The Dark Dream

by Gina Mace 2 years ago in fiction

A Story

The Dark Dream

The darkness can be both scary and terrifying. It's like the gate way to hell but much worst. No man or woman would dare to enter it, even the priest would dare to bless it. The air grows thicker, and the lights get darker but you keep going. You get to a gate that reads "do not enter;" feeling hesitant you push the gate open and the nightmares began. Once you enter you feel a little disoriented but you continue despite this uneasy feeling your getting from the gate. A few minutes of looking around you see a flight of stairs leading to a door. Once you get to the door, you start to smell flesh. You want to turn back but it's to late to go back. Slowly you push the door open only to greeted by Satan himself burning one of the lost souls from heaven. Before you can turn to run away he turns around and looks at you with his piercing black eyes and says, "I've been waiting for you all day, now now it's your turn to join the rest of the lost and damned souls who have banished me in this dark pit." You scream for help but no one hears you. He grabs you by the arm and throws you in to the fire. As you begin to burn alive he laughs in a dark chilling voice and reaches for you body one again to mark 666 on your chest. The burn was enough to wake you up in a pool of sweat. Hoping it was just a nightmare you grabbed your cross and slept with it for the rest of the night hoping Satan doesn't return to mark his next victim. You went to see a priest the next day to tell him about the weird dream you had. Ask you begin to tell him his face starts to shift, his eyes began to bleed, horns start to appear from his head. As you began to leave your feet are nailed to the ground, and your hands are nailed to the chair. Once the priest raises his head his face is now black and his eyes are a piercing black and red color. He then grabs you and proceeds to cover your body in satanic signs and scars. Each burn felt like a bowl of hot coal being dumped on your skin. Each scratch felt like cats clawing at your flesh. All you could do was sit in pain hoping it would end. Just when you thought it was over he gets one of his minions to beat you with a iron rod. He heats the iron rod and starts to beat you with all the force he had in his little body. Each beating felt like someone punching your stomach back to back. As the beating continues he grabs his pitch fork and stabs you.

Slowly the room gets dark and the floor gets hot. You start asking yourself "Will I ever wake up from this nightmare? Will I even leave this hell hole?" Slowly you start to feel the air grow thicker and the atmosphere changing from nightmarish to hellish. Satan than asked, "How does it feel to be beaten like a rag doll for all to see!? How does it feel to be stabbed in the heart by the people you thought loved you!?" Before you could answer you wake up in a hospital covered in blood and scratches. Doctors look at you in amazement. You asked how did you end up in the emergency room one doctor says your were found on a open field covered in blood and satanic markings. Before you could speak a man walks into the rooms ask to speak to me in private. Once the doctors leave he starts to ask you strange questions about your family and friends. Unable to speak you let out a low groan and start to cough up blood. It take you a moment to realize that the mysterious man was one of Lucifer's evil henchmen playing tricks on you again. It felt like you were in a loop hole. Each turn you make Satan was around that corner. Each breath you take he takes 10 years off your life. You feel like your trap and unable to move. When you try to escape he always has a way to find you and bring you back to his dark pit. Each time you wake up from those "nightmares" you're back at square one. He laughs in your face as your getting tortured and beaten by his many minions who brought you here. Once you get your thoughts together you wake up once again back in your room sitting in a pool of sweat. You want to see if you're back in the right reality but your to afraid to get up. You grab your phone to see what time it is and see that it say 5:00 am. You call your mother to tell her about your dream and she says don't worry just pray and hope that mean ass Satan stays away from you.

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