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The Curse of the Ouija board

by Ryah Dennard 3 months ago in pop culture
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its about teens that play with Ouija board only to find out the horrors that come with it

 The Curse of the Ouija board
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

It started off as a normal party at a cabin near the river, until all of our friends started going missing One by One. My name is Olivia Baker and I am one of the survivors of the cursed ouija board. The night started off as any other party night, loud music playing, people passed out on the couch or on the floor, even though this was my family's cabin I didn't really know my way around the place so I started to get lost until I saw my friend Luis Gaynor sitting on a bed. Luis was always not the type to go to parties but this time I made him go. I walked in the room and closed the door “Hey” I said “Hey”He said “Enjoying the party?” I said making my way to the chair next to the bed “Yeah im having such a good time with the care bears '' He said sarcastically. I laughed knowing he didn't really mean it, that's when i had the idea and said “Hey want to go down stairs and play a game I have a Ouija board “ No i'm good I heard they were cursed” He said “aww come on there no curse that's just a rumor to scare little kids” I said then i dragged him out of the bed and made my way down stairs. “ Hey everyone, want to play a game” I said as loudly as I could so people could hear my voice over the music. Some people said yes but some either ignored me or couldn't hear me. Me and the people that wanted to play formed a circle in the living room. We all put our hands on the planchette “so how do you play?” Lia said “ you put your hands on the planchette and ask the board some questions it's supposed to answer with yes or no or it spells it out,” I said “okay” Lia said, Lia was the first one to ask a question “am I going to be the prom queen this year?” she smirked thinking she already knew the answer. When the planchette suddenly moved , it said no “WHAT?!WHAT DOES IT MEAN NO”Lia said “there's no reason to shout, it's not that serious'' I suddenly regretted asking her to join,we played a little more, then suddenly the lights went out in the whole cabin. everyone started getting scared “what was that?” Luis asked, getting suspicious “nothing probably a shortage” I said. 3 minutes later the lights came on and Lia was gone ‘'where did Lia go ''? Katherine asked, getting scared “she probably didn't want to play anymore, it's okay” I said, trying to calm her. “Okay” She said worried about her best friend, when it was Katherine's turn she asked a question “am i going to pass the test on friday?” She asked, the planchette moved to yes ``yes!” She was happy about the answer. Then suddenly rain and thunder started coming down, but we ignored it for some time until it started getting worse and worse, but we still played “come on Luis it's your turn” I said “i still don't know about this, like what happened to Lia it might have been the Ouija boards fault she’s missing I heard once a girl played with her friends and they all were found dead the next morning” He said ”come on Lia isn't missing and even if she is its a dumb board games fault, now come and play with us” I said. “Fine but if you guys go missing just know I tried to warn you” He said “Can everyone just shut up and play? '' Mark said. Luis took his turn “where is Lia'' Luis said, the Ouija board started spelling the words out “C.H.E.C.K T.H.E. R.I.V.E.R ``'' it says check the river” I said. Mark went to go check the river, but he never came back “ everyone Marks been gone for a while now should we go check on him” Katherine said with a worried look on her face “okay” I said getting up “ no I’ll go I want to see Lia'' Katherine said “okay, be my guest” I said, it was only me and Luis left, “Shall we continue playing?” I said “what? !”No, you're crazy, our friends are out there probably dead’’ Luis exclaimed “shouldn't we go check on them” Luis said “Yeah you're right” I said feeling embarrassed. So we both got up and went outside. They were nowhere to be seen so we went to the river. That's when we saw the lifeless bodies of our friends floating away. ‘’They're Dead”!!! We both screamed . We ran back into the cabin and put up the Ouija board and called the police “911 whats your emergency” The lady on the phone said “yes we would like to report a somewhat murder” I said, Luis was next to me shaking with fear in his eyes. “Tell me what happened miss” She said “We were playing with a Ouija board and the lights went out and our friend Lia went missing so our other friend Mark went to check on her,but they didn't come back so our other friend Katherine volunteered to go get them. but she never came back. That's when me and my friend Luis went to go find them but when we found them, they were in the river floating with their lifeless dead bodies“ I said, stuttering a little out of fear. “Okay miss, can you give us an address?” The lady said “1335 east Canator ave '' I said “ Okay miss we will be right over '' The lady said. Once the police came they searched inside of the house and outside by the river they found nothing. They said the case will remain a mystery,and until this day the deaths of our friends still remain a mystery and still haunts me and Luis. Since that day I have never looked or even thought about a Ouija board.

The End

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