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The African Prince and the Mayan Princess (Part 15)

by Kenneth Davis 4 years ago in fiction
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Part 15

Part 15

What a freaking night. I mean damn.... First, we save Kendra Miller, which is awesome, because her parents were ready to accept that she may have been dead. It must be such a relief for parents when they discover that their child is still alive. Especially in this world nowadays. Once Carlina and I finally teleported back to the house, we immediately hand the stone over to Mona. The TV blared as we entered as the anchorman reported that no more casualties had ensued and that Houston police and fire departments had quelled most of the chaos in the South Houston area.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she responded in her heavy French accent. She examined the stone more closely with a bewildered expression.

"What is this? Where did you get this?" Her greenish-hazel eyes darted in my direction behind her glasses, then at Carlina.

"Well, we were hoping you could tell us," Carlina answered abruptly. "It fell from Mosphselex after we banished her."

"Oh...? Her soul perhaps? Might I add, I did a little more digging on your quote, unquote dragon and found that she is nothing more than a soldier demon who has the ability to also shape shift into other mythical creatures. She wasn't weak by any means. We just caught her off guard as she was beginning to feed. The only drawback is when she shape shifts into other creatures, she loses a large heap of energy in the process as well as a decrease in strength. I guess she pegged you for prey rather than the predator. She figured, in her current dragon form, she could destroy you with the swiftness of a katana. Only, it backfired and it cost her. Demons of her class feed primarily from the souls of children. In addition, use the energy they've gathered to buff their strength and spiritual power. Do you follow?"

"So basically," I answered, "Mosphselex had shifted into the dragon and in doing so, she was weakened. She found Kendra, snatched her up to feed, which in turn would allow her to revert back into her original demon form. If she had already been in her demon form, consuming Kendra or any other child would have increased the demon's physical and spiritual power. We intervened just as she was about to consume Kendra."

"Right. Only it would have reverted her back and you would have had a more serious fight on your hands," Mona added.

"I see. The only question that I have is why Mosphselex didn't consume Kendra immediately. I mean, why wait nearly three days later?"

A smile brushed across her lips. "Look out into the night sky and tell me what kind of moon phase we're in."

Carlina and I glanced out of the window, like two curious elementary school children, into the ravenous night. The full moon's luminescence showered over the bustling city. In the distance, we spotted the flickering lights from law enforcement vehicles, first responders, and fire trucks.

I turned to Carlina and said pointing in that direction, "Let's not have any more casualties or injuries for that matter. We can't allow THIS to happen again!"

Carlina said nothing, but nodded in agreement. I turned to Mona and continued.

"The full moon is quite significant when it comes to the supernatural world."

"Yes, greatly. The moon plays a key role in all things of the supernatural sense. From were wolves, lycans, loup garou, any and all creatures of the shapeshifting category, and even rituals, they all pay homage to the moon... even demons," Mona added.

"So, what do you make of the crystal?"

"Well," Mona replied, "Like I've mentioned previously... I'm guessing the remains of what little soul they have left."


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Kenneth Davis

I'm grateful to have this gift. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with you. Thank you for your continued support.

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