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The accursed timber

Horror Story 10

By Ashfaq AhamadPublished 5 days ago 5 min read

Deep in the heart of the timber, there was a place that locals called the" accursed timber." It was said that anyone who entered would noway return, or if they did, they would be changed ever. It was a place where the trees grew twisted and gnarled, and the ground was choked with frustrations and vines.

One day, a group of musketeers decided to explore the accursed timber. They had heard the stories, but they were youthful and foolish and allowed

nothing could harm them. They entered the timber, laughing and joking, ignorant of the peril that lay ahead.

As they walked deeper into the timber, the trees grew thicker, and the light grew dimmer. They stumbled over roots and tripped on fallen branches. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise, a sound like the creaking of old bones. They looked around, but there was nothing to see. also they heard it again, louder this time, and they realized it was coming from behind them.

They turned to run, but they were too late. A figure surfaced from the murk, its skin pale and its eyes glowing in the dark. It was a witch, they realized, and they knew they were trapped.

The witch spoke in a voice that was both beautiful and intimidating." You have transgressed in my timber," she said." Now you must pay the price."

The musketeers tried to run, but the witch's magic was too strong. They set up themselves bound by vines and unfit to move. The witch approached them, holding a vial of glowing green liquid. She forced them to drink it, and as they did, they felt a dispassionate spread through their bodies.

They screamed in terror as they were converted, their bodies crooked and contorted. They came brutes of the timber, neither mortal nor beast, but a commodity in between. They howled in agony as the witch laughed, pleased with her new creations.

And so, they remained in the accursed timber, ever changed and ever trapped. They would noway leave, but they would always hang the timber, advising others of the troubles that lay ahead. They were the accursed bones , doomed to wander the timber for eternity, unfit to escape the witch's curse.

Times passed, and the legend of the accursed timber grew. Some said that the witch still lived there, her power growing stronger with each passing day. Others said that the timber was alive and that the trees themselves were cursed.

But no bone dared to enter the timber, for they knew the fate that awaited them. And so, the accursed timber remained a place of terror and darkness, a warning to all who dared to venture too far from the safety of their homes.

Despite the warnings and rumors girding the accursed timber, there were always those who were drawn to its mysterious appeal. numerous believed that hidden within the crooked trees and tangled vines lay secrets that were worth risking bone 's life for.

One similar person was a youthful woman named Lily. She had heard the stories of the accursed timber since she was a child, but unlike others, she felt a strange pull towards it. She had always been fascinated by the unknown and the inexplainable, and the accursed timber sounded like the perfect place to satisfy her curiosity.

One day, without telling anyone, Lily set out for the accursed timber. She walked for hours, her heart pounding with expectation and fear. When she eventually reached the entrance, she dithered for a moment, wondering if she was making a grave mistake. But her curiosity got the better of her, and she stepped into the darkness.

The timber was indeed more intimidating than she had imagined. The trees were blackened and twisted, their branches reaching out like gnarled fritters. The ground was thick with frustrations and brambles, and the air was thick with a suffocating mist.

Lily stumbled through the timber, her heart racing as she heard strange noises around her. She had heard stories of the witch who cursed the timber, but she had always allowed them to be just myths. Now she was not so sure.

Suddenly, she heard a voice bruiting her observance." Drink to my timber," it said, transferring jitters down her chine.

Lily spun around, but there was no bone there. She tried to run, but she was trapped by the vines that sounded to have a life of their own. They wrapped around her body, tensing until she could slightly breathe.

Just when she allowed all was lost, and a figure surfaced from the murk. It was a man, altitudinous and dark, with eyes that glowed in the darkness.

" Who are you?" Lily asked, her voice slightly above a tale.

" I'm the protection of the accursed timber," the man said." And you, my dear, are trespassing."

Lily felt a swell of fear, but also a strange sense of calm. She knew that she was in peril, but she also felt that the man meant her no detriment.

" Please," she said, her voice shaking." I did not mean to trespass. I was just curious."

The man regarded her for a moment, and also jounced." veritably well," he said." But you must leave the timber now, and noway return."

Lily jounced, relieved that she was being allowed to go free. She turned to leave, but also stopped and looked back at the man." Who are you?" she asked.

The man smiled, and also faded into the darkness. Lily knew that she'd noway forget him, or the accursed timber that had nearly claimed her life. But she also knew that she'd always be drawn to the unknown, to the mystifications that lay just beyond her reach. And who knows, perhaps one day she'd venture into the accursed timber again, with a newfound respect for its power and the brutes that called it home.

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