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The African Prince and the Mayan Princess (Part 16 and 17)

by Kenneth Davis 4 years ago in fiction
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Parts 16 and 17

Part 16 & 17 (Kenneth's narration continues.)

Carlina chimes in abruptly. "Wait a minute? How can this be Mosphselex' soul if all that we did was just simply banish her?"

Duh, why didn't I think of that?

"Yeah....we didn't exactly kill her." I added. "Lina banished her to another....." I stopped just as a thought occurred to me. Where did she banish her exactly? I turned to Carlina. "Where exactly did you send her? I'm hoping it wasn't just to another part of the world!"

"Relax. The spell I chanted was a 'Level 4 Banishment' spell. It sends the target 'literally' to another dimension or the abyss from where they've emerged from. The first three banishment spells sends the targets to locations here on the earth. Whether they be locally or regionally. I'm guessing back to the Hades Nebula, located in Andromeda, is where I sent her."

"Well then, that's good to know. I wonder what a level ten looks like?" I sarcastically added.

Carlina shot me the death glare. "I get to remove certain parts of my husband's body. Like his di—"

"Okay then children." Mona cuts in abruptly throwing up her left arm as if to separate us. "It is imperative that we focus on what's at hand." Mona knows that we're just messing around, but Carlina tends to get a little too serious sometimes.

"What? I'm just kidding around!" I add jokingly.

I can't help it, but it helps Carlina cope with the present and not dwell so much on the past. She does that quite a bit. You would think, that after 600 hundred years, she'd be more humble and content. Not Carlina. Nowadays, I have to literally stop her from entering into Mexico. She has it out for the cartel leaders. She calls them in Spanish, 'Los que son traidores a la tierra.' "Those that are traitors to the land." She's been taking the heads of cartel leaders and corrupt government officials for a decade, before she reincarnated in the summer of 1984. She keeps blaming me for not allowing her to eradicate the Spanish when she had the chance. Suppose I had let her? I'm partly to blame for the same reason. I wonder what the world would have been like if we had stopped the Europeans entirely? Would there still have been an America? Or a Central and South America? Would the nation's in Africa have thrived and flourished tremendously? Beyond that of the colonials? Lord Haax says, "Yes!" He bellowed to me once when I was just 14, "They're absolutely terrified of you guys. Why do you think the man upstairs is allowing it to happen? It's all one big giant mystery. Well...to your people that is...being that the Europeans will decide to...." He never really told me the rest. I had to see it for myself, obviously.

Who are "The Immortal Ninjas" you ask? What better way to describe them? Under the fierce leadership of Lord Zexeelon Haax, they’re councils for the Fallen that lurk meticulously in the shadows and have done so for millennia. I, for one, am not one of them, but rather a human being that was also abducted to partake in their mischief agenda for the past several centuries. They originally oversee the hybridization process of humans here on earth. Carlina and myself had partaken in the mass abduction of humans here on this planet. They weren't ever abducted to be made into one of us, but merely into mindless drones. Separating us by color, and joyously turning us against one another. Like the fools we often tend to be, we fell for their compelling glamour. I was not the only human being taken, of course. Carlina, or rather the Mayan Princess, Xocaja, was the first. It all began with an interruption to a sacramental offering, (to a god her people paid homage to, Hunab-ku, the sole god of the Maya), and my darling, beautiful wife was the sacrifice. Her father, King Xaxtchli, prayed the gods would bring his daughter much greater fortunes, learn much about her people, and be the sole protector of this land. Boy, did he get his wish. Just as the high priest' dagger began to penetrate her flesh, time stopped and the Immortals made their move. Less than a second, time had resumed. Blood dripped from the high priest hands still gripping the sharp sacrificial dagger as he clumped over. His head fell instantly from his body both hitting the ground simultaneously. Before the king realized what had happened, everyone at the altar was dead and his daughter was gone. Some had been sliced perfectly in half. Some vertically and others...horizontally. They love to see the humans suffer and abhor us more when we’re in a tormented state…sickening I’d say. Sadly, we took part in many. Fear was their tool and the shadows were the conduit for their destruction woven endlessly into the pages of history. I had come to the realization, during the Second World War, that I am no more than a mere man. Not a machine to the puppet masters pulling strings behind an alternate dimension. A realm of false conducts that any, that may be naïve enough, could dive into. Much like an Alice’s Wonderland, only to stumble into a dark and perilous delusion. A Mad Hatters theme park of thieves, murderers, swindlers, pedophiles, addicts and any other category of malcontent molded their very frame. They’re no friends to the vampires and werewolves who are the sworn enemies to the clan. They are not after all the original 1/3 that fell with Satan, but the offspring of those angels. Their agenda is their own and tend to steer clear of the affairs of the others. I was awakened to this knowledge when I had stumbled upon an angel that had revealed to me the true delineation of love. I was a man with an Ice Aged heart who had not gone through the torment of the slave trade, but my masters were not European. My indoctrination into the Immortals had come in the early 15th century when I discovered a foreign merchant standing over the bodies of three of my kinsman in my father's kingdom in Mali. I watched cautiously as the merchant began to evolve into its original form. I gasped at the spectacle as it emerged as a massive entity in iron clad armor.

Anyways...I'll continue with that at another time.

Suddenly, the alarm is tripped right outside of our home goes off.


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I'm grateful to have this gift. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with you. Thank you for your continued support.

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