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The Backwards Game


By Fathima RaheemaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The summer sun beat down on Maya's apartment, turning it into a sticky oven. Bored out of her mind with classes on break, she scrolled through endless social media feeds, her thumbs numb from the repetitive swiping. A notification popped up – a private message on a forum she rarely ventured into - "The Labyrinth." It was a niche community for enthusiasts of obscure online games, a world she hadn't explored much. Curiosity piqued, she clicked on the message.

The message itself was short and cryptic: "rev lliw ot emocleW evigamot eht yb delbup era uoy dloW". Frowning, Maya reread it. It looked like a jumbled mess of letters. Then, a memory flickered – a childhood game where they'd write messages backward and then decipher them. A smile played on her lips. This was a throwback.

Intrigued, she typed a response: "tsi sihT emocleW hcraes ot emocleW ?gniseuq ot emocleW" (Is this a game? What kind of game?). Moments later, another message arrived: "emocleW doog ot emocleW redael ot emocleW" (A cool game, not real, not for everyone).

This was getting interesting. A secret club with a mysterious game? Maya always had a penchant for the unusual. Ignoring the growing pile of laundry, she typed back: "emocleW ylno ym htiw edoorp I" (I want to play).

The reply was immediate, sending shivers down her spine: "emocleW tnemerehP ot emocleW redael ot emocleW hcraes ot emocleW". (Prepare yourself, not real, not for everyone, a special game). Now, this was creepy. Not real? Special? But something about the intrigue was intoxicating.

The next message contained detailed instructions – download an app called "The Backwards" and use a specific, nonsensical username upon registration. Maya followed the steps, downloading the app with a mix of excitement and apprehension. The app icon was a black spiral on a white background, oddly hypnotic.

Taking a deep breath, she registered with the username "yameta" (stop) spelled backward. The app interface was simple – a dark chat window with a single message: "emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW" (Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome).

Heart pounding, Maya typed her first message: "olleh dloW emocleW emocleW emocleW" (Hello, welcome, welcome, welcome). The reply was instant: "emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW" (Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome). The repetition sent a jolt of unease through her. Why ten welcomes? Was this some sort of code?

Suddenly, another username appeared in the chat: "xela" (Alex) spelled backward. Maya recognized the username. It was Alex, her best friend from college, known for his programming prowess and love for anything bizarre.

"xeliA !emocleW" (Alex! Welcome), Maya typed, relief flooding her.

"yameta emocleW emocleW" (Maya! Welcome, welcome), Alex responded.

"emocleW tsiH ?emocleW emocleW emocleW" (What is this? Welcome, welcome, welcome), Maya typed, her initial excitement dampened by the creepy repetition.

"emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW emocleW" (It's a secret, secret, secret, secret, secret, secret, secret), Alex replied.

The secrecy surrounding the game was starting to feel unsettling. But before Maya could voice her doubts, another username popped up: "haras" (Sarah) spelled backward. Sarah, their other college friend with a penchant for anything supernatural, joined the game.

The next few hours flew by in a flurry of backward messages. They learned the game's unique rule – all communication within "The Backwards" had to be written backward. Initially, it was lighthearted. They reminisced about college days, poked fun at each other, and even played some word games, all written flawlessly in reverse.

But as the night deepened, the tone began to shift. The repetition of "welcome" became more aggressive. Strange messages started appearing amidst their conversation, like "emocleW emocleW emocleW noisrev


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Fathima Raheema

As a seasoned writer, your captivating prose has entranced readers worldwide. Your unique style blends vivid imagery with raw emotion, drawing inspiration from your diverse experiences. storytelling,

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