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Thoughts About the Disappearance of Elisa Lam

The Game That Leads to Other Dimensions

Last night I decided to try out Discovery Plus and as an avid Ghost Adventures fan, I was very curious to hear about their most recent investigation of the Cecil Hotel and the disappearance of Elisa Lam. As most people remember, Elisa vanished back in 2013 on a trip from San Diego up to northern California while staying at the Cecil Hotel. Strange footage was released which shows Elisa acting very odd and apparently attempting to interact with some unseen figure outside the camera's range.

Diving deeper into this story, investigators ascertained that she was most likely playing a game known as "The Elevator Game" which supposedly originated in Korea or another Asian country and popped up in an online forum about dangerous games to play in real life. The rules are simple; the individual playing must enter an elevator alone in a building with at least ten floors and press buttons in a particular order. Once the buttons are pressed and the person has traveled to each floor in succession, the elevator is supposed to either return to the ground floor, at which point the player exits and the game didn't work, or shoot up to the tenth floor, where the player succeeds and enters another dimension.

The creepy thing about all of this is that not only do the doors open to an eerily vacant building in this alternate dimension, but there is also rumored to be a ghostly woman that boards the elevator on the fifth floor. The rules specify that the player should not, under any circumstance, interact with the woman or risk being dragged away into another reality by an inhuman force. By reaching a vacant version of the building on the tenth floor, the player will know they have succeeded since the reality will seem altered and they will appear to be the only one in existence. The only way to return to their own reality at that point will be to repeat the process all over again.

Now in Elisa's case, she acted in a way that indicated she had made progress in the game and was being influenced by some kind of paranormal force. It took a long time after she went missing, but investigators eventually discovered her body in a water tank on the roof of the hotel. The steel door was shut behind her and her clothes had been removed. The hatch was heavy enough that she definitely could not have closed it after she fell in, which led investigators to believe that perhaps there was foul play involved.

So what actually happened to Elisa Lam? Unfortunately it is extremely unclear and in all likelihood, we might never know the truth behind her death. However the Elevator Game itself is now quickly becoming the driving force behind a new horror movie directed by the same creators of "American Horror Story". It may very well be the next horror movie to scare the living daylights out of viewers around the world in the same vain as "Paranormal Activity" once did.

All I know is that I would probably never attempt to play the game myself because who knows what could go wrong? If it somehow works, what lies beyond the doors on the tenth floor? Would I ever be able to return to this reality? These are all questions I hope most of us would never be put in a position to ponder the answers to as the elevator moves between floors. For now, I think I'll just take the stairs.

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