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The cursed apartment: these horrors happened on Christmas Day

by Julia Njord 3 months ago in urban legend
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Even if you rent a house, this does not mean that you will not be disturbed there

This story happened to my friend, currently with my godmother. As it often happens, she got married early because she got pregnant early. After the birth of their daughter, she and her husband decided to live separately from their parents, renting an apartment. They have been looking for a cheaper option for a long time. They found an apartment for rent almost for nothing, fully furnished, since the former tenants usually moved out and did not take it. They moved, started living.

I often visited my friend and child, and one day a friend (Adelaide) complained to me that she could not sleep in this apartment, although she had a small child and was very tired. The reason for this was fear. She was wildly afraid of the onset of darkness. She was afraid to go to bed in the dark, and in general she was afraid to be in this apartment. Her husband returned from work around eleven in the evening, and since it was winter and it was getting dark early, when he came home, every time he found his wife there, scared to death.

After they turned off the lights and went to bed, something inexplicable began: the chairs in the kitchen began to creak, as if someone invisible was sitting on them; and rocking, shuffling steps were heard from the corridor to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the corridor, and so on until dawn. My husband (Gustav) was very tired at work and slept very soundly because at first he didn't hear anything. Gustav reassured Adelaide that the furniture is very old, so it cracks and creaks, and in general, postpartum stress...

Some time passed, and the two of them noticed someone's gaze from the corridor. Well, someone seemed to be drilling a hole with their eyes. I even caught this invisible gaze on myself more than once. It seems nothing terrible, but very unpleasant.

One day we were sitting with Adelaide, discussing when it is better to baptize the baby, the door to the corridor is open, we sometimes reflexively look in there, and suddenly we hear the deafening laughter of the baby from the crib, we look, and she pulls the handles somewhere in the direction of the corridor, laughs, closes her eyes with her hands, then opens (they are so with mom in hide and seek played). We almost turned gray from this picture, and someone's invisible presence in the corridor was confirmed...

We waited for Gustav, left the baby for him, and ran out to the landing to smoke. We are sitting, smoking, our hair stands on end, our hands are shaking, our shock stupor was interrupted by a senior man from a neighboring apartment. He stood next to us, lit a cigarette, hesitated, put out the cigarette, ran home, and took it out... prayer book. He came up to us a little hesitantly, opened the book to the page he had put down, and pointed to the prayer. We stared at him with four eyes in even greater shock. After a pause, he ordered to buy candles in the church, and, walking around the apartment with a candle, read this prayer, and in the corridor read it three times.

We returned to the apartment dumbfounded and confused, but since it was already late, we decided to postpone everything until tomorrow.

The next day I came to visit Adelaide again, we bought candles, and before making a "candle walk", we decided to smoke. We went out onto the landing, where we met the same neighbor. Adelaide became curious, she asked him how he knew what was going on in their apartment, and he replied with a strange phrase "You bother her with your presence, and she doesn't let you live." We were stunned... Nevertheless, we returned home, prayed, walked with a candle, sat, and decided that it was over.

For two weeks everything was calm, and at Christmas it began: toys rattled on the Christmas tree, as if the tree was being shaken, dishes rattled, Christmas candles went out, a child cried, the light in the kitchen blinked...

Gustav couldn't stand it, went to the kitchen, turned off the light, sat down and waited for it to creak, and then silence would come... I sat for half an hour and went to my room to sleep. As soon as I entered the room, all the furniture in the kitchen seemed to go berserk - chairs creaked, the table hit, the wall, cabinets slammed. In wild terror, they dressed the child and at twelve at night, on Christmas Day, ran away to their parents in a taxi.

Adelaide and Gustav said that as soon as they got into a taxi with the baby, the baby immediately stopped crying and fell asleep, and before that they could not calm her down for three hours.

The next day we left the child with Gustav's parents, and went to pick up things ourselves. We entered and saw: the apartment was like a tornado, everything was turned upside down, shoes were scattered in the hallway, as if someone was playing football with her. We didn't close the door to the landing, it was scary, although it was a day outside.

We were packing up. The neighbors were smoking on the landing, saw that the guys were moving out, called them, and told them why this hell was going on in their apartment: my grandmother lived alone in the apartment. She had no one except two nieces in another part of the country. Grandma Selena (that was her name) was already old. She was afraid that someone would come to rob her in her old age. It seemed to her that someone needed her chairs and cabinets, and grandma put an iron door up for herself. And then she had an attack, she couldn't get up, crawled to the door, and..... I couldn't reach the three iron locks, and she was dying under the door in the corridor. The neighbors heard that Grandma Selena was moaning, asking for help. They called an ambulance, and the police, but they didn't help. They said they had no right to break down the door.

So the grandmother lay for two days under her iron door, pouring curses on the neighbors and the whole white world, and conjured that no one lived quietly in her apartment. The emergency service opened the apartment only two weeks later, as it was already impossible for all residents of the entrance to breathe. By that time, the grandmother had already rotted along with a piece of wooden floor. The nieces hastily laid a piece of rotten floor in the corridor, the wallpaper was glued at the bottom, the apartment was sold, and the new owner began to rent it, so everyone ran away from there, some even did not take things.

After this story of the neighbors, to be honest, we also wanted to throw all our things and run away. But Adelaide's parents arrived. We quickly collected everything, and then left the ill-fated apartment forever.

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  • Angela Shiflett2 months ago

    Had me on EDGE! Thank you for sharing!

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