The Black Eye Children

by Lena Bailey 7 months ago in paranormal

What are they?

The Black Eye Children

So the black eye children are a group of kids who have black eyeballs or black irises, depends on who you talk to. They come to your home or car and they will ask for help. They will either ask for a ride, to come in, or to use your phone or something similar. The stories always involve asking for help in some way. If you say no, they insist and force you to help. When you encounter one you will feel uneasy, then when they start to force you to help, you feel yourself starting to help but then you catch yourself. No one knows what happens if you help; in all stories about them people say no. They are also seen panhandling or hitchhiking. They were even spotted on the news. There was also someone who was using a drone and spotted one in a forest.

Are they regular kids with black eyes? Or are they some kind of evil spirit? Or are they some kind of weird cult? No one really knows. They are believed to be paranormal creatures that look like children. The paranormal thing make sense because no one knows what happens if you help them and not everyone sees them or believes in them.

There's actually stories of encounters with black-eyed children. YouTuber Shane Dawson had an experience once when he was a teenager living with his mom still. He says it was around 11 PM and this girl comes to the door wearing sunglasses. She asks if he would like to buy magazines and he asks about a pamphlet. When she says she didn't have one but asks to come in he stops her. He then freaks out and slams the door in her face.

There was also a guy who went with his mama to the hair salon, but waited in the truck for her. Then a black-eyed child came to ask for help or a ride. The guy hid in the floorboards of the truck and the child left. When the guy's mama came back she said a black-eyed child came into the hair salon asking for her keys and she said no.

There was couple who woke up to their dog barking; they thought it was just a normal noise (neighbor, roommate, creak, etc.), so she thought nothing of it. Then she decided to open the door to show the show the dog there was nothing there, but before she opened the door, the dog growled. She went to grab the dead bolt and the dog went crazy, but when she touched the metal, the dog suddenly changed her temper. The dog whimpered, almost like she was afraid. The woman looked out and there were two kids. When they got to the door they asked to use her phone, and when she said no, the kids said they had to because their mother is worried. She backed away and locked the doors and just didn't answer. Her husband told her it was just a dream, but it didn't feel like it.

You always have to say no with the black eye children because no one has ever told the stories where people haven't said no. These urban legends or paranormal stories, you have to take with a grain of salt. Do I believe in them? I kind of do, if they were a paranormal cult or something. I think they might be a strange demon-possessed group of kids with one leader looking to take over or something worse.

What do you think? Are they paranormal or just a weird cult? I think both. I've heard some weird stories and I shared some of the weird stories. Research them if you are still interested.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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