The Curse of Rebecca Walker

by Marcus Anderson about a year ago in fiction

Part 1

The Curse of Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker became submerged in water with a lid over her. No one helped her.

She woke up on the first day of summer vacation. Like most teenagers her age, she was ready to cause havoc around town with her besties until school started again. It's too bad that her parents didn't see her as quite the teenager she thought she was. Her mom and dad walked in her room to remind her to pack for summer camp. Either Rebecca completely forgot about that or her parents just didn't tell her that she was enrolled in summer camp. She had no plans of going to that lame summer camp while her friends would be nowhere in sight. Rebecca was 15 years old and her birthday was coming up in July. Her parents explained to her that the camp was a two month program that began on the 19th of June.

Perplexed, Rebecca questioned her parents.

"Why on Earth would I want to spend my summer around a bunch of strange kids I don't know? Even more so, I'd be spending my 16th at a camp filled with...!"

Her parents cut her off.

"Excuse me, young lady, this is not up for debate. We refuse to have you getting into trouble this summer while we're working to keep your life a luxurious one. Say thank you and go call your friends to tell them what you'll be doing this summer."

Filled with anger, Rebecca stormed off to her room and began to scream in her pillow. Which then led to crying. Which then led to Rebecca feeling dark. So dark that she could kill. She felt that her parents never put her feelings into consideration. She was tired of always being on a chain with those two. Unfortunately, she'd saved no money or had any other options of living due to her being young with no job. Like many times before, Rebecca compromised her happiness and prepared for her stay at summer camp.

Later that day, Rebecca was on three way with her best friends Molly and Jake. They couldn't believe what was happening. Molly always did side with Rebecca and egg her on whenever she was having problems. Jake, on the other hand, was more of a solution-finder. Jake would always try to get Rebecca to actually do something about the way she was feeling. Due to her being on a psychological chain for so long, Rebecca never had the actual courage to take Jake's advice and step to her parents. She hated the fact that she was seen as a goody-two-shoes. After speaking with her friends, she thought about a few things.

She thought about who she was meant to be. Rebecca always wanted to be a traveling businesswoman. Would a traveling businesswoman be as reserved as she is? Would a traveling businesswoman simply say yes to her parents all the time? In other words, Rebecca was contemplating if she even had the personality and lifestyle of a traveling businesswoman. Of course, she had many years ahead of her (so she thought), so she didn't put too much pressure on herself. However, this time would be different. This summer she would be sixteen years old. Turning sixteen was a huge deal for her. In order to ensure her own success, Rebecca had to devise a plan. A plan that would change her life for the better and forever. She began planning her brilliant idea on the 10th of June. The only people she told about her plan was Jake and Molly. Rebecca went to summer camp on the 19th of June.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of "The Curse of Rebecca Walker."

Continue to read over Part 1 and make your own assumptions about what kind of plan she'd made. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson
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