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The Ballad Of Mayhem

by Victor Robinson II 5 months ago in halloween

In the World of Halloween 5 and 6 without Micheal Myers

The Ballad Of Mayhem
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The Ballads Of Mayhem


Victor T. Robinson II

Chapter:1 The Drowning

Jacob Johnson was born 1989 in Springwood, Illinois his mother Alice and her girlfriend Yvonne was high school classmates until tragedy brought them together as a lesbian couple and they decided to get married Alice took Yvonne last name as her own and she change Jacob last name to Jacob Miller.They decided to move to Sherveport Lousiana, where Alice gets s job as a Chef and Yvonne starts a internship at a Hosptial I5 years later Jacob just started High School as a freshman and has been really unpopular in school

Jacob suffers from strange nightmares and has urges to hurt people and daydreams about it.. Especially when kids talk about his mothers Alice and Yvonne he gets really upset and he will kill for his mothers if he has the urge too but Jacob has been very good with not acting on his urges. Jacob’s biggest enemy is Jack Castle , Captain of the Junior Varsity Football team. Jack and Jacob both play on the Junior High baseball team together. Jack doesn't just not like Jacob, he hates Jacob with a passion because everybody on the Team thought Jacob was a better player than he ever was. But now one thing will change for Jacob now a beautiful girl named Stephanie Freeman has just transferred from High School in New Orleans. Stephaine’s mom Jessica who is a horror novelist and she is a recovering alcoholic and her father was crushed to death 10 years ago and her mom has been coping with his death for years. Stephanie meets Jacob at lunchtime for the first time ever and when they meet sparks fly it's love at first sight . Stephanie and Jacob start sitting at lunch every day and Jacob walks her every day and some of the girls around school start seeing Jacob in a different life when they see how he interacts with Stephanie.

Alice and Yvonne meet Stephaine and they know that she is a good influence for him and before he met her he was miserable and now is in love and its a better look for him. Jack tries to test Stephanie and to see if maybe she needs a better man but Stephaine embrassses Jack in front of the whole school. Jack looks like a fool. Stephanie and Jacob's relationship is strong and no one will break this bond. 2 years later its the beginning of Summer Jacob and Stephanie have enrolled as Summer Counselors for Camp FireWood. Last Summer Jacob and Stephaine spent time in Miami Beach and they both never been to summer camp. Angelina’s Stephanie best friend told them the camp is looking for new young counselors and Stephanie wanted to do it so Jacob its too. Two days into being on camp site Angelina’s mother Danielle Dawson brings her autistic 13 year old son Jamie to watch by Angelina so Danielle can enjoy the company of a man that just came in her life because lately she has been going through a terrible divorce with her ex Franklyn. Angelina is upset and Stephanie comforts her. Throughout the summer Jacob had to watch over Jamie sometimes as a counselor and he realized that Jamie is nuisance, a irritation and his temper tantrums are the worst when he cant gets his way and Jacob urges to hurt people has comes back after 2 years of keeping them at bay but with Jamie. He is slowly becoming unhinged. Jacob volunteers to watch him so Stephanie and Angelina can bond he loves Angelina like a sister and Angelina is good for Stephanie and its makes him feels good.Some days are better than others. Its nighttime now July 23 2003, A day after dealing with the children and Jamie all day.

Jacob and Stephanie organized a bonfire party for all the couselors while all the kids are sleeping. Angelina and her new beau Josh are cooking on the grill while Jacob brings the group some beers. Jacob is feeling good and relaxed and this summer has been great for Jacob has been the leader of the couselor and has been doing real good tolerating the kids and he has enjoy himself when he not around the kids and the voices inside his head has gone away. Stephanie pulls Jacob to the side and she tells him how much she loves him and how she is very devoted to him and she wants to be with him for the rest of her life and Jacob has never felt this love before she is his first love and is overwhelmed with how she feels about him but he also in love with her and obsessive with her and its is welcomed by her and she knows that Jacob has a dark soul and she feels it and she knows how its feels to dark and she talks of her family history and the darkness that lives with in and the truth about her father’s death has never been told and she blames her mother. Jacob and Stephanie are invested in their relationship and she pledge her heart and soul and so does he and then they joined their friends at the bonfire.

Stephanie starts talking to Angelina about what Jacob and her were talking about but she kept some of what was said a secret and they talked about going skinny dipping in the lake. Jacob hears somebody by the lake screaming her name and Stephanie doesnt hear it over the music but Jacob walks towards the yelling and its Jamie and Jacob tells Jamie to go back to sleep nicely but Jamie starts to get louder with Jacob and He tells him again to go back to sleep and he says he needs Angelina and Jacob says that she is busy and told him to go to sleep and Jamie hits Jacob with a tree branch and Jacob knocks Jamie down and Jacob is enraged Jacob’s arm is being bruised up after Jamie hitting him with the tree branch and Jacob chasing after Jamie and he tries to run back at the camp and Jacob picks up Jamie and throws in the lake and Jacob goes in the lake and The voices comes back and tell him to kill Jamie and he so full of rage and Jacob pushes Jamie’s head down in the lake and starts ranting: All you had to do is go to fucking sleep you fucking slow motherfucker all you do fucking yap yap all fucking day long about this and that, i want my burger with mayonnaise no buns what the fuck is wrong with you, all you to do was to go to fucking sleep and now you are fucking dead for fucking with me, Jamie is dead and when he looks up he sees Stephanie standing there and she has horrific look on her face and she walks up to him and she says Angelina is coming behind me you have to do something. Jacob yells somebody help me and he pulls Jamie out the lake and Angelina comes running and she sees her brother Jamie in Jacob’s arms and he lays her in front of her and put on a show to look like he trying to save him but Jamie has been dead for a few mins.

The Ambulence shows up then the police and they asked to talked to Jacob and Stephanie who backs Jacob’s story and its the one who had created the story which shocks Jacob. After the cops are done with them. Stephanie tells Jacob I dont know why you killed Jamie and i wont question you. I just want you to know I accept you as you are and I dont judged you. Jacob says i didnt want to kill him but the voices told me to, I tried to control it but he hit me with a fucking tree branch so the fucker had to go and its took a long time for him to die if he would have went to bed like i told him to do then he would have still been alive, he fucked himself. Stephanie says the reason he came outside to find Angelina was to get her to sing him back to sleep because he has very bad nightmares and the only way he could sleep was if she would sing that all. Jacob says he didnt know if i knew that i wouldnt have kill him, i know all about terirble nightmares and he slaps himself, and he drops to his knees and Stephanie consoles him.

Angelina’s mom Danielle shows up and she sees her dead son’s being put in the back of the cornor van and breaks down and she sees Angelina and goes to her and says to her What the hell happened you was supposed to be watching him not playing around with the boys, your responsible is Jamie and she slapped Angelina and Josh pulls her off of Angelina and says its not her fault its was an accident. Danielle is hysterical and her newly fiance Joey Micheals has to console her while Jacob and Stephanie look on and they decided to leave the camp early to go back home Stephanie says goodbye to Angelina and They leave back to New Orleans. While Joey takes Danielle and Angelina Home.

Chapter 2: Danielle’s Sorrow.

11 months later : Angelina has left decided to go lived with her father in Los Angeles because her mother blames her for Jamie’s death. Jamie’s death has taken a heavy toll on Danielle and Joey has been there to help her through terrible journey and he has been doing a terrific job, Joey owns a chain of hardware stores all over the south and was thinking about moving out of Louisiana but Danielle is deadset on not moving because she wants to be able to see her sons grave. Danielle gets real upset when she finds out that her best friend Rachel and her husband Jameson has bought the Camp Firewood and decided to turn it into a bed and breakfast but Danielle goes to the old owners to see why would sell the camp to be reopen. One of the owners Nick Lane tells it will not be a summer camp and they do respect that your son has passed in the lake but its was accident. Its wasnt like anybody was murdered here so please dont mess this up and go home.

Danielle goes to see her best friend she has known all her life Rachel to reason with her not to open her business and Rachel has sympathy for Danielle but this is only land perfect for her bed and breakfast and she tells dont ruin 23 years of friendship over this Danielle leaves upset and thinks about what Nick said about its was an accident and wasnt anyone was murdered there and she starts drinking heavily and Joey consoles her with wit and humor and its works and he seduces her and they kiss and they started to undressed and they started to make love and sunrises and Danielle wakes up and walks to the mirror and she sees her self naked in the mirror then she sees her life flashes in front her eyes of killing the people inside the bed and breakfast and Rachel and Jameson dead and she washes her face and she gets back into bed with Joey but its her dead son ln bed with her and she wakes up screaming Jamie. The bed and breakfast is booming a lot of people are in town for a concert and Joey is out of town on business he really didn’t want to leave her all by her self but she was insisted for him to leave she kissed him goodbye. Danielle is putting a plan together to destroyed the bed and breakfast. Famous musicians Conor Bell and his wife Lucille shows up at the bed and breakfast and they found it full up so they decided to lay down by the lake and its look very good under a full moon. Danielle is watching over the bed and breakfast like a hawk and she sees Rachel and Jameson siting on the steps drinking wine. Rachel is happy that everything is working out with this bed and breakfast and she is a little disappointed with how Danielle is taking this and its ruin her celebration and Rachel decides to go to Danielle’s house to see how she is. Danielle just got in the house and changes into a nightgown and she opens the door its Rachel who has a bottle of wine and she wants to have a drink with Danielle and she invites her in, and they starts talking about their childhood together and talks about their exs and Danielle remembers how her life was before she had kids and how much she used to be and she realized she hasnt talk to her daughter in 10 months. Rachel invited Danielle and Joey for a future dinner and she enjoyed the talk. Danielle realizes that she is on the edge of losing her way and dreaming of killing people is not normal so she decides to see a shrink in town Donovan England who is in expert in grief counseling, she starts seeing and she starts telling her about her thoughts she been having and about the dreams she been having about her dead son. Joey returns home from his trip and Danielle welcomes him back and she tells him that she has been seeing a therapist and he tells that is wonderful. Danielle and Joey have dinner with Rachel and Jameson and Conor and his wife Lucille a nice dinner party.

This concert is lasting an extra week Conor and Lucille are just in town due to their son is lead singer in the band called The Cowards. They have a wonderful time they spent their time talking about music and kids and Danielle handles the conversation well and went she gets home she decides to call her daughter Angelina but Franklyn he answers the phone and is shocked to hear Danielle who pleads with him to let her talk with her daughter and Franklyn hangs up the phone.

Joey calls Franklyn and Franklyn answers and Joey says Hey yuppie motherfucker if you don't put Angelina on the fucking motherfucking phone to talk to her fucking mother I will get on a plane and come to Los Angelas and come all the way to 3612 Mulberry St kick down your fucking door and beat the everliving shit out of yuppie motherfucking ass, I fuck you up. Franklyn calls to Angelina and Joey’s hands Danielle the phone and she kisses him. Joey walks out the room. Angelina gets on the phone and says Hi Mom and Danielle says she is so sorry i miss you i shouldn’t have never put that burden on you. Angelina has been waiting on those words for a long time and Angelina wants come back home she doesnt like Franklyn’s new wife Daphne who trying to hard to be my best friend. Danielle says I am coming for you baby girl. Joey had a big deal in L.A so he decided to take Danielle to L.A to get Angelina but while Danielle is in L.A she fell in love with it and tells she wants to move here and Joey has decided to move to L.A and sell his business and bought the biggest house in the city. Danielle said a proper good bye to her little boy Jamie before leaving. Danielle, Joey and Angelina are living good in L.A.

Chapter 3. UnFinished Business.

Jamie Dawson drowned at lake Camp Redwood at age 13 now its is 10 years later 2013 his mother Danielle and big sister Angelina are living in Los Angeles. Angelina is now 28 years old and is a police officer with the L.A.P.D but is undercover trying to bring the crime syndicate called the Winner’s Circle but anyway in RedWood, Louisiana on a dark and stormy night while a biker gang having a party in the graveyard and so happen they are partying on the grave of Jamie Dawson who wouldve been 23 years old now Two of the guys start to have a bloody brawl when one found out he was sleeping with his girl and one of the guys is beating to death on Jamie’s grave all of his blood drips down into Jamie’s rotten casket and his body is fulled up blood and the biker gang leaves and the caretaker wakes up and is walking through the graveyard and sees that Jamie’s grave is vandalize and he sees that dead biker and he pulls out his cell phone to call the cops and something grabs the biker’s body from the grave and Jamie whose is a skeleton takes the skin off of the dead biker and put it on his body the blood had woken him and comes out the grave and caretaker dies from shock and Jamie was in purgatory all these years as a 13 year old kid with unfinished business to find his killer Jacob Miller but through the blood of this biker and you know in the blood its a person life force so the biker life force when to him and he has his memories and so happen this biker is the same age he was so it was perfect.

The first thing he wants to do is eat his favorite meal and he gets on the biker’s bike and he goes to closest diner to get his favorite meal French toast and pork chop and fries and he sits down and enjoy his meal. Jamie is a new man and he’s not artistic anymore while sitting at the dinner he remembers his childhood and his mother and sister and misses them. Jamie wants to track down the bikers who woke him up and he uses the bikers memories to track down the bikers but its takes him to their headquarters Baton Rouge the biker gang is called The Ragers and they lived deep in the Bayou. Jamie waits until night fall and invade the clubhouse which is 100 strong bikers there here for major play but Jamie used his new found skills to track the bikers who was at the graveyard that night and sniff them out there was 16 bikers including the V.P that killed the biker and 10 old ladies and Jamie plans to killed them all. Jamie has nothing but vengeance on his mind, he was stuck in purgatory where he met a gorgeous soul and he wasnt so lonely there he was happy but now he is awake and has a lifeforce of a vengeful biker in his blood and with his own vengeance of who killed him, Jamie sneaks around the clubhouse and starts to killing off the 16 bikers including some the old ladies but some of them weren’t there but when the President of the gang named Ramos find out they been hit and look on the hidden camera footage and they put a bounty on Jamie’s head and Now Jamie has to fight his way out of Baton Rouge, Jamie’s mind is slowly becoming this biker Jeffery Douglas Cooper aka J.D for short and he has inherit his rage and technique and knowledge for killing but what the bikers dont know is J.D is already dead so you cant kill what already dead but J.D is in battle on the rode out of Baton Rouge. J.D leaves a handful bodies in his wake and this enraged Ramos to called more men and firepower. J.D has an admirer the V.P old lady who has been sleeping with J.D the whole time Marcella who is following J.D around and she knows he is different and she wasnt there when he died and she is not on his hit. All J.D wants to do get the man who killed him Jacob Miller then he can be laid to rest, J.D thoughts are changing Jamie focuses which is going with the desire to be the President of the Ragers, Marcella and J.D are stationed a run down Motel and a terrible storm has come to Louisiana where Marcella is trying to rekindle her love with J.D and they started to have slow sex in the motel and gets intense real quick when Jamie minds is fully gone and J.D takes over. The Ragers are near and J.D gets ready for a fight,

The Ragers called J.D out in the middle of the motel and J.D goes on full attack mode when he goes up against the ragers and Marcella armed with a sawed off shotgun bloodbath ensures Collateral damage is everywhere even sheriff deputies get mowed down by the ragers who are 50 strong. J.D and Marcella make a run for it through the woods behind the motel.

Bodies are dropping everywhere all the sheriff deputies has been massarce and half of the ragers are dead and hand full of them lead by Ramos follows J.D and Marcella who finds an abandoned building that was once used as a meth lab and J.D decides to make a last stand and he tells Marcella to run and get away from here and Marcella listen to J.D and hands the sawed off to him she says she meet him at the gas station. Its nightfall and J.D vs Ramos and 18 ragers and he turns out the power and the warehouse and he finds a sharp pole and he starts taking them out one by one in the dark and pull out the sawed off and killed them and run of bullets and its just him and Ramos and he pulls out A weed wacker and attacks Ramos and takes off his faces and used the weed wacker and grind his face to nothing and J.D is badly wounded and sit down and J.D dies and Jamie get his mindset back but he learn so much from J.D and he wants to become him completelt but he has unfinished business with Jacob, J.D goes to gas station and pick up Marcella on a motorcycle dressed in a red leather jacket wearing sunglass and he tells Marcella lets go and she gets on the back of the motorcycle and rides off in the sunset and he doesnt know where is sister, or his mother or Jacob but he just explore the world until he find him and on the road he tells Marcella who is really is and who is this Jacob he got to killed so he can move on.

Chapter 4. A Personal Hell.

After The Events after Jamie Dawson’s death Jacob and Stephanie finish high school as Homecoming King and Queen, Jacob decides to joins the marines and he has knocked up Stephanie while he was on leave, Jacob suffers from Nightmares of a unknown burned figure man telling him to kill and he using the war to getting the killing out of his system and soon the burned figure man is going after killing for 5 years as Marine and Rage dies away but the rage is replaced by guilt of drowning Jamie and his dreams are about Jamie coming to kill him,

Jacob leaves the Marines and takes his wife Stephanie to lived in Wichita, Texas where his best friend Troy getting him a job with manufacturing company which he work there for a little while then he enrolled as a Sheriff deputy and he does such a good job, when the sheriff retires Jacob becomes The Sheriff and his wife is worshipped by this town. Now April 29, 2013.

Later there has been a few unsolved murders all over Wichita and surrounding young women and men have placed in fields, abandoned buildings all looking like ritual styles killings and the FBI has sent their best Serial Killer chaser named William Hill who goes Billy when he around friends who had psychological problems as child when he witnessed his family brutally murdered by a teenage psychopath named Christian Craven also known as The Torturer because he loves torturing his victims and he was never caught. Billy was sent to a children hosptial where he learn how to control his problems and his fear and later he made friends with a girl name Jamie which was targeted by Killer uncle which Billy was in more need of help and he was finally move to Solon Springs, Wisconsin to be raised by his dad’s young sister Natalie who raised him like he was her son along with her daugther Rose who is 13 years old at the time. Billy went and join the army and became part of special forces and he goes to quantico he graduate at the top of his class and joins the

F,B.I makes his name known by hunting terrorists and now hunts Serial Killers.and he is considered a outlaw he doesnt follow the rules he has killed most all he hunted and to find the man who killed his mother and father. Billy comes into the Wichita Sheriff Department to introduces himself to Jacob who walks him through all the case files 17 murders but some of these murders are similars to the murders in New Orleans in 2008. Jacob looks over case files from New Orleans and its seems that killer has a certain victim is he looking for these people have all been abused, molested or traumatized in some way. The Killer strikes again leaving a teenage girl runaway all chop up inside a high school cafeteria lay out on this display and note to the F.B.I Billy Hill and Sheriff Miller the note says “You never sees what in front of you but when the knife comes in your back, You are surprised by who you see standing over your dying body and You say with your dying breath Why and i said Why Not. Billy realizes this killer wants them to find him, he never taunt before and Billy believes that he wants to be stop and its seems his murders get worser and worser with every kill its seems thats he wants everyone to know that he choose how you die and how painful your death is going to be but this will come to an end. I believe the killer has had enough and he wants to be caught or he wants to die either way. I will find him with your help. Jacob invites Billy to Sunday dinner with him and his wife and teenage daughter Angela. Stephanie cooked a wonderful meal Baked Potatoes, pulled pork, Carmel Apple Pie. Billy has never had much of a family due to him being on the road all the time and hunting bad guys.

Billy has devoted his life to F.B.I so no family in his near future but he enjoy being apart of different people lives. Billy leaves them and goes back to the office to get in the mind of this killer but study all of the victims and locations where they was found dead. Billy starts visualizes the murders and he trying to put the pieces together and he thinks that what he missing is in New Orleans and Billy heads to New Orleans.

Jacob spent most of 2008 in Afghanistan but he recoginzed some of the victims in the New Orleans case some of them kids he went to Camp Firewood with, Jacob recognizes some of the handwriting from the letters and he also recoginzes the paper that the notes was writing on. Jacob is sitting at the dining room table and waiting on Stephanie, and she comes in the door and sees Jacob and says what you doing up this late hun. Jacob ask her what have you done baby and pulls out her notepads that was in her sewing room. Stephanie says lets go outside its beautiful with this full moon. Jacob asks her what did you do baby. Stephanie says while you were away trying fight off your demons, I was giving into mind.

Jacob said you killed Jack Castle why, Stephanie says he never liked you and as you left he came sniffing trying to get me to leave you and we had a fight in the kitchen and i used a ice pick to defend myself i poke out both of his eyes and jams the ice pick inside his throat, in that moment i felt something i never felt with killing him i felt fulfil and chop him up throws his body in the woods but i felt like i can do this and I want this feeling again then i kept on killing over over again the victims were easy to find, Some of them secretly love me like Josh was only with Angelina to get to me that why i left him to die at the hands of coyotes i watch them why they ate him alive. Flashbacks on display of all the murders that Stephanie has committed even while she was pregnant with Angela. Jacob looks at her with tears in her eyes, Why would you do this baby tell me why. Stephanie says we both have the darkness inside of us i thought you be on the same page since you killed Jamie. Jacob says I told you I regretted Killing him I didnt know he needed his sister to sing to him so he can escaped his nightmares, I have had nightmares all my life and thats something that I understand more than anything and I love you more than anything in this world so we got to get out of here, If i know about this than Billy knows too and he will be coming after you. Stephanie says Run for what you cant run from your demons, I needed to be stop and I think of killing our little girl, I cant control myself like you do. Jacob says I can teach you how to control it baby and They go back inside the house to pack up a bag, Angela at a sleepover says Stephanie. As Jacob and Stephanie reaches the front door. J.D busted through the front door with Marcella behind him and aims the sawed off shotgun at Jacob. Jacob says who the hell are you. J.D says you drowned in that damn lake why Jacob. Jacob says You cant be Jamie, Jamie is dead, You arent him. J.D says I am Him Why did you drown me. Jacob says I had this rage inside of me but if i knew you had nightmares like i had i wouldnt never gave you that hard time if i could go back time i would have let you saw your sister and you wouldnt be here now to kill me but i deserved to die i ask you to let my wife go and i will die willing. Stephanie pulls out a razor and runs towards J.D and Marcella tackles Stephanie and Jacob dodges a shot from J,D and spears J,D over the couch.

Stephanie slices off Marcellia’s ear with the razor and Marcella knows the razor out Stephanie and starts beating her into the floor. J.D throws Jacob in the kitchen and Jacob grabs a hammer and swings at J.D and its knocks him to the floor and Jacob goes to get his gun Stephanie goes for the sawed off shotgun and Marcella grabs the razor and Stephanie turns around and Marcella slits Stephanie’s neck and falls bk and the gun goes off and blows Marcella’s in half there both dead while.

Jacob and J.D fighting the kitchen and Jacob grabs his gun and he shooting J.D and he wont go down and Jacob drops the gun and goes living room and he breaks down and Sees Stephanie’s dead body and he’s holds her in his arms and J.D sees Marcella’s dead body and drops to the floor and they both holding their loved ones in there arms and J.D who is bleed all over the floor get off the floor and says Get up Jacob Its time to die and Jacob kisses his wife and thinks of his daughter and he is standing up and he says to J.D I am sorry for killing you but the circumstances has changed my wife is dead and my daughter is all alone so i am not leaving my daughter alone in the world so motherfucker bring it and Jacob slides towards J.D and they brawl in the living room and The F.B.I shows up at Jacob’s house J.D grabs the hammer off the floor and Jacob and the head and while Jacob is beating in the head with a hammer and Jacob grabs the sawed off the floor and knocked the hammer out of his hand and he blows J.D’s head off his shoulders and Billy and the F.B.I busting through the door finding Jacob beaten up face and blood all over the floor and he left holding his wife. Jacob is putting in the back of Ambulance and Billy checks out the crime scene its a bloody mess and tries to figure out what happen in this house but Billy will never understand it. Jacob is sleeping and is expecting his daughter and pulls the curtains its J.D and he grabs the IV and jams it in his throat and pull out his throat and Jacob is dead. J.D walks out and Billy walks passed J.D with Angela and Billy and Angela sees Jacob’s dead body.

Billy grabs Angela out the room and gave her to a nurse and remember J.D passing him and he goes after him but J.D has left the hosptial. Billy is still puzzled on who killed Jacob but its a unsolved murder. Angela is sent to live with her grandmother Jessica.

Chapter 5. Body Count

Three Months Later after the deaths of Jacob and Stephanie Miller

Billy was transferred to the FBI Divison in Los Angeles to help stop a gang of teenagers who have been murdering people all over city. But as Billy deals with this case he comes face to face with his childhood trauma when he and his best friend Jamie was being attacked by her uncle who was a serial killer and Billy’s leg was ran over by a car. Later on Jamie was killed by her uncle and Billy once he was grown vow to find her uncle and kill him but his whereabouts was unknown but her uncle was a part of cult of thorn. One of the survivors of the latest attack recoginzed the one of killers had a tattoo of thorn on his wrist meaning that Jamie’s death is connected to these kllers who called themseles the Rise Of The Thorn. They Believe they are Immortal and Unstoppable. Jessica Stone a college professor the surivivor of R.O.T,T who being protected by the F.B.I in a safe house and Billy knows they will come after her because they cant leave anyone alive and Billy has aresenal in his the trunk of his posche. What no one knows about Billy that he is an exterminator of evil he has killed so many terrioists and serial killers he is ruthless and he been in L.A for 3 months hunting R.O.T.T with the task force but having this surivior changes everything. There are 130 killers a part of R.O.T.T spread out over the 50 states and some hunts in packs and some hunts solo. All these killers got together on the dark web and founded each other the founder of R.O.T.T is Steven L Hamilton who was an orphan who was left at a firehouse and later raised by a rich family named the Hamiltons in Syracuse, NY. 13 years later he kills his family and guests during thanksgiving by poisoning the food and Steven disappeared with the cult of thorn but he later killed them and took over as the head of the thorn which he found a journal full with a list of kids who was blessed with the marked of thorn.

In the 3 months of tracking them down Billy found all this evidence connected to the thorn by using his connection in the C.I.A who is a beautiful ex- girlfriend of his named Scarlett who can find anything. But now you caught up. Billy is laying in waiting in his porche because he know they will show up to finish her.

A black van shows up at the safe house and open up Ten armed with Axes and knives jump out and goes striaght to the safe house and Billy gets out his car and loads up his shotgun and as he goes towards the Ten masked members of R.O.T.T. A white Nissan hits pulls out in front of Billy with automated weapons . Billy Jumps behind his posche and taking heavy fire from 4 members of R.O.T.T. The Ten Members bust through the Safe house and are attacking the F.B.I who is overwhelm by their presence. Jessica is hiding in the bathroom Screaming. Billy shoots one member from underneath the car blowing off his legs and then his head, kills the one behind him and rolls from the back of the car and kills the third one and the fourth one jump in the white nissan and drives towards Billy tries ro run him over and Billy unloads the shotgun at the windshield and tearing the fourth guy to pieces. One of the ten masked members pull of his mask blonde blue eyes kid with scars all his face and bust through the door and grabs Jessica by the neck and says Do you remember me Bitch, Jessica screams No Kyle, and Kyle says Look at me this is the last fucking face you will see before me ending your fucking life and Billy busting thru the safe house killing the Nine Members of The R.O.T.T with two automatic weapons in his hand. Kyle comes out the bathroom holding a knife to Jessica’s throat. Bily tells him to drop the knife and Kyle says Damn i really hoping to ripping this bitch apart and really take my time with her and Jessica stomps Kyle’s foot and he slices her face and Billy opens fire on him and he dive out a glass window and run into the L.A.P..D and gives himself with a smile on his face. Jessica screaming in Billy’s arms with her right cheek hanging off her face. Special Agent Ethan Rossi Billy’s Boss shows up is upset how things went down six dead agents, 13 dead bodies on the streets of L.A and Billy is at the hosptial with Jessica as she getting stiches and he asks her about Kyle.

She tells him Kyle England is her former student at her old universtity in Chicago whom she had a relationship which she regretted he been obessed with her and when ended her relationship he came after her new boyfriend and killed him and made it like a suicide. I researched him said Jessica, He killed his own sister at 7 years old by electrocuted her while she was taking a bath they said was accident, at 14 years old his mother and father and the family dog were killed in a house fire and its was blamed on a serial Arsonist. After reading all the news about i was in fear of my life so i call the police and he found out and came after me and attacked me and i was fighting for my life and i grab a knife and slice up his face and lit him on fire. He was supposed to be in jail for attemped murder. Billy tells her not to worry, he going to get her out thr country with help from an old buddy to protect her from Kyle and the rest of R.O.T.T .

Billy’s friend Bruce Weston and his armed bodyguards show up to the hosptial. Billy met Bruce Weston during covert mission in South Africa, Bruce is a wide known Arms dealer who help Billy and his special forces take down a warlord who kidnapped the president and ended up saving Bruce’s life and which Bruce supplies Billy with high tech weapons but when Billy became a Fedreal agent he had to cut ties with Bruce’s guns but kept the friend, but the only person he can trust to get a person safely out of the country on a private jet. Jessica meets Bruce and its love at first sight. Billy was thinking they be even after this but Bruce will always be grateful for being introduce to his future they get married 3 years from now. Billy shows up at the F.B.I office to be greeted angry by Agent Rossi and ask where he been and he tells him he was at the hosptial taking care of the witness and Rossi says Kyle has not spoken and tells him he will only talk to you. Billy walks in the intergation room and sits down and Billy says I am here What the fuck you do you want. Kyle siiting with a smile on his face and say I am really disppointed that I didnt get a chance to kill Jessica but that will be another time but that not important. Billy Billy you been looking for the Cult of thorn for years all because of your old childhood friend Jamie who was killed by her well just called him Uncle Mick. Billy is getting restless and says where is Steven Hamilton or so help me god i am going to bash your fucking head through that glass fucking wall.

Kyle laughs and says i will give you everything you want on a silver platter but you going to have to listen. Kyle starts back talking Let me clear up some things for things for. Its all starts with the death of your precious Jamie she was kidnapped in 1989 where she been held captive by the Cult of Thorn until she was knocked up an unknown man but everyone thought its was Uncle Mick her own uncle its would make sense that he want to kill his own niece because maybe he didnt want anyone to know he was sexually atrracted which is way he killed his own sister and niece but the real reason he told to kill his sisters but he fail to kill one and this sister wasnt hiding from him but the Cult of Thorn who wanted to mark her daughter and Jamie would later have the urge but she didnt so she had to be killed. Uncle Mick was tasked tp kill her but Uncle Mick killed a lot of people just to get to her and he was captured and with the help of a few members of the Cult Of Thorn they took Jamie and Uncle Mick to the underground. One of the members was a man that you know his name was Christian Craven. Billy is fulled of rage in his eyes and he kicks his chair back. Where is he and gets in Kyle’s face and Kyle says Do you know why i am telling you this Jamie and Christian are the parents of Steven Hamilton who was borned Steven Lloyd. He was borned October 30th 1996 then Jamie died 2 hours later. Do you even know how your mom and dad were picked by Christian. Because your mom had a little secret when she was raped when she was 16 she got pregreant and she sold the baby to wealthy family unknowly sold the baby to a high member of the Cult of Thorn and that baby grew up to being a pissed off teenager named Christian Craven who tortured and killed entire family and but if he wanted to be stronger and faster like Uncle Mick he will have to kill a blood relative on Halloween night which Samhain for the Cult of Thorn. He made a choice to kill your mother instead of you until he wants to be more powerful. The more people you kill the more powerful and evil you become and Billy you killed a lot of people but you are not member of the thorn. Billy says where is Christian where is Steven tell me motherfucker and pull out the chair and puts under the door knob and slams Kyle to the wall.

Agent Rossi and other agents trying to get in the room and Billy pulls out his gun and points at Kyle and says I am going to give you to the count of 3 to tell me what i know or i am going to blow your fuckin brains Come on Test me Motherfucker Counts to 1 Kyle says 2 this is really going to be fun watching you beg for for your fucking life and Cocks the gun and the lights go out in the building and Kyle says 3 and Billy fires the gun and Kyle knocks the gun from his head and he breaks his handcuffs and a gang of R.O.T.T led by a man with long blonde hair wearing a leather jacket and carrying automatc weapons and killing all the agents in their path while Billy and Kyle are fighting in the intergation room. Kyle slams Billy thru the table and Kyle grabs Billy’s gun and shoots out the glass wall and jumps right through it. Billy opens the door and sees his fellow agents dying all ovet the place and Billy kills one of the members of R.O.T.T and takes his automatic weapon and ammo and opening fire on a horde of R.O.T.T coming through the hallway, bullets and blood everywhere. Billy sees the man with long blonde hair and saying you must be Steven and Steven says You must be Uncle Billy, my father says Hello and puts out a knives and throws at Billy one of the knives get him in the arm. Steven and 6 of R.O.T.T are in chasing of Billy and Billy runs through a hail of bullets and Steven’s knives and jumps out the second story window and lands on top of a car and he gets in and hot wired it and Steven is getiing close to the car and pulls out a sword to take off Billy’s head and Billy and the nick of time drives off like a bat out of hell to a motel out side of Los Angelas..

Billy is overwelmed by what just happened at the F.B.I headquaters. He is taking care of his wounds he has bad cuts all over him and take off his shirt and he pours vodka on his wounds and he is drinking and he calls Scarlett and tells her he is all alone in a hotel barely escaped with his life and he dont know what going to happen and he is out number and against all odds and he wants her to know that he shouldnt let things get bad between us and Scarlett reassures him that he is a bad motherfucker and she saids i am going to send you a care package for him and Two days later Billy healing from his wounds wakes up to knock at the door and its Bruce, Scarett called Bruce and told him the situation with The R.O.T.T and with Billy. Bruce shows to talk to him, Bruce tells him yeah i know you are shocked that i am here and its breaks my heart that you think you dont have a friend in this world, i know you didnt start out as friends until you saved my life. Billy said you said we were even after i asked you for the favor. Bruce said you are more than my lifesaver you my friend and more than that now since you brought Jessica in my life. When i was going to leave her in Brazil at the Copcabana Palace but she didnt want to leave her alone so i stay with her and me and her got real close and i never felt this way about a woman in a long time and i spented a day with her and we both fell in love and with that Brailian Climate she felt relieved until she went to sleep having these terrible nightmares about that guy Kyle and she will never be safe until the fucker is six feet under so I am here to help take down these fuckers either with your help or without. Billy says what just you and me. Bruce says i am not the same pussy from that shit show from 2009 buddy i have fucking in evolve to a real Badass Motherfucker just like you i am 2013 Bruce fucking Weston of course i had to up my fighting and shooting techiques with a run in with a rogue M16 agent which is another fucking story.

Bruce goes outside to his suv and pulls out a crate and brings in the hotel and opens its a crate full of high tech weapons, generades, tactial vest which are knive and Bullet proof and Billy and Bruce loads up weapons and tactial gear on. Bruce says Scarlet used the cameras around the F.B.I headquarters and the city to find Kyle and rest of them, They are in a close down Nightclub in Downtown L.A . Billy and Bruce get in the suv and drives back to L.A.

2 Hours Later They reach the nightclub and they see Six members of R.O.T.T and Kyle getting out of a van with some potienal victims all tied up taking inside the club and Billy and Bruce get out the club and loads up their guns and waits to Kyle’s goes inside the nightclub and 2 members guard the entrance and Billy kills the both of them, Bruce enters the club and Billy comes behind him.

Loud Music and people screaming and moaning playing inside the abandoned night club which has been Marked with symbols of the Thorn and the entire club is full with 50 members of R.O.T.T who are around the room having a orgy of murdering and torturing men and women who they thought was coming to a underground rave and blood is pouring all over the floor and Billy and Bruce are disgusted and with horrific looks on their faces and Billy looks to the stage and sees Steven sitting on his throne with blood all over him and dead girls at his feet and Kyle brings him more innocent girls to kill, Billy says he had enough of this shit he opens fire in the night club and one of members comes at Bruce with a chainsaw and Bruce blows him away. Billy and Bruce split up through the club and killing anyone that comes in their way. Billy sees Kyle and points and tells Bruce thats Kyle i get the motherfucker on the stage. A big guy jumps out the shadows and knocks Billy’s weapon out his hand with a Fireaxe and Billy pulls out a combat knife and is slicling up the big guy and the big guys swings the axe at Billy and he dodges it and jams the knife in the big guy’s throat and rips off his head. Billy grabs the axe and throws it at the next guy. The rest of R.O.T.T are arming themselves and coming firing their weapons and Billy picks up of gun and loads up explosive rounds in the maginzines Billy says let there be light in the darkness and Billy opens fire on the R.O.T.T and blowing them up. Meanwhile Bruce is mowing down R.O.T.T while chasing down Kyle in the back of the club. Bruce drops the gun out of ammo and yells Kyle. Kyle says You know me and Bruce says Jessica says For you to die screaming you little bitch. And Kyle says its is you that will die screaming and Kyle pulls out a hunting knife and comes at Bruce and Bruce pulls out his combat knife and they are having a knife fight in the dark alley behind the club and they both are slicing each other up. Billy has killed all the R.O.T.T and looking dead in the eyes of Steven who hasnt left his throne and Steven drops from the stage and Billy and Steven starts fighting with each other and Steven throws Billy across the room and Billy springs back with a punch and its has not effect on Steven and Steven says i love pain.

Bruce has stabbed Kyle in his right leg and Kyle slices Bruce’s chest and kicks him away with his left leg and Bruce spears him to the brick wall and hitting Kyle directly in his nose completey breaking his nose and Kyle stabs Bruce in the gut. Steven punched Billy 3 times to the face and fourth punch knocks him to the floor and Steven turns towards his throne and sees his sword and goes to grab it and Billy gets up and attack Steven from behind and grabs a powercord and wraps it around his neck and pulling the stereo towards them as they fight. Bruce is look at Kyle and the blade which is stuck in the vest and Bruce looks at Kyle and says they why i always bring protection.

Bruce takes his knife and jams in Kyle’s ribcage and Bruce takes the knife out his vest and Kyle falls to the floor and Bruce takes Kyle’s Knife and says this for Jesica jame nto his heart and pulls out his phone and takes a picture of Kyle’s dead body.Billy is slams to the floor by Steven which knocks the wind out of him and sees the fireaxe in the man he killed and Steven goes to his sword and pulls out his sword and comes towards. Steven i wish we would been a happy family i know you were real close with my mom but she was weak just like you and when you see her in hell tell her i hope she vety happy. And Steven goes for Billy’s head and Billy dodges the sword and Billy grabs the fireaxe and hits Steven’s directly in the head.and Steven stills alive with Fireaxe in his head and swings the sword at Billy as the blood pouring in his eyes and Billy rolls and pulls out the fireaxe out of his head and Steven slices the sword at him cutting the axe in half and Billy says Damn. Steven says I am The Thorn and I am Forever and Bruce comes in the room and Steven says killing you uncle will be the ulimate sacrifice and he raises the sword at Billy and Bruce pulls out a genrade and throws at Steven and Billy runs and dives. Steven is blown away hugh explosion . Bruce grabs Billy and runs out the burning nightclub and the L.A.P.D is enroute. Bruce and Billy get in the suv and drives away. Bruce says Now you owe me. Billy is thinking that Steven isnt dead as Bruce is driving towards his jet. Bruce says You need a Vacation my friend. Billy says i got one more person i need to find the man that killed my mother and father before i can have a so called vacation. Bruce says Hey live a little and fight another day. Bruce gets out the suv and tells Billy to get out the suv Somebody is here to see you and Billy get out of the suv and goes on the jet and he sees Scarlet and he sits down next to her and Bruce close the jet door and tells the pilot back to Brazil to see my sweet Jessica. As Bruce, Billy and Scarlet flys to Brazil for a little vacation. L.A.P.D and Fire Department are looking through the nightclub and they found a survivor badly burned with Thorn symbols marking all over his body and they take him to the hosptial later than night Badly injured Agent Rossi and a few agents are guarding the survivor because he is either a witness or a suspect while that going on. The power goes out in the hosptial.

A man comes through to the hosptial wearing a Possesed Pumpkin mask with a large blade and three men behind armed with knives in the lobby with hosptial staff staring at them. Blood, Screams, body dropping everywhere, The F.B.I agents leaving from the room to see what the going on and they getting massacred by the possened Pumpkin maskman. Agent Rossi realizes he is alone in the room and Steven wakes up out the hosptial and slowly walks toward Agent Rossi from behind as the The Possened Pumpkin maskman walks in front of him and Agent Rossi pulls out his gun and Steven stabs Agent Rossi in the throat and Agent Rossi is being stabbed to death by Stevenand The possened Pumpkin Maskman pulls off his mask and its revealed its Steven’s father Christian and they walks out the hosptial bodies are everywhere everyone is dead. The three members of R.O.T.T get in the van with Steven and Christian and drives off. Christian says Billy will pay and due time when u fulled heal and i found a way to make pay and beg to die i found his aunt Natalie and His cousin Rose and Steven smiles.

Chapter 6: Superior.

Its is now October 27th in the small town of Superior, Wisconsin. Where Natalie and Rose move to a few years ago for Rose to attend college at the university of Wisconsin-Superior But now Rose has been married to a special forces named Kevin Dawson who was trained in the Martial arts as a kid and also trained as a boxer didnt know what he wanted to do with his life so he joined the army then went joined the special forces where he met Billy and when Billy left after a bad mission which was the 2008 incident with Bruce and Kevin got badly injured and he stayed home for a while and fell in love with Billy’s cousin Rose and later they got married then Kevin decided to join a mercanries unit called the Outfit to help out Rose’s college student loans But Rose got tired of Kevin always beening away and 2011 Rose gave him a choice to stay home or she leaving so he quit the The Outfit.

Kevin was branded a hero by town mayor , His father Casper Dawson the town sheriff who getting ready to retire and he has been the sheriff of this town for 20 years and the mayor wants his son to be the next sheriff. Matthew is working Martial Arts Trainer at the Strength and Honor Gym. Rose is a editor of Superior Telegram and Natalie works at florist shop. Kevin’s little sister Rebecca is 17 years old high school student at Superior High School. Everything in this town is pretty much routine and boring.

Kevin and Rose are hosting a Sunday Dinner Party with his sister Rebecca with her boyfriend Brett, Natalie and her beau Frank who works at the diner and they had move in together. Kevin’s Father Casper is shows up to dinner with Mayor Holly Parker who is his girlfriend the dinner is fun but old conversations bring a wedge between Casper and Kevin. The party ends at 10pm. Kevin and Rose are in their room making passionate love. They are kissing and their bodies are in sync with each other, making love in the dark with the full moon light shining through the window. He sucks on her breasts and she rolls on the top on him and her red hair glares from the moonlight and she kisses him and looks in his eyes as they both come together and she lays on top of him. Kevin and Rose’s lives after Kevin left the Outfit its became most like a sitcom like Mad About You or Everybody Love Raymond. Kevin is a pillar of the community especailly when he teaching kids and teenagers Martial arts and discpline and he is a wonderful teacher and he has trained some new fighters who joined the MMA and U.F.C . The daily routine during week training the kids and teenagers and be home when Rose is home and spend time with her. Rebecca is a high school cheerleader who dating Brett the varisty football team Quarterback and Team Captain. Rebecca’s best friends are Wendy who is a book smart wise ass also a raging party girl, Kristin who has known Rebecca since grade school and is jealous of her relationship with Brett and has slept with him on several occasions and Kristin is also class president and is Mayor Holly Parker’s daughter, Misty a troublemaker who always carry switchblade to fend off weirdos and also ready to fight anybody and has been training with Kevin to be the next Ronda Roussey. And they all have to plans to go to the Halloween Party at Kristin’s House . Like i said this Town is routine. Oct 29th.A three black vans have just came in Superior city limits 25 R.O.T.T strong and a black ford F150 truck which has Christian and Steven in it and they pulled up to a motel and buy it out and comes out the driver side of the first van is a blonde woman named Sara Wilcox who was not born into the R.O.T.T but she comitted a sacrifice in order to join the R.O.T.T ,

Sara is a witch who been heartbroken ever since her long time boyfriend Charile Carlson has left her for another woman.A year ago, a L.A.P.D a detective Jamie’s big sister Angelina and she was recruit by Steven months before his run in with Billy. Sara has hidden her witchcraft from the R.O.T.T, she mostly just gather information and routines of the victims that they attend to murder. Sara is shadowing Rebecca and her friends shopping at the mall getting ready for the Halloween Party Thursday night. The others R.O.TT are shadowing different people in the town to determine to kill Halloween Eve and Halloween Night. Sara is good at blending in towns and Sara has killed innocents and with she was with her ex Charlie, Sara was a assassin for the Winners Circle a huge crime syndicate in Los Angelas but she has known Charlie since he was a kid but was reintroduced to him when the Winners Circle went over a huge chance in leadership. Sara’s Job with in the R.O.T.T is surveilance and information this how the cult of thorn worked for centuries they give the person who hunted the direction to go. The Shape was not given direction by no one but Christian was the first major thorn killer and was a team player but once his son Steven was born he decided to kill of the thorn that the Shape didnt killed on that Halloween Night and Christian did. Christian kills and tortures families until He found his son who killed his entire adopted family. He rebooted the cult of thorn and to be come the Rising Of The Thorn which he appointed as his son as the king of it. Now Sara left shadowing Rebecca and her friends and now she outside of Rose’s job at Superior Telgram and follows her to her mother Natalie’s new place with her boyfriend Frank. Rose has a suprise for her mom that she is pregrant and she hasnt told Kevin yet. Kevin is finishing up his training sessions with his students and when he packs everything up, he feels like someone is watching him and there is a group of R.O.T.T sitting in a black van outside Kevin’s gym. Kevin gotten a old feeling from his merc days thats telling him to stay alert and he sees the black van and stares at it and they drive off. Kevin arrives at home thinking about that black van and Kevin flashbacks to his last mission in Mexico taking down a mexican cartel with the outfit and the gunfights he has survived. Kevin knows something is brewing and he goes downstairs to the basement and go to his punching bag and while he hitting that punching bag and he remembering all the fights he has won, the urge to be that man he was before is coming back, the fighter, the cold blooded assassin that he once was all because he felt that black van watching and he knows it was. It deja vu to him and with one last hit and he knocked the punching bag off the hook. And he turn his head with sweat on his head and blood on his hands and its Rose standing on the stairs and says she is pregrant. All of R.O.T.T including Sara, Steven, and Christian all havnt a meeting coordinate how everything going to go down and who killing who and they hoping Billy going to show so they can kill him they still dont know where he is.

October 30th Halloween Eve/ Steven’s Birthday. The time is 11:15pm the exact time he was born. Steven is at the first victim’s house with the pumpkin possened mask and break in the house and Frank comes out the bedroom with a baseball bat and Steven pulls out knife and slices Frank’s ear and stabs him in the back and takes the knife and slices his face off and Frank screaming and Natalie grabs her pink gun out of her purse and goes in the living and seeing Steven slicing Frank’s face off. Natalie aims the gun at Steven and she screams get off of him and Steven get up and walks towards Natalie and Christian is standing behind Natalie with Frank’s baseball bat and he breaks Natalie’s right leg and she screams and Christian drags her into the bedroom and close the door. Frank with no face trying to crawl to the front doot and Steven turn him over and starts carving a holes in his body and Frank screaming and Steven cuts out Frank’s tougue. Christian ties Natalie to the bed and he look into her face and Natalie crying i remember you, you killed my brother. Christian says i killed your brother and his wife and i will kill your precious Rose and your nephew and i am going to kill you slowly very slowly and she screams Fuck you and grabs a box cutter and i am going to leave a message for Billy do u mind and he starts slicing up Natalie and she screams and Christian says yes baby i love it scream for me and tearing off pieces off her breasts and then he slices her neck and he eats her flesh and drinking the blood from her neck. An hour later Christian walks out the bedroom and he sees Steven siting down playing with Frank’s bones and they put Frank mangled body next to Natalie’s naked dead body and they burn down Natalie’s and Frank house and they drive off back to Hotel. The R.O.T.T are coordinated murders all over Superior at 12:00am exactly. Sara is still at the motel looking over pictures of Rebecca and Rose and she is having second thoughts about killing these women, she has enough killing and she takes her bag and steals a car and leaves town.The Murders are covered up as a fire to throw off the supension until the end of Halloween Night. Casper is called out his sleep by the mayor to tell them about the fires at different locations eight different houses. Deputy Harry Suillivan and Deputy Mason James shows up Rose and Kevin’s house at 3am to tell them about Natalie and Frank’s deaths and Rose breaks down and starts crying in Kevin’s arms Harry says seven more houses have been burned down and its looks like arson. Hours go by Rose cried herself to sleep and Kevin is up in the basement and calling Billy’s Cell to tell him about Natalie’s death. Billy is still in Brazil with Scarlet who is now his wife. Billy answers the phone while on the beach and Kevin tells him about Natalie’s death and her boyfriend and Billy is sadden by the news but Kevin goes to tell him that more people were killed and Billy thinks of the day is Steven’s birthday. Billy tells him has he seen any strange cars around town.

Kevin says a black van was watching him and Billy says its the R.O.T.T they came to Superior to start their Halloween Murder Spree and Kevin says why here.

Billy says its because of me and Billy tells Kevin everything that happen in L.A months ago. Bily says he is in Brazil and he is on his way its will be 9 hours before he arives and he tells him to warn everybody. Billy tells Bruce he needs to use the jet and tell him why and he says he be back. Kevin wakes up Rose and tells her what going on and what Billy told her. Sheriff Dawson and Mayor Parker are having a town meeting to calm down the residents of Superior and Kevin and Rose show up at the town meeting to talk to Casper and Holly about what Billy has told them. Mayor Parker has issued a lockdown for the city at 5pm. Casper has called Rebecca to tell her to stay home and she must stay home tonight and she says yes but she calls Brett to come over. The Halloween party and activities have been canceled. Anyone caught after dark that is not Law Enforcement will be arrested and fine. Its 6:00pm its cold and raining the deputies are patroling the streets. Kevin and Rose are in their home with deputies in the driveway, Rebecca and Brett are in her room as a squad car watching the house. Sheriff Dawson and Mayor Parker are at the Sheriff Station and Billy is Three hours away but the rain storm is delaying things.

Chapter 7: The Halloween Night Massacre.

Its a Dark and Stormy Night Outside The house of Holly and Kristin Parker. Kristin has invited Wendy and Misty over her house so she wouldnt be alone along with a few of Brett’s fellow football players, Scott, a promising Wide receiver who got a scholarship to Oregan State, Vic, Defensive End 43 tackles 23 sacks, 13 interceptions scholarship to the University of Alabama and Cory, second string quarterback and Wendy’s boyfriend. They are having a little party with the Mayor’s secruity team are watching the house. Vic is looking at Misty can tell she is scared and Vic starts talking to Misty about Stranger Things and tell her he is a Netflix Junkie and he starts talking to her about movies while Scott is trying to get in Kristin’s pants and starts making out with her. Kristin tells Misty that she and Vic can use the guest room and her mom’s room is off limits. Vic takes Misty to the guest room. Kristin tells Wendy to stay downstairs with Cory. Misty looking in her purse and pulls out her Pink Custom made Smith and Wesson her dad gave her for her birthday and Vic got scared and says damn baby i get it no means no you aint got to shoot a brother. Misty puts her gun back in her purse and pulls off her pants and says come get this pussy Vic. Vic says Hell Yeah.

The next room Kristin get naked in front of Cory and starts kissing on her breasts and throws her on the bed. Wendy is not ready for sex but decides to give Scott a blowjob but Wendy get horny and turns to sex fast. All the teenagers in Kristin are enjoying in sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile Sheriff Dawson and Rebecca’s household, Brett decided cook dinner Two Tbone steaks and Garlic bread and rice for the both of them and turn on Netflix and they are watching The Ranch and laughing their ass off. Rebecca’s cell ringing its Kevin calling to check on her he tried to get her to stay with them for the night but Casper told him you will be ok at home and he would check on her and to ease Kevin’s mind she told her Brett is there taking care of her but Kevin is still worry and Rose typing up this story on her Laptop while Kevin is sitting by the window and thinking that he should be out on the streets trying to prevent whatever happens. Rebecca goes upstairs to take a bath while Brett lights the fireplace. Christian shows up walking towards the deputies who are outside eating their dinner and Christian pulls one of the deputies head out the window and slices his throat and other deputy goes for his gun but his food on his lap and Christian taunts the deputy and walks to the passenger door and grabs the deputy and slamming the door on the deputy’s head over and over until he’s dead and walks to the back door of Rebecca’s house and leaves the back door open. Music is playing loudly in the house while Rebecca is taking a nice bath. Brett is opening a bottle of wine in the kitchen and Brett walks back in the living room and Christian attacks Brett and slams him against the wall against the fireplace. Brett grabs a fire poker and Christian says Let see what you got Mr. Badass and he is screaming out Rebecca name over the music and he swings at Christian and Christian says Strike one You have to do better than if you want live Mr. Badass, Brett swings it again, Strike Two says Christian one more strike and your ass is mine. Brett strikes at Christian and Christian grabs it and says and look into his eyes and says Strike Three and jams the fire poker and Brett’s Eye and breaks Brett’s right leg and slam him to the floor and drags him in the kitchen, Brett trying to fight back and kick him with his left leg and he hopes towards a drawer and grabs a knife and tries to cut Christian and Christian kicks Brett’s broken leg and grabs his arms with the knife and knocks the knife and put Brett’s hand in the garbage disposal and turn it on and Brett is screaming and blood is splatting everywhere. Brett has passed out and Christian slaps him and says dont pass out just yet. Chistian looks around the kitchen and sees the oven and pulls out the cooking racks and jams Brett in the oven but he wont fit and he breaks his left leg and wedges a broom against the cabinet and he turn the oven to broil and Brett is screaming and roasting to death in the oven. Christian looking at the oven and pull out a cigarette and says Hey Turkey you got a light nah dont worry i got one and pull out his lighter and start smoking.

Steven walks through the back door with the possessed pumpkin mask on and sees Christian in the kitchen and Christian says She is all yours son she upstairs . Christian opens the oven and Brett’s body falls out the oven and walks into the living room and turns off the music and he walks out the back door and closes it. Rebecca walks out the bathroom in a towel and she sees Possessed Pumpkin mask wearing Steven and he chases her into her bedroom where he rips off her towel and stabs her all over her body with his special made blade that are making big holes inside her body. She dies of a heart attack and he continues to stab her while she is dead. Back at Kristin’s House Misty and Vic just got done having sex and Misty had explode cum all over Vic and he had to jump in the shower, Misty lights a cigarette and turn on the tv and her favorite movie is playing on the tv The Fast and The Furious. Meanwhile Wendy and Cory are making out on the couch and Cory hears something in the kitchen and Wendy tells him to check it out. Cory goes in the kitchen and sees the ice maker spitting out ice and a masked man pops out behind the couch and puts a garrote around Wendy’s neck and Cory hears Wendy struggles and he comes running out the kitchen and another mask knocks him to the floor and drags him to the fireplace and sticks Cory’s head in the fireplace and its burns off Cory’s face and Wendy’s head is taken off by the garrote. A third masked man shows up with the second man behind him, Third man sees Misty on the bed and goes to the room and the second man goes into Kristin where Kristin being done doggystyle by Scott, The third man surprised Misty and pulls out a razor and Misty goes for her purse and the man jumps in the bed with her and she pulls out her smith and wesson and he is surprised and she blows him away and he goes through the bathroom door where Vic showering and get startled. The second man sneaks up behind Scott and grabs him and slices his penis off while inside her and slits Scott and he drops to the floor. The second man goes for Kristin and the gun goes off in the next room and Kristin grabs a lamp and hits the second man and tries to leave the room the second throws back on the bed. Misty and Vic goes to Kristin’s room.

Vic sees the first man coming up the stairs and Vic tackles the man downstairs. Misty busted in Kristin’s room with gun drawn and the second man knocks the gun out Misty’s hand. The second man knocks Misty down to the floor and Kristin screaming and Misty grabs her switchblade and stabs the man between his legs and he falls to the floor and grabs her gun and blows his brains out and blood splatter all over room. Vic has the first man in a choke hold and breaks his neck. Vic dusts himself off and three more R.O.T.T shows up and Vic hypes himself and said I am baddest motherfucker on the planet I am the Rock in this bitch Bring it and spears two them to the floor and Misty opens fire on the one left standing. Vic beats one of the men until his skull caved in. The other man gets up and attacks Vic with a razor and Misty cant shoot because she hit Vic so she runs at the man using the fighting techniques that Kevin show her. She sweeps the man legs down and puts his arm in a armbar and breaks his arms then chop to the throat crushing his windpipe and she puts in the man between her legs and breaks his neck. Misty uses her cell phone to call 911. Sheriff Dawson and the mayor are enrouted to the residence. Casper calls Kevin to check on Rebecca who is three blocks down the street at their house, Kevin hangs up the phone and tells Rose that he will be right back Kevin step outside and walk to the cop car watching the house to tell them to keep a eye on Rose and he takes a walk down the street. A group of R.O.T.T comes out from the shadows and they see Kevin walking down the street and they goes towards the cop car and kill the two deputies and the R.O.T.T armed with knives busted down Rose and Kevin’s door and Rose is shocked and screams and runs into basement Seven of them entered the house wearing people they kill faces. A rental car shows up at the house and get out of the car is Billy and he sees the dead cops and he sees the house is broken into and Billy goes into and sees three of R.O.T.T and he goes at them with mma fighting techniques and he breaks one of their necks and bashed his fist right in the second one face and pushes his neck deep in his skull and kill him and The third one comes at him with a knife and Billy dodges him and grabs a picture off the wall on break it and takes the broken glass and slices up the third guy and jams the glass inside his eyes tearing out his eyes.

The rest of the R.O.T.T trying to break into the basement to get to Rose but they hear their men screaming and they leave the basement door alone and they come upstairs and they see Billy and Billy drops the third guy and Billy sees the four of them and they go at him. Rose is in the basement and is scared and all she hearing is men screaming and things get broken. Mins later Billy knocks on the door and tells her to open the door and she says who is it and Billy says Its Me your cousin Billy Boy and Rose opens the door and is glad its him and Billy says where is Kevin. Rose says he went to check on Rebecca. Kevin gets to the house and he notices the door is open and he goes in and smells a bad smell and he walks into the kitchen and he sees a burned dead body on the floor and he looks upstairs and runs to Rebecca’s room and opens the door and he finds her body parts all over the room and he drops to his knees crying His life with his little sister flashes in his eyes he sees her at xmas when they was kids and her face at his mom’s funeral. Kevin crying and having a fit. Casper shows up at the house and he sees Kevin covering up the body parts and Casper loses his mind and Kevin has to hold him and take him out the house and Casper is completely broken down screaming outside the house and he pulls his gun and he tells Kevin you find these sons of bitches that did this to your baby sister you hear me you fucking kill them and blows his brains out and Rose and Billy comes down the street. Kevin has tears in his eyes and blood on him and he walks towards and punches Billy out. Kevin just explains my father just killed his himself because those fucking people that came for you just killed fucking massarce my baby sister. Rose says Oh my god. Billy says I am sorry, Kevin says i dont wont your fucking sorry, I want these motherfuckers. Billy says They will come for Rose, Christian and Steven. We got to find a place away from the cops. Kevin says i got to put her in a safe place, There is no safe place they will kill anyone to get to her. Kevin says we can go to my Gym. Billy, Kevin, Rose show up at Kevin’s gym and Kevin goes into his office and opens his wall safe and pulls out guns, knives and tactical gears and they suited up and Kevin gives Rose a shotgun and tells to stay in this office and he kisses her. Billy is looking out the window and he sees two white vans show up and a cop car and get out is Deputy Mason who has been working R.O.T.T the whole time and Steven shows up wearing Rebecca’s face. Billy says i know who killed your sister and Kevin looks out and sees Steven and Kevin says He is mine. Christian has a shotgun and ten R.O.T.T are walking into the gym and gun fire starts and New Dawn Fades playing by Moby on the radio while the gunfight is starting. Bullets hitting flesh three of the R.O.T.T has been shot up by Billy. Kevin attacks Deputy Mason and blows his head off. Steven drives the van into the gym killing one of his own men. Steven get out of the Van and sees Rose looking through the office and he goes towards it and Kevin try to get her but get held up by three members of the R.O.T.T and Kevin pulls out his knife and slices them up. Billy is fighting three of the last members of the R.O.T.T and he kills them and quickly.

Steven breaks into the office and attacks Rose and Kevin spears Steven threw the office window. Steven pulls out his sword and Kevin says Come On MotherFucker and Kevin dodges sword and Kevin uses his martial arts skills to fight Steven and Kevin grabs Steven’s sword and toss him to the floor and put his sword’s hand in an armbar and attempts to break his hand. Christian is Shooting at Billy with his shotgun and says I never wanted to kill you brother, i thought maybe you wanted to join the family. Billy grabs a weight and knocks the shotgun out of Christian’s hand. Billy and Christian are brawling in the weight room. Kevin grabs the sword and throws it across the room and jumps out and Steven pulls off the flesh mask and its shows his burned face and Kevin says one ugly fuck. Steven pulls out a razor and starts slicing at Kevin and Kevin grabs Steven’s arm and spin kick to the head and elbow to the arm and grabs the razor and drops it and Kevin takedown Steven to the floor and starts thinking about his sister and his father, Kevin grabs the razor and jams in the face of Steven and starts to carved into the burned face of Steven and pulls off his face and Kevin throws away the razor and takes his hand just same way he breaks bricks and he breaks Steven entire skull into the floor. Billy and Christian covered in blood having one hell of a fight and middle of the fight. Christian says I knew you were weak like the rest of the people in this world like your mother and father and the people of this town. We are the New World, We are the Strongest Ones, We killed the Weak, The World needs us, We thin the herd, Just because you kill the few of the R.O.T.T does not mean we can rebuild and recruit . Billy laughing and Christian asked What so fucking funny. Billy says Are you going to talk me to death or You going to kill me you whiny Bitch. Christian grabs his special knife and says I used this to really enjoy your Aunt Natalie and he walks towards Billy grabs a weight and swings and hits Christian in the face knocks his eyeball out his socket and it's hanging out and hits him the ribs with it and its bust up his inside and he bleeds internally and a uppercut with it and Christian is all fucked up by those hits with the weights and Billy looks at the wall of weights and knocks all the weights on top Christian and he crushed to death. Rose and Kevin walk in the weight room and see Billy smoking a cigarette over Christian’s body and One week later A large funeral for those we lose their lives during the Halloween Massacre. Billy is deeply sorry about bringing this to this town. Billy says his goodbyes and says he is going to find what is left of the R.O.T.T and make sure nothing like this will happen again. Billy get in the limo and Scarlett is in the limo and she gives him a file that a woman named Sara gave to one of her contacts, a dossiers on the R.O.T.T. There is a list of potential R.O.T.T members all children and teenagers with psychological tensions which Billy will turn over to the F.B.I. Four files of Uncontrolled Mass Murderers / Serial Killers The last members of the R.O.T.T. Billy says to Scarlett I have to finish this just in case they want to follow in Christian and Steven’s footsteps. Scarlett I Am With You Baby and they drive off in the limo.



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I am Victor Robinson II I am self publisher writer with Amazon. I enjoy writing books its relaxs my mind. I also work at wal mart been there 15 years hoping to survive as an author. I want to entertain the world with my awesome stories

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