The Doll That Tried To Possess Me

"I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing what Blondie was capable of."

The Doll That Tried To Possess Me

"Get this thing out of the house, now." Sam was clearly upset, and rightfully so. Our son just finished crying in the other room, screaming because of a nightmare. I grabbed the doll and I put it in the trunk of my car. "Three more days," I said to myself. "Three more days and you're gone."

My first investigation was in 2018. I wanted to finally dig and find something to report on, and I found something surprisingly fast. "I have a doll that was given to me when I was little," Sam said. The doll never had a name, so I had decided to name her Blondie because of her curly blonde hair. The paranormal activity in Sam's childhood home was rampant. She attributes a lot of the activity to Blondie to this day. The doll gave Sam night terrors as a child, and was even seen swallowing a jacket that was laying nearby. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing what Blondie was capable of. After a long discussion Sam allowed me to get Blondie and bring her to our home. On our way to the house she said to me, "When you're not investigating the doll, I want you to keep it outside. I don't care where. Just not in our home."

We waited till nightfall and we began running tests. What I did to test the doll is what I do even now: Ask, assume, record. I find out if there's activity, and then once I have a response, I assume immediately that it could be evil. I document everything during and after. I hit record and I got started. Blondie came with a metal desk and a little red purse. After about 8 minutes of nothing, I grew frustrated. My EMF meter wasn't picking up a single thing. Sam then said, "Try using the metal on the desk." Because the metal was made of iron, the idea was any energy coming off of the doll could give me a 'yes' or 'no' response. I placed the meter directly in front of the iron bars holding up the desk and asked, "Can you give me a 'yes' or 'no?' Is this you here?" Within three seconds of my request, the EMF meter detected a spike in energy. It buzzed, which meant the spike was very high. I went from anxious, to frustrated, to in that moment - scared. It freaked me out. I had spent so long getting nothing, I honestly thought Blondie was nothing more than a doll. We ran other tests as well. We turned off the lights after Blondie stopped responding to see if light affected anything. Strangely enough, lack of light caused the meter to act up more. Unfortunately, my phone had died when we got to this test.

A few days passed and I began to notice strange things happening. One of the most notable things was my gravitation towards Blondie. It took several days for me to admit it, but I couldn't help but feel increasingly more comfortable when I was near the doll. Roughly within just one day of keeping Blondie around, I began having the urge to pick her up and hold her close to me. I was reluctant to tell anybody this, including Sam. Best case scenario, she'd think I was crazy. Worst case scenario, she'd light Blondie on fire.

There were three questions the doll never responded to: One was whether or not it was actually a demon. The second question was if it enjoyed harassing children, and the last one was if it intended to cause harm. It's important to note that no response at all could have actually meant the answer to all three questions was 'no'. Or, it just didn't want to be honest. I kept this in mind the following afternoon when my son started screaming bloody murder shortly after he woke up. I was at work when it happened, but Sam was quick to tell me about it when I came home.

"He never screams like that," she exclaimed.

"But... Wait. He does have nightmares," I objected.

"Israel.. This wasn't at night. It was during the day."

I grew quiet.

"Where is the doll?" She asked.

"In the other room. I put it away."

"I told you to put it outside."

Admittedly I was negligent. And no, it wasn't my "obsession" that kept me from putting Blondie outside. I thought if I put her away in another room, she wouldn't mess with anybody. Out of sight, out of mind. I was obviously wrong.

"Get this thing out of the house, now."

I had been invited to a paranormal event and I intended on bringing Blondie to showcase her. Once the event was over with, I had someone there who was going to pick up the doll and take her to a safe location. The event didn't quite work out like I intended. Nobody would come near my table for longer than a few seconds. I eventually left my table to get to know the crowd. A druid three tables away was quick to ask me, "Where did you get that doll?" I explained the background of Blondie and she said to me, "I started to speak to you earlier but I had to walk away. I don't know what is attached to that thing, but I can't go near your table without feeling sick and dizzy."

"Are you serious?" I asked. "It's that strong?" She nodded and explained that she could make me a small bag of herbs to keep near Blondie so that the spirit couldn't attach herself to anybody. "What should I do after that?" I asked.

"Bury it six feet," She said.

Blondie at the Joseph Kershaw house, Camden SC - November 30th 2019

Sam filled in for me the next day. She unfortunately had a harder time with the table than I did. I couldn't get anybody to come near me, whereas she couldn't keep certain people away. "Is the doll for sale? My daughter would love it," A man said. "It's not for sale," Sam replied. After a few attempts to negotiate a price, the man finally left Sam alone. It's important to note that when she showed up to her table that morning, someone had come to the table and surrounded Blondie in a circle of salt.

"Israel said I could bring the doll to you?" Sam asked our colleague. "Yeah, that's absolutely fine," He said. "I have a few places in mind."

For about a month I couldn't get in touch with my colleague. After anxiously waiting for a response, he finally got back to me.

"I had to leave your doll behind." He said.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"After what I went through, I had no choice."

He went on to explain that while he was on his way home, he had a horrible toothache. It got so bad he ended up needing at least two teeth pulled due to an infection that had suddenly began setting in his mouth. "Israel this wasn't a normal infection. I don't have cavities, and I sure as hell didn't have anything wrong with my teeth the week I went to Camden. Your doll did this." After a few days of driving, he had stopped by a gas station and left Blondie in the parking lot. My stomach dropped when I heard this.

I was never able to locate the doll after that. Blondie was gone, hopefully thrown away. God forbid a child find that vile thing.

As I grew as an investigator, I learned to ask better questions. I learned what to look out for, and most importantly I learned when to walk away from a horrific situation. It took several days for my separation anxiety to finally go away, but my mind finally went back to normal. To this day, I still get a strange pull to Blondie when I see her in photos.

If you ever find a haunted item, be warned: Some items are no joke. Take heed, seek God, and make the right call when confronted with a malevolent spirit.

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