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The Blue Moonlight: The Awakening

by Brittany Mitchell 4 months ago in supernatural

A journey always has to have a start.

The Blue Moonlight: The Awakening
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A small beam of yellow illuminated the tunnels ahead, a lump forming in my throat. Musty cold air nipped at my skin, Johnny beaming next to me. Stupidly, he had convinced me to venture with him into the underground tunnels of my forest. Perhaps it was my tiny little crush that forced me into this situation. My black tights clung to my long leg, a black lace rockabilly dress hugging my hourglass figure. Stale water dripped onto my worn combat boots, the decaying rock crunching underneath my boots. Breathing deeply, my trembling fingers twisted my long black wavy hair into a side braid. My emerald green eyes searched desperately in the darkness ahead of me.

“You okay?” Johnny queried playfully, running his slender hand through his long dark brown hair. “You aren’t frightened, are you?” A crooked grin danced across his face, his hazel eyes glistening excitedly. Rolling my eyes, my arms crossed defiantly. An odd feeling in my gut told me that we should have stayed home.

“‘What do you take me for?” I retorted harsher than I meant to. This environment was taking its toll on me. Sharp ringing in my ear, a migraine beginning to throb aggressively. Chuckling to himself, he patted my head.

“I can always expect you to come with me.” He mused, rubbing his chin. “You are my baby giraffe after all.” Eyebrow cocking, my cheeks flushed scarlet. He always called me that, ever since we grew up together.

“I am not your baby giraffe.” I said defeated, trying to mask my emotion. “What do you want to do here anyway?” Shrugging his shoulder, he tugged me ahead. My feet protested angrily, telling me not to go any further. Alarm filled my eyes, a tall dark shadow running behind me. The cold air blew up my skirt, red eyes appearing in the distance. He stopped in his tracks, an evil grin spreading across his face. Fangs grew from his canines, his eyes glowing red in the darkness. A lump formed in my throat, my heart sinking to my stomach. Fear paralyzed me in my spot, leaving me cursing my useless legs.

“Finally.” He sighed, tracing his pale hand along my cheekbone. “I can have what is mine.” The cheap flashlight in my trembling hand fell to the floor. Dingy rats scurried out of the light beam, the water splashing behind me. Come on body! Could you just freaking move already? Today was not going to be the day I die because I had much left to do.

“I have to go now.” I murmured, unable to look away from him. “My mother wants me home, like now.” His arms crossed, his foot tapping impatiently. One single vein bulged profusely in his forehead, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down.

“I am afraid that is not possible.” He groaned, rubbing his forehead. “You are mine as part of a deal.” Confusion contorted my face, handcuffs clicking onto my wrist. Stepping back, a loud thump echoed in the tunnels. A mammoth of a pale man grabbed me, tossing me over his shoulder. Kicking and screaming, I fought as hard as I could. Unfortunately it was not fruitful.

“Screw you.” I screamed at Johnny walking quite a bit ahead. “I belong to no one.” Where was the stake and garlic when you needed it? Come to think of it, I only saw him at night. Also he said he was allergic to garlic. Who in this world is allergic to garlic? Flames licked from dripping red candles, a large mansion appearing in front of me. Shock burned in my eyes, wonder running through my mind. White marble spanned the entire distance, dark wooden doors and windows dotted the huge home.

“Welcome to Fangsworth, the mansion under the trees.” He announced, bowing in front of me.

“This has been my home since it was built.” My eyes narrowed, a scowl forming on my painted lips.

“Was it always down here?” I asked, looking into his red eyes. “Second, what deal are you talking about?” The large doors squealed open, revealing grandeur beyond my belief. Wooden carved animals lined the room, black marble glistened beneath me. Red velvet furniture dotted the giant room. Two dark wooden staircases curled around us, leading to one landing. Crystals shimmered in the candlelight of the golden candelabras.

“I suppose it was.” He explained, motioning for his guard to put me down on the couch. “Vampires need a cold dark place.” The velvet couch was softer than it looked, the cushion eating my body. Exhaustion gripped my body, muscles aching annoyingly. Flames licked large logs in a black marble fireplace, his portrait hanging above it. Giggles tumbled from my lips, his outfit was just amusing me. The back velvet suit with lace sleeves lightened my mood, a small smile curling on my lips.

“I am so glad you updated your fashion.” I stifled out, holding back more laughter. “What is the deal, anyway?” Dust snowed around us, his body plopping down next to me. Dust covered his black business suit. His lips were pinched tight, a sign he was holding his tongue. His eyebrow cocked, his fingers wrapping around mine.

“I am so sorry.” He apologized, looking rather glum. Pinches of sharp pain pricked my neck, his fangs sinking into my skin. A fresh pop, and sucking noises rang in my ear. The sound naseauting my stomach, dinner threatening to come up to visit. The room spun around me, sweet slumber wrapping her arms around me. Darkness enveloped my world, my veins burning fiercely.

Orange flames came back into fuzzy vision, a major headache throbbing angrily. Long nails came into focus, red eyes reflecting back at me. Cautiously, my hands felt long fangs sitting on my lips. My hair flowed around me, clearly growing longer and fuller. The familiar pat on my head made me jump out of my skin.

Marble cracked, my boot sending Johnny into the nearest wall. Thirst quenched my throat, feeling drier than the Sahara desert. Shattered glass turned red in the small puddle of blood. Grumbling to himself, he struggled to stand. Sighing, his fingers snapped. The large guard brought me over a glass of blood. The smell of grass, and trees wafted up my nose. Hunger took over, the glass not lasting more than mere seconds. The thirst faded away, relief washing over me.

“What the hell!” I shouted, throwing the glass in his direction. “At what point did I tell you that I wanted to be a blood sucker!” His hand caught the glass, cold sweat dripping down his brow. His mind was searching for answers, or something that wouldn’t get him killed.

“You were a vampire this whole time.” He replied calmly, setting the glass down. “I simply woke you up like I was ordered. You are the rightful princess of us all. It is time to take back your throne.” Doubt flashed in my eyes, my fists clenched tightly.

“Come again.” I retorted coolly, black blood dripping from my palm. “I think I would know if I was one of you.” Shaking his head, he pulled into his arms. His scent dizzied my mind, urging me to fight to not let them out. His slender finger lifted up my chin, his red eyes gazing into mine.

“We had humans raise you, and a spell to turn you human temporarily.” He offered, raising his eyebrows. “They wanted to kill you when you were a baby.” A sly smile danced across his face, my dead heart nearly beating again.

“I thought you couldn’t reproduce.” I mused, blushing scarlet. His eyes glittered excitedly, his mind mulling over what to say. Shrugging, he leaned in. His lips pressed against mine hungrily, his fangs biting my lips. Time melted away, leaving just us. Pulling away, two small streams of blood dripped onto the floor.

“We can, especially if you are pure blood.” He bragged, embracing me tighter. “We both are. Do you want to hunt a deer, dear?” Nodding, the hunger burned inside of me. Honestly, I was not sure what it was. His hand pulled me out into the night, stars twinkling above us. Blue moonlight bathed the pine trees, and short shrubbery.

“I see she is awake.” An icy voice cooed behind a thick tree trunk. “I must meet her.” A white haired pixie-like woman bounced out. Her white hair looked silver in the moonlight, white armor covering her tiny body. Ice froze underneath her, snowflakes drifting aimlessly.


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