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The Abandoned Cabin

A tale of terror in the woods

By Prakash PPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

It was a crisp autumn evening, and a group of friends had decided to take a camping trip deep into the woods. As they hiked through the dense forest, they came across a small, abandoned cabin. Despite its dilapidated state, the friends were intrigued and decided to take a closer look.

As they approached the cabin, they noticed that the door was slightly ajar. The group's curiosity got the best of them, and they cautiously stepped inside. The musty smell of decay filled their nostrils, and cobwebs covered the walls. Dust covered every surface, and the floorboards creaked under their feet.

One of the friends, a young woman named Ashley, stumbled upon an old journal on a rickety table in the corner. She began to read the journal out loud to the others. The journal was written by a woman who lived in the cabin with her husband and children. However, the entries became increasingly disturbing as the woman described the strange and supernatural occurrences that plagued her family.

The friends didn't believe in the supernatural, so they brushed off the journal as the ravings of a mad woman. But as the night progressed, strange and eerie things started happening to the friends. They heard strange noises and whispers, and objects would move on their own. Ashley, who had been reading the journal, started to feel as though she was being watched.

Suddenly, Ashley let out a blood-curdling scream. The friends rushed to her side, only to find that she was nowhere to be found. They searched the cabin and the surrounding woods, but Ashley was nowhere to be found. The friends were terrified, and they decided to leave the cabin and head back to civilization.

However, the terror was far from over. As they made their way back to their camp, they noticed that the forest was different. The trees were twisted and contorted, and the air was filled with a malevolent energy. The friends soon realized that they were lost, and they were being stalked by an unseen presence.

The friends stumbled upon a clearing, and they were confronted by a figure that defied description. It was a monster, a creature from their worst nightmares. The creature seemed to be made of shadows and darkness, and it was intent on killing the friends.

The friends fought with all their might, but the creature was too powerful. One by one, the friends were hunted down and murdered by the monster. The last remaining friend, a young man named John, was the only one left. He was filled with fear, but he refused to give up.

John remembered something he had read in the journal, and he recited a ritual that would banish the monster back to the netherworld. The ritual worked, and the monster was banished. John managed to escape the woods and find his way back to civilization.

However, the experience had left him a changed man. He was plagued by nightmares, and he was haunted by the memory of his friends who had been killed by the monster. John would never forget the terror of the abandoned cabin, and he would never venture into the woods again.

The abandoned cabin still stands deep in the woods, and it is said that those who venture inside will never return. Some say that the monster still haunts the woods, waiting for its next victim. The tale of the abandoned cabin is a warning to all those who would dare to venture into the heart of darkness.

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About the Creator

Prakash P

Hi there! I'm a new writer and I'm excited to share my voice and perspectives with the world through my writing. I have a passion for storytelling and love exploring new topics and ideas to share with my readers.

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