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The Demon

In the College Hostel

By Sheela JohnPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Demon : In College Hostel

Once upon a time, there was a prestigious college in a remote town surrounded by dense forests and eerie hills. The college had a hostel for students who lived far from the campus. The hostel was a large, old building that looked imposing from the outside, with tall, dark windows and a creaky front door. The students who lived there whispered about strange noises and ghostly apparitions in the hostel, but most of them wrote it off as just rumors.

One night, a new student named Alex checked into the hostel. He was assigned to a room on the top floor, and as he climbed the stairs, he could hear strange noises echoing through the halls. When he finally reached his room, he was greeted by a musty smell and a cold draft that seemed to come from the walls. Alex tried to ignore the strange sensations and went to bed, but he was soon woken up by a loud thump that sounded like something had fallen in the hallway.

He got out of bed to investigate, but as soon as he opened the door, he was hit by a blast of freezing air. The hallway was filled with shadows, and Alex could see the outlines of figures moving silently in the darkness. He backed away from the door, his heart racing with fear, and he was about to run back to his room when he heard a voice calling his name. It was a voice he had never heard before, but it seemed to come from inside his head.

The voice urged Alex to follow it, and he found himself walking down the hallway, drawn by the sound. He followed the voice to the end of the hall, where he found a door that he had never noticed before. It was slightly ajar, and Alex could see a faint light coming from the other side. He pushed the door open and stepped into a room that was unlike any he had ever seen.

The room was large and circular, with high, arched ceilings and a series of stained-glass windows that cast colorful light on the walls. In the center of the room was a large stone pedestal, and on top of the pedestal was a book. The book was open, and Alex could see that the pages were filled with strange symbols and ancient text.

The voice in his head told him to take the book, and Alex reached out to pick it up. But as soon as his fingers touched the book, he was thrown back by a powerful shock. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath, and when he looked up, he saw that the room was gone. He was back in the hallway, and the door was no longer there.

Alex rubbed his eyes, wondering if he had just had a nightmare. But when he looked down, he saw that the book was still in his hand. He flipped through the pages, trying to decipher the strange symbols, when he suddenly heard a sound that made his blood run cold. It was a low, growling noise, and it seemed to be coming from the shadows.

He turned to run back to his room, but the growling grew louder and more urgent, and he realized that something was chasing him. He ran down the hallway, his heart pounding in his chest, but no matter how fast he ran, the growling grew louder. He finally reached his room, slamming the door shut behind him and locking it.

But the growling continued, and Alex could hear the sound of heavy footsteps outside the door. He backed away from the door, holding the book in front of him like a shield, when suddenly the door exploded inward, and a massive creature stepped into the room.

The creature was unlike anything Alex had ever seen. It was tall andlanky, with skin as black as coal and eyes that glowed red in the darkness. It had sharp claws and razor-sharp teeth, and its breath was a sickly sweet stench.

Alex realized that he was not just dealing with any ordinary monster, but with a demon, one that had been summoned from the underworld. The demon had been attracted to the power of the book, and it was now after Alex.

He backed away, holding the book in front of him, when suddenly the door burst open again, and a group of students stormed into the room, armed with makeshift weapons. They were led by the head resident, who had been alerted by the commotion.

Together, they battled the demon, using the weapons to keep it at bay. But no matter what they did, the demon refused to go back to the underworld. It was relentless, and it seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment.

In a desperate attempt to stop the demon, Alex raised the book and began to chant the ancient incantations written on the pages. The words were powerful, and as he spoke them, the demon began to shrink back, its power waning.

Finally, with a final roar, the demon disappeared back into the underworld, and the room was filled with silence. The students cheered, but Alex was left shaken by the experience.

He returned the book to the hostel library, where it was locked away, never to be disturbed again. The students who had fought alongside him whispered about what had happened, but the story was never officially acknowledged.

Years passed, and the hostel was eventually abandoned, the students moving on to other schools and other lives. But the legend of the demon and the book remained, and on quiet nights, the sound of growling could still be heard echoing through the halls.

And for those who were brave enough to enter the hostel, they could still feel the presence of the demon, waiting in the shadows, ready to rise again.


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  • Vivekananthan Vellaichamy2 months ago

    hi, Fantastic story, nice ending...I've hearted and subscribed to you!... If you don't mind, can you read my stories and tell me your suggestion?

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