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The cabin

by Aryonna 7 months ago in slasher
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A summer night

The cabin
Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

The party raved as I went further into the middle of sweaty dancing bodies. We were at the beach on a cold night in December. The beach was deserted this time of year since it was cold and too dark and foggy. The only thing we had for light was a small bonfire, and each other's body heat to keep us warm.

"Lindsey you made it!" My very drunk friend, Hannah slurred as she wobbled over to me getting up from her lawn chair.

"Yeah I had a little time to spare I finished studying a little early." I didn't really have that much time and I didn't really get any studying done. I had spent the last two weeks thinking about Ryan, the guy I had been sleeping with for the past month. He also happened to be the boyfriend of my bestfriend for five years. That's why I had come, I couldn't keep going on not telling her and lying to her. Especially since Ryan was planning on breaking up with her to be with me. I had no idea how it happened, at first we were partying next thing I had woken up next to him. With Hanna passed out on the couch downstairs.

I had felt so disgusted with myself. I ran to my dorm that I shared with Hannah, and showered for hours. I had gone to speak with Ryan to confirm it was a mistake, but then he kissed me. So I was right back where I started yesterday. Feeling sick with myself yet so satisfied. I felt so lost to how we even started this twisted love triangle with me in the middle. I just knew I had to end it.

"Look Hannah I know this is the worst time to talk about this but it's urgent." I spoke quickly with my eyes glued to the floor. "Hey look its Ryan." She said dreamily. She was drunk but there was a different type of cloudy look in her eyes. Love.

"Hey baby." He said kissing her lips and brushing her hair back with his fingers looking into her eyes. I was taken aback. This was how he was acting before breaking up with her? What was I feeling? Jealousy? I was the cheater, the home wrecker. I shouldn't have felt jealous of my friend. She had him first! Not me. I was going to tell her because I care about her. Not because there was going to be a relationship between Ryan and me.

"Hey Lindsey." He said with that soft look in his eyes that I loved. What was wrong with me? Why was my heart skipping a beat because of a look. "Uh hi, Ryan could I talk to Hannah for a moment." I said giving him a look between the two of them so he would get the hint. "Sure ,but I was hoping I could talk to you first." As he sat Hannah down and gave her a bottled water from the cooler next to the lawn chair she had gotten up from. "Um. Ok Sure."

He took my hand and we weaved through the dancing bodies as the night darkened and the bonfire roared. We walked till we were near the cold empty water. "I missed you." He said kissing me with feather light lips. The lips that had just kissed my friend. "Why didn't you let tell her?" I questioned. He looked away and sighed before looking back at me. "She's drunk and not in the right space, let's have her sober before we break her heart."

He looked at me with his warm chocolate eyes. I was this close to melting. But I had to get this feeling off my chest. "You said you were going to end it with her last week when you spent everyday with her. Why are you dragging this along?" I questioned to which he sighed again. "I just want the time to be right. I was with her for five years. She was my first, I can't end things just like that."

"Well from the way you're saying it, it sounds like you don't want things to end." I crossed my arms feeling angry and vulnerable. I shouldn't have care either way I just wanted my friend to know. "I do! I do. But jus- look give me some more time, don't you understand I love you both so much. I care about you Lindsey." He exclaimed taking my hands as I took a step back. "I can't. I can't give you more time to yo-yo between us two, because it's killing me to keep secrets from her.

I took my hands from his and walked away. "Lindsey wait!" He called out walking to catch up to me. "No! Choose her. I'm done with this." He grabbed me by my wrist and spun me around. Kissing me again with twice as much passion. I grabbed his shoulders as my knees buckled. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. When he finally pulled away biting my lip as he gave me space to breathe. He looked me in the eyes and brushed my hair back.

"I choose you... just give me a little time." He said kissing me once more. I was putty in his hands.

"A little more time for what?" We both whipped around. Hannah stood there with teary eyes cradling a half drunk water bottle to her chest. We both went silent. "No-no don't stop now. I've seen and heard quite a bit. A little time for what Ryan?

She said tears spilling down her face as anger radiated off her shoulders. "Hannah let me explain." I said hoping to calm her down as I took a step closer to her. "No! Stay away from me! My boyfriend. REALLY Lindsey? That was the guy you were gushing over to Mia? That was the guy you couldn't tell me about?" I cringed knowing Mia- our friend who was too sick to come to the party- had told her about our conversation.

"And YOU Ryan. Seriously? You cheat on me with my best friend and have the audacity to spend the week with me? I loved you! I loved both of you! But now... I can't even look at you. You both disgust me." She said with distaste in her eyes. I couldn't hold back the tears that rolled down my face.

"Hannah! Wait!" I sobbed running after her but Ryan caught up to me. "Let her go Lindsey." He said as I tried to break free. "No this is all your fault! It's all my fault." I cried as he held me close shushing me. the next thing we heard was a scream coming from the beach. "Was that Mike?" Ryan questioned as we both looked behind us. "We should check it out."

We both ran back to the beach waters. I screamed horrified at what we found in the sand. It looked like someone sucked the life out of his body. Black bulged eyes and blood coming out of his mouth and ears. His throat was slashed with four large gashes. It was like a bear had ripped at his throat. "Oh my gosh. Wha- What do we do?" I shook as I stared at the corpse.

"We have to get everyone out of here. NOW." He said wrapping his arms around me running back to the bonfire. We ran and saw more dead bodies as our friends and classmates ran in every direction. What were they running from? We heard a demonic screech over the terrified screams of the party goers. I turned my head but it was too late. Ryan was tossed in the air and landed ten feet away. I screamed and put my hands to my face as something splashed. I looked at my hands. Blood. Ryan's blood. I ran to see him and check if he was okay. The same four cuts laid across his face. His eyes were out of his head and his face was mangled. I couldn't stop screaming as I heard loud thumps behind me.

A large beast like creature, standing at nine feet tall. Black eyes and rotten teeth. Hands like a human with four fingers on each hand. Long claws. Was it human? It had a body like a human though very large in size. It wore a drenched long coat and black boots. If it was human how was it alive? It had ghostly blue skin. Ratty black hair. Like it had drowned in the ocean for a hundred years.

It grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up. "No no no!" I cried through choked breath. I looked back to Ryan laying dead on the floor. Kicking my legs trying to get away away from the beast. I realized I wouldn't get away. I turned back to the parked cars in the parking lot. Her black jeep wasn't there. Well she had gotten away.



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