread out further.

Five students left. Kendra's body had broken apart, loosly connetcted within the pink mist, her face still intact.




The last student died. Silence fell for a moment.


With one last beautiful, guteral, cry of undescribable euphoria, Kendra exploded into tiny motes of pink mist that gently faded away.

Welcome to the fold, Sister


Kendra was gone, said the reports. Just one of the many high school students that mysteriously disappeared. The abandoned cabin returned to its solitude. The hands that broke through the Floorboards of Sin, receded underneath. The holes they made, just like an illusion, as if they were never there. The overlapping pentagrams? Gone without a trace.

The next time Hask-Mor-Tal is summoned again. Five hands will break through the Floorboards of Sin.


About the Creator

Robert Aneiro

One of my favorite hobbies is thinking. I love to create fantasy realms in my mind, be it for stories or poetry. The one thing I was missing was a proper platform to share my fantasies. It's time I got Vocal. Hope you enjoy :D

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