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The Abandoned Cabin

Thrilled Story

By Sowmya KavyaPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

It was a stormy, gloomy night. On their journey to a weekend cabin they had rented in the woods, Sarah and her friends had been in a car for a long time. The downpour made it difficult to see and the road was winding and narrow. Sarah was eager to arrive and begin their fun-filled weekend.

After what seemed like an eternity, they reached the cottage. It was the only cabin visible, and it was secluded and encircled by trees. They exited the vehicle and hurried inside in an effort to stay toasty and dry. The cottage had a fireplace, was modest in size, and had plenty of blankets.

Sarah spotted an odd object as they settled in. She hadn't observed the door before, which was in the room's corner. It appeared to have been closed for a long time because it was ancient and rusted. When she asked her companions if they had seen it, they responded that they hadn't with a shrug.

Sarah couldn't get rid of the uneasy sensation she had. She made an effort to disregard it as she sat by the fire with her friends. As they enjoyed their weekend away from the pressures of daily living, they joked around, chatted, and played games.

But as the evening went on, strange events began to occur. Despite seeing no one when they peered out the window despite hearing footfall outside the cabin. The door was knocked on, but when they opened it, nobody was inside either. While Sarah's companions attempted to reassure her that it was only the wind or an animal outside, she was unable to get rid of the sense that they weren't alone.

Sarah was unable to sleep that night as they headed to bed. She tossed and turned, her thoughts racing with all the reasons why these odd things might be happening. Maybe it was all in her head. Perhaps someone was pulling a trick on them. Or perhaps, just perhaps, there was a more nefarious factor at work.

Sarah was startled waking in the middle of the night by a loud noise. She listened while sitting up in bed, but nothing was happening. Her pulse was thumping in her chest as she crawled towards the door after getting out of bed. She peered out into the pitch-black hallway after opening the door. She then noticed it.

At the end of the corridor, a silhouetted person could be seen. Sarah couldn't make out any features, but she knew that it wasn't one of her friends. Although she attempted to scream, nothing came out. The figure began to approach her slowly and methodically.

Sarah immediately rushed back into the bedroom and locked the door behind her as her instincts took over. She informed her friends what she had seen after waking them up. At first they were dubious, but when they heard footfall outside the door, they realized something wasn't right.

In the room's corner, they gathered up while they awaited the figure to slam the door. It never happened, though. Once the footfall ceased, the cabin fell silent. Nothing else transpired despite their prolonged waiting.

They were all worn out and frightened when the sun did rise. They hurriedly gathered their belongings and left the cabin. Sarah glanced back at the cabin as they were leaving and shook at the thought of the figure in the corridor.

To this day, Sarah and her friends never spoke about what happened that night. Sarah never forgot the sensation of being watched by something other than a human, and they never leased a cabin in the woods again. She still wonders what was on the other side of that door in the corner of the room, and what atrocities they might have discovered if they had opened it.


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