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The Black Volga

A Terrifying Urban Legend from Ukraine

By Hector SampsonPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
The Black Volga

The Black Volga is a name given to a mysterious car that allegedly haunted the streets of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries in the 1960s and 1970s. According to the legend, the car was a black or red GAZ-21 or GAZ-24 Volga, a luxury vehicle produced by the Soviet Union. The car was said to be driven by sinister figures who kidnapped and killed people, especially children, for various nefarious purposes.

The legend of the Black Volga has many variations and details, depending on the time and place of its origin. Some common elements include:

- The car had white features, such as white wheel rims, white curtains, or white license plates. Some versions even claimed that the car had horns instead of mirrors, or that it had the number 666 on its plates.

- The car was driven by different groups of villains, such as communist secret police, Russian mafia, Satanists, Jews, nuns, priests, vampires, or even Satan himself.

- The car would lure its victims by asking them for the time, offering them candy, or pretending to be in need of help. As soon as the person approached the car, they would be dragged inside and never seen again.

- The car would also appear out of nowhere and snatch children who were playing outside or walking alone. Sometimes it would chase its prey at high speed or ram into other vehicles.

- The victims were taken to secret locations where they were tortured, murdered, or used for medical experiments. Some versions claimed that their blood was drained and sold to rich Westerners or Arabs who suffered from leukaemia. Others said that their organs were harvested and traded on the black market. Some even said that their souls were offered to Satan.

The legend of the Black Volga reflects the fears and anxieties of the people living under the oppressive regime of the Soviet Union. The car symbolized the power and privilege of the elite, who could afford such a luxurious vehicle and who could act with impunity. The car also represented the unknown and the evil forces that threatened the ordinary citizens. The legend served as a warning to children and adults alike to be careful and vigilant in their daily lives.

The legend of the Black Volga may have some basis in reality. There are reports of black Volgas being used by the KGB or other secret services for surveillance or abduction of dissidents or criminals. There are also cases of organ trafficking or blood smuggling in Eastern Europe during the Cold War era. However, most of the details of the legend are exaggerated or fabricated by popular imagination and folklore.

The legend of the Black Volga faded away in the late 20th century, as the Soviet Union collapsed and new models of cars replaced the old Volgas. However, some versions of the legend resurfaced with different cars, such as BMWs or Mercedes-Benzes, taking the place of the Volgas. The legend also inspired several books, films, and songs in Eastern Europe.

The Black Volga is one of the most terrifying urban legends from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. It is a product of a dark and turbulent period in history, when people faced many dangers and uncertainties. It is also a testament to the power of storytelling and imagination, which can create horror out of reality.

A recent incident in Ukraine may have been related to the Black Volga legend. On June 7, 2023, Russia claimed that an ammonia pipeline was ruptured by shelling from Ukrainian forces, releasing a toxic gas cloud into the air. However, some witnesses reported seeing a black Volga car near the pipeline before the explosion, raising suspicions that it was a sabotage operation by Russian agents.

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