The Creature in the Closet

by Joy Mindrup about a year ago in fiction

A True Ghost Story

The Creature in the Closet

When I first saw this old abandoned house from the main road, I of course wanted to check it out. As excited as I was, I did not want to do it alone. I loved checking out old abandoned structures, but not if I thought one could be haunted. I had first saw the old house in early August and snapped a few pictures from the main road. But it wasn't till early September when I got to finally see the inside.

My boyfriend owned the house right across the dead end road from this house. One day he asked if my friend, Dawn, and I wanted to go inside and check it out. He had permission to go inside. He was friends with the owner who did not live on the property so he was in charge of keeping an eye on the old house why the owner was away. The house had been empty for years. The man, Mr. Johnson, had died years earlier and the daughters had sold the property to another man.

It was a sunny, bright, warm day so I wasn't scared to check out a old abandoned house. Old creepy house don't seem scary in the warm light of day. We approached the entrance and saw the strangest thing. It was a body of a toad with no face and nothing inside it. It looked like there had been something inside it and it had eaten it from the inside out. The toad was still frozen in a sitting position. It looked almost fake but it wasn't. Chad, Dawn, and I walked around this weird and strange dead toad and went in through the side door. We entered the house and a stale and musty odor greeted us in the kitchen. I quickly glanced around and decided I wanted to see the upstairs before checking out the downstairs.

All three of us quickly made our way up the stairs, excited to check it out. The upstairs had a weird layout. The bedrooms ran together so you had to walk though one to get to the other. They were carpeted in old 60s styled carpet. In one of the rooms there were closets on either side of the bedroom. There were no doors on these closets. I was standing at the edge of the bedroom still in the door way when I saw a dark, tall Spirit with red eyes staring at me from the one of the doorways. I froze not wanting to believe what I was seeing.

"Guys, I think we should leave. NOW!" I said out loud.

They both knew I could see Spirits that others could not see but I didn't get a chance to tell them what I was seeing, all I knew is I didn't want to be there anymore and didn't think they should be either.

Chad and Dawn were still walking around checking things out as I ran downstairs. They were coming down the stairs behind me as I froze in the kitchen. I could tell they were exploring the downstairs as I just stood frozen in the kitchen. I was SCARED and did not know what to do. I definitely did not want to look at it. I had seen it for a brief second and that was enough for me.

Standing frozen in the kitchen I could hear it breathing in my ear but like it was the whole downstairs. It was taking slow, deep, big breaths like it was mad we were in the house. I finally just ran out of the house. They still had no idea what I had seen and I just wanted to get away from that house. I had just started telling Dawn what I had seen when I could feel it following us! I walked faster and then looked up. I then saw a large Angel with a sword coming down towards the creature who was in the air flying towards us. I watched as the Angel fought the creature back into the house. Then I just looked away.

I had never seen anything like that and never wanted to again. I prayed every night after that for that creature to stay in that house because Chad's house was just a few feet away. I have never gone in that house again, but Chad wakes up with scratches on him.

Joy Mindrup
Joy Mindrup
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