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Terror on the Camp of Sorrows

by Andrew Haliburton 2 years ago
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Part 1 Kanashimi



I tripped and fell flat on my face when hearing the monsterous sound of thunder. I don't know how the thunder threw me off balance but maybe it was because I been running for hours. My legs were sore and shaky, my muscles were real tight, and felt like they would explode at any given moment.

I lie in the mud waiting for my life to end. I had no more strength to run. I reached in my pocket for my phone knowing it was dead. I didn't know the day or time at this point. I lost track. I lost track of my friends and everything else.

There was a loud growl and I knew the monster was catching up to me again. I didn't understand how it stayed hot on my ass. This creature was so slow, it was blind, and seemed as if it wasn't very intelligent. I jumped up quickly because I wasn't about to die. No not today. I quickly ran towards this old looking cabin.

I took a deep breath and looked around making sure it wasn't anywhere near me. I didn't see it. It was nowhere in site. "Good," I thought. I slowly opened the door and closed it even slower. I took a few steps and stopped because the creaking sound of the floor was very loud. The cabin was very dark and wet. The rain was coming through the cealing.

I set in front of the door and listened as I heard every drip of rain that hit the floor and echoed throughout the room. I started hearing footsteps and the floor creaking in front of me. I listened real close for a growl so I could rush back out the door.

"Andrew is that you?" asked a man as his footsteps got closer to me. "You don't know who I am but I know one thing about you that you probably do not want to hear."

"Yea I am Andrew," I replied. "But who are you and what is this news you got to tell me.

"My name is Professor Cecil Baker, the thing you are running from is called Kanashi and it is a reflection of what is going on within you," he explained. "You don't live past this day. There was a flash of lightning and in the quick flash I was able to see how he looked. He was tall with dark brown skin. his face looked monsterous, not to different than the monster that was chasing me.

"Wha...what," I started to say but my body reacted. I realized he said that I wouldn't live past today and I quickly tackled him and we both fell through the floor into a pit of darty water.

As I was sinking for what seemed like forever it made me think back to what led to these events.

Chapter 1 Vacation Trip

The annoying sound of my alarm woke me for the third time as I hit snooze again. I tried to roll over and sleep a few more minutes but my phone started ringing. I fell off the bad trying to grab my phone from my desk next to my bed. I raised up and answered my phone. "Yea?"

"Get your ass up," James demmanded. "Why are you still sleep?"

"Man I am on vacation," I replied. "What do you want man?"

"Look man I booked us a week at this cabin with the ladies," he said. James was the type of guy who volunteers his friends for everything without there missions. He also was the type of guy you couldn't really say no to.

"Damn man I just wanted to relax," I said. "I didn't plan on doing nothing major this vacation." I frowned and looked at the time it was 8:27 in the morning. "When are we supposed to be going?"

About the author

Andrew Haliburton

My name is Andrew Haliburton, I am 30 years old and love to write.

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