The Best Horror Writers of All Time

People perceive horrors in different ways. Someone hates, and someone loves this genre. In this article, you will find out who are the real professionals in creating masterpieces of the horror genre, and also you can discover some examples of their work.

The Best Horror Writers of All Time

Who Are the Best Horror Writers?

Most fans of horror writing would agree that one of the best horror authors of all time is Stephen King. King has written more than 58 full novels and hundreds of short stories that have enjoyed for decades, ever since his first published novel, Carrie, arrived on the scene in 1973. Despite being his fourth actual novel, it was the first one put out by a significant publisher and received high marks from critics and readers. King has won countless awards and prizes for his writing. He is often called the “King of Horror.” Several of his novels have been turned into big-screen hits, as well.

Dean Koontz

Another person who would be likely to be on the list of the best horror writers of all time would be Dean Koontz. Koontz has received dozens of awards over the past several decades. He has written hundreds of horror stories, among other genres. At least 14 horror novels written by him have reached the number one spot on the NY Times Best Seller List. Among horror fans, he is inarguably among the top authors of all time.

Clive Barker

Clive Barker has a slightly shorter list of horror novels, compared to King and Koontz. That is most likely only because he got a later start, and may eventually catch up. However, he is still well-recognized as one of the best horror writers ever. Also with many screen adaptations, Barker is a household name among horror fiction fans.

Horror Film Loving in Your Regular Student Life

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Who else is on the list of best horror authors?

There could be plenty of discussion among horror fans about how the top authors are ranked. But, these lists will probably have plenty of overlap. In addition to the three authors listed above, the following horror writers appear on many “best” lists, along with works they may be best known for:

  • Anne Rice (The Vampire Chronicles)
  • Ray Bradbury (many horror short stories)
  • Peter Straub (In the Night Room)
  • Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Frankenstein)
  • Bram Stoker (Dracula)
  • Ramsey Campbell (Ancient Images)

Each of these authors has made a significant contribution to the genre of horror fiction. Each horror fan may rank them differently, but most horror fans are familiar with all of these writers.

Making a List of the Best Horror Writers

Whether or not you agree with the group of horror writers presented in this article as being the best, it’s not difficult to create a list. Fans have their reasons for choosing their favorite authors. Some like the writers who have the most books, others like new authors who can deliver a thrill. Each of the horror writers included in this article has made significant contributions and influenced the genre of horror fiction.


Each of the authors included on the “best horror writers of all time list” has a slightly different twist to their work. Some focus more on horror short stories or write stories that are well-adapted to films. All of the writers on this list have received numerous awards for the work and contributions. If you are a horror fan and are not familiar with all of these authors, you may have some reading to catch up on!

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