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"The Cursed Graveyard: A Picnic Gone Wrong"

"Where the Living Don't Leave and the Dead Don't Rest"

By SonamjPublished about a year ago 3 min read
"The Cursed Graveyard: A Picnic Gone Wrong"
Photo by Zach Lezniewicz on Unsplash

A group of five friends, Jennifer, John, Sarah, Tyler, and David, set out for a picnic on a beautiful summer day. They packed a basket of food and drinks and headed to the countryside, eager to spend the day in the great outdoors. They were enjoying trip and playing some games. David was the one who makes the place and moment memorable even he use to caught in trouble the most as he was the troublemaker.

Along the way, they stopped at a small store to buy some snacks. While the others shopped, David became excited and wandered off to explore. As he walked around, he stumbled upon a neglected cemetery hidden behind the store. The graveyard was surrounded by a tall fence and overgrown with weeds, but David was fascinated by its eerie beauty. He entered the cemetery and started to explore, completely forgetting about his friends.

Jennifer, David's girlfriend, became worried when she couldn't find him. She asked the others if they had seen him, but they hadn't. She went outside to search for him and was relieved when she saw him walking towards her from the cemetery. She asked him why he had gone in there, but he didn't answer. He just stared at her with a blank expression.

Jennifer was scared and asked the others to come with her to the cemetery. They reluctantly agreed, and as they entered the cemetery, they noticed that David was no longer with them. They searched for him but couldn't find him anywhere.

As they looked around, they noticed that the cemetery was not what it seemed. The headstones were ancient and the inscriptions were written in a language that they couldn't understand. The air was thick with a heavy, suffocating mist, and an eerie silence hung over the place.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them started to shake, and the friends realized that they were trapped. The mist started to close in, and they could hear the sound of ghostly whispers all around them. They tried to run, but the mist was too thick, and they couldn't find their way out.

As they stumbled through the cemetery, they came upon a large mausoleum with a stone door. They entered, hoping to find a way out, but instead, they found themselves in a dark chamber filled with skeletons and cobwebs. In the center of the room stood a statue of a hooded figure with its arms outstretched, and as they approached, they realized that it was not a statue at all.

The figure started to speak, and the friends could hear the voice of a long-dead priest, warning them that they had entered a cursed place where the living don't leave and the dead don't rest. The priest told them that the cemetery was a portal to the afterlife and that those who entered it would never return.

The friends were horrified, and as they tried to escape, they saw the shadows of the dead rise from their graves, surrounding them. The priest's laughter echoed through the mausoleum as the friends were consumed by the shadows, and they were never seen or heard from again.

Years passed, and the store and the cemetery were abandoned, becoming a place of legend. People whispered of ghostly sightings and strange sounds coming from the cemetery, and many were too afraid to venture near it. But those who were brave enough to enter, never returned, and the curse of the forgotten cemetery remained, waiting for its next victim to join the spirits of the dead.


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