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A Tale of Terror from the House on MAPLE st

By Vivek_U_kPublished about a year ago 3 min read

THE old house on Maple Street had always been a source of curiosity and fear for the town's residents. It was rumored to be haunted, and nobody had lived there for years. But when a young family moved in, they thought they had found a bargain. The house was big, and they had a lot of space to raise their children.

At first, everything seemed normal. But soon, strange things began to happen. The family would hear footsteps in the middle of the night, and doors would open and close on their own. They would wake up to find objects moved or missing altogether. They dismissed it as their imagination or a simple case of forgetfulness.

But as time passed, the strange occurrences became more frequent and more intense. The family members would feel a cold breeze even on warm days, and their pets would behave strangely, growling and barking at seemingly nothing. The children started complaining about a shadowy figure that appeared in their room at night, whispering things they couldn't understand.

One evening, the family gathered in the living room to watch a movie together. As they settled in,they heard a strange noise coming from upstairs. It sounded like someone was walking around. The father, trying to be brave, went to investigate.

As he climbed the stairs, the air grew colder, and he could hear his heart pounding in his chest. When he reached the top, he saw the figure of a woman standing at the end of the hallway. She was dressed in old-fashioned clothes, and her face was twisted in a permanent grimace.

The father tried to call out to her, but she disappeared before he could get close. He ran back down the stairs, pale and shaking, and told his family what he had seen. They didn't believe him at first, but the fear in his eyes was enough to convince them that something was terribly wrong.

The family tried to leave the house, but every time they tried to pack their things, they would find them unpacked again. The doors wouldn't open, and the windows were sealed shut. It was as if the house was alive and didn't want them to leave.

As the days went by, the family's fear grew into panic. They couldn't sleep, eat, or even think straight. They were prisoners in their own home, with a malevolent force that seemed to be feeding on their fear.

One night, as they huddled together in the living room, they heard a loud banging coming from the basement. The father, desperate to end their nightmare, went to investigate. He descended the stairs, feeling the cold embrace of the darkness.

At the bottom, he saw a room filled with old furniture and boxes. He searched around, trying to find the source of the noise, when he suddenly felt a hand grab his shoulder. He turned around, and saw the woman's twisted face staring back at him.

He tried to scream, but the hand covered his mouth, and he could feel the cold breath of death on his neck. He struggled to free himself, but it was no use. The woman's grip was too strong, and he felt his life slipping away.

The next morning, the family woke up to find that the father was missing. They searched the house, but he was nowhere to be found. They eventually left the house, taking only what they could carry, and never looked back.

The house on Maple Street remained abandoned, a dark and sinister presence in the heart of the town. Nobody dared to enter it, and nobody ever spoke of the family that disappeared into its shadows. The only thing that remained was a whisper in the wind, a voice from the past that warned of the house's terrible secrets


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    Vivek_U_kWritten by Vivek_U_k

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