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Episode 5: There But for the Grace of God, Go I Review with Spoilers

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

Season 2

"Episode 5 — There But for the Grace of God, Go I"

Last week we saw Varity enter what we were led to believe was Grace’s room. Turns out it is an empty space filled with the remnants of Andy’s fiancé, Nicole.

When Varity confronts Andy we see a different side of Andy we haven’t seen before. He’s cold and yells at Varity sending her out of the room with little explanation. At this point “Grace” seems to just be a hallucination inside of Andy’s head but this is The Exorcist and the “hallucination” is really the demon in disguise.

Andy decides to take the kids camping much to Rose and Grace’s dismay but eventually gets his way and they go.

Meanwhile Marcus finds himself once again in the company of Peter whom takes him on the boat ride. He had so kindly asked him if he wanted in the last episode, to see Alice, the daughter of a notorious killer on the island named Glen Wallis. We learn she believes her father was possessed and that’s why he murdered her siblings and tried to kill her.

Marcus calls Tomas and tells him to wait for him but since it would be no fun if he did Tomas decides to check out Andy’s Home. Well, our suspicions and Alice’s were proved right as not only did Tomas live through the tragedies the children did but we saw little Grace pounding a dolls head against a wall that was shown to be a voodoo doll and she was controlling Truck to hit his own head against a wall and then when Varity tries to stop him ends up doing it to her.

While all of this is happening we see Father Bennett and Mouse packing to leave Rome for Chicago. Bennett learns the hard way that Dolores is no longer with them and Mouse learns she can rely on Bennett in a tough spot.

So as the episode winds down we get to hear the horrible childhood locked up inside Marcus’s head and we get to see Peter and Marcus kiss which for the short time was very romantic and real. Not only was the representation of a main LGBT character spot on but it felt very real and very loving.

We also see Tomas watch Andy as he goes into the house. Though Tomas can’t see it we can and we see Andy run up to the attic where he confronts Grace and instead of a little girl with a head cover it was his dead fiancé, Nicole.

This episode had the most mind shattering twist of two seasons. Nowhere did they even point to Grace not being “real” and they kept the demonic story itself under wraps as well. Finally seeing Marcus able to relax was a plus as well. Ben Daniels gave a riveting performance on the boat while Alfonso Herrera gave us a heart attack thinking he had been killed.

Along with the supernatural it also touched on the real world. We learn Varity had been sent to a “pray the gay away” camp were she tried to kill her self and we learn Shelby was a premie that was hooked on drugs. Both had a reason for their hate/love relationship with religion but the conversation was beautifully done and both sides were presented fairly. For being young actors both Alex Burima and Brianna Hildebrand gave the most emotional performance of the episode, maybe the season.

Let’s all hold onto our seats because next week the demon comes out full force. Until next time.

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