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The Chinese Lady

Saturn City's Myth

By Tang WolfPublished 9 months ago 10 min read

"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window." Normally people would avoid this place, due to it being so far out into the woods. But something howled in the wind throughout the town, sending goosebumps amongst the people. Making them get the urge to travel into Saturn's woods. Their minds had been filled with nothing but a blank mind, like lifeless zombies, emotionless walkers...Saturn City isn't the best place to be I'd say. Not with all this wild stuff that happens here.

Violet stood in the middle of the road right in front of the forest. She watched as her mother had walked in along with her father, she was concerned. But why? Well normally her mother ALWAYS said "Never enter this forest, that cabin has always been haunted. Probably with demons roaming around, waiting for the right moment to snatch you or use you. She sighed softly before tucking her hands into her pockets starting to follow her mother's lead. I mean come on, she's a teen. Of course she's gonna be curious. Setting foot into the forest gave her chills down her spine but the further she went. She felt eyes on her, like someone was watching their movement. It wasn't before long she felt a cold hand touch her shoulder just as soon as she reached the cabin.

"HEY! DON'T TOUCH M-!". When she had turned around she was caught off by her own words when she realized no one was there.

"...The hell? I swear I felt a hand on me...". She shook her head and looked forward towards the cabin. Her eyes slowly widen when she say the outside decorated with white lights over the roof top to over the patio, red curtains over the windows with a candle lit. It was so bright it almost looked like someone had captured the sun. Violet's mom pushed the door open allowing the father to enter first before she headed inside. Uh hello? Forgotten child here? She frowned and headed inside which took her by shock because it looked like a very fancy restaurant. Wine glasses, fancy white table cloths, chandlers, diamond plates. Violet placed her hand over her hand before trying to take it all in. I mean after all it seemed like a daydream.

"Mom, I thought this place was haunted". She mumbled to her in a low tone. Her mom just looked at her with smile and whispered. "Sometimes adult lies".

"Man, that's the first to hear that". She said in a disappointing tone. Violet just walked over into a corner and sat down at a table. Others were doing it so why not? It began all calm and so relaxing. The music that was played made her feel like she was on cloud nine. A lady around her 30s then came out from a door, her hair up in a bun, eyes closed with such long and beautiful eyelashes, red dress that reached her feet. She walked over to Violet with a smile, holding her hand out to her. Violet just starred for a second before lifting her hand up and moving it towards her hand. To shake it? I think not. She just gently pushed her hand away before standing up and speaking.

"Why haven't I ever heard of this place? This is oddly...Neat. Especially for a place such as Saturn". She said with a straight face. The women just starred at her and turned around, walking away. The moment she did, Violet felt that same cold hand on her shoulder. She instantly turned around and grabbed the hand. But what she saw next made her ghost phase out of her. This hand was lead to a young girl who was glowing. Violet just starred at the sight of this before looking at everyone else in the room to see if they noticed. But no one seemed to care, so she just turned back to her and slowly released her hand from her grasp.

"You really shouldn't do that...You'll make her angry". The ghost spoke.

"And so what? It's not like she can hurt me". Violet said with attitude. The young ghost just shook her head before face palming. She then forced her hand into violet's head, giving her a major brain freeze.

"GAAAH!". Violet screamed and leaned forward in pain, squeezing her eyes shut tight. The ghost just stood there now with her hands at her side.

"Hope." The ghost said.

"Violet...Violet Evergreen. Thanks for the warm greeting...". She said in sarcasm. Hope chuckled softly before smiling and nodding.

"Listen to me, Violet. You must not upset her. The Chinese Lady is very short tempered...". Hope said in a low tone.

Violet just ignored this warning and looked at the table where her mother had been sitting at along with her father but they were both gone. She jumped up onto her feet and started walking fast around the place in search for her parents. Panicking and worrying that she had been forgotten and left behind. She then heard two people whispering how two young adults snuck off with The Chinese Lady to a private room. Violet slid right other to them, slamming her fist onto the table, giving it small cracks.

"WHERE?!". She yelled. The two females pointed to a room which said "Do not enter". She hadn't cared. Violet walked over to it such furious movement. Twisting the knob and slamming the door right open.

"MOM, DAD!". She then looked at couch to see her mother resting upon it. She slowly closed the door behind her and walked to her to find her sleeping peacefully. Violet smiled softly before getting onto her knees and grabbing her mothers hand, holding it close to her chest.

"Don't scare me like that...". She stayed there for a good ten minutes before getting up and walking to a chair, sitting down. Her eyes felt heavy, weak...they started closing. Hope had stayed with her at her side, starring at her and her mother. She then heard the door creak open and saw Violet's father with a camera. He went up to his wife, taking a photo of her. He then reached under her pillow to pull out another photo of her. Hope's attention went to him as she stood up, walking over. She pressed her left foot against the ground. pushing herself up with it into the air. From there she leaned over Violet's father shoulder, her eyes darted onto each photo. Starting to back up.

"No...NO NO NO NO! NOT AGAIN!". Hope screamed. She rushed over to Violet and violently shook her. Causing Violet's eyes to pop right open and jump up with her heart racing.

"HOPE, WHAT THE HELL?!." Violet yelled. Hope ran behind her and placed both her hands onto the sides of her face, turning it to her father with the photos.

"Dad, you ok?". Violet said in a concerned yet worried tone. His eyes narrowed to her and he walked up to her, showing her the photos. One had screws, paint stains and small plastic parts next to her face which made her face look so fake and like a Barbie doll. While the other looked normal with nothing beside her.

"I don't understand...". Violet spoke before looking her dad into his eyes. Her heart felt like it stopped when she saw his face looked plastic. Her dad looked down at her with tears rolling down while with a sharp smile on his face. Stitches were sewed into his lips to force him to smile. He reached for her hand and grabbed it gently before whispering "Run". Violet pulled her hand away, shaking with fear. She looked at her mother and started having tears form, rolling down her cheeks and plopping onto the ground beside her shoes. She stepped back slowly, trembling.

"No no...! This is all my fault...! I-I fell asleep!...D-dad...!". Her tone was so shaky. Her own father pushed her back and ran away. Hope grabbed Violet's hand, running out from where they entered, through the dining room and into the night. Voices were heard...Laughs, chuckles, giggles. Footsteps were getting closer. Not one, not two, NOT THREE. HUNDREDS. The Chinese Lady walked out from the shadows with a smile, so evil, so sinister...She held her hand out to her once more. Hope looked at Violet and pulled her back.

"You need to run!". Hope said.

"This is fake...This isn't real...! She's not real! YOUR NOT REAL!...HOW CAN YOU TOUCH ME IF YOUR A GHOST! It's a dream...! ALL A DR-." Violet felt a hard slap across her face and stopped.

"That's because I'm using all I can to help you...Believe it or not! But this IS real, Now you need to get out of here! These faces...Those voices...your parents...Their all fake, their gone, it's too late for them but not for you...". Hope said with a soft tone. Violet looked at her Hope in her eyes then at the people around her, but mainly at the "Lady".

"This never started until that candle got lit...when it was burning.....Hope, The candle!". Violet started racing back to inside the house. People around her kept trying to grab her, pulling her hair, her shirt, her arm. She pushed through it all. Violet kept running until she made it, kicking the door open and slamming it shut. Throwing herself right behind it to keep it shut. All the people started piling up against the door, yelling, groaning like a bunch of zombies. Violet turned her attention to the candle and was about to make a break for it until she spotted her parents from just across the room with a wide smile. Violet froze in place, just looking at them with a upsetting look.

"I'm sorry I never appreciated you for everything you did for me...I love you guys...". She ran to the candle, letting the door to be broken down by hundreds of people. The Chinese Lady punched her hand through a window where the candle was. Her face stretched, with sharp teeth, red glowing eyes and long claws at the tip of her fingers. Violet leaped forward and placing her hand over the candle, cuffing her hand around it, making the flame disappear. Everything inside, the nice decoration all started coming down, melting, rusting and disappearing. She looked down at her hand to see a dark burn mark on her hand. She groaned in pain slightly, then trying to run to get out, but the Chinese Lady grabbed Violet by her hand, Digging her claws into her skin, breaking through tissue and flesh. Causing blood to spill onto the ground. Violet yelped in pain, pulling her arm back fast causing her claws to shred her arm open more, leaving tons of blood to drip onto the ground. She then rushed out the cabin, she rushed right out like nothing was there. A loud screech was heard, all the mindless, plastic, fake people were gone. The Lady turned to ashes and it phased deep into the ground. A bright light then shined on Hope, making her glow as bright as an angel. The moonlight...ah yes. Violet ran to Hope and hugged her tight but by the time she made it. Bits of Hope was fading within the moonlight...Into the night sky...Into the galaxy...Violet couldn't help but cry more, not just from the wound...But from the loss of her parents and hope. She stayed in the forest, crying for hours before finally deciding to return back to Saturn City's town. Once she reached it, it looked like a ghost town, no one was spotted. Maybe a person or two but no one else...When she got home, it was so dark, lights were flickering, the floor creaked...The dark seemed to scare her more, she sat on the couch. Sobbing more and more. Everything was gone. Wait...Is that another voice?

"Mommy! Daddy! Sissy!". Someone shouted. Violet didn't hesitant to run up the stairs and dash into the bedroom it came from. She stopped crying and smiled big when she saw her little sister.

"I forgot you were here...You must have been scared and so lonely...I won't ever leave you alone again, I promise..." She whispered to her.

Violet held her little sister close, falling asleep with her so calm, so peaceful and most of all...So happily yet still with the fear that the candle will be lit...Once more...


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Tang Wolf

I’m a fun, loving and caring girl who loves drawing, writing and listening to music

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