Teen Wolf: What Is Hauptmann Garrett Douglas Planning?

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The new story arc involves several new characters, including a group of supernatural characters known as the Ghost Riders.

Teen Wolf: What Is Hauptmann Garrett Douglas Planning?

For a television series that's about to close up shop, #TeenWolf is unveiling quite a few plot threads in its final season. The last season of Teen Wolf just rolled out a whole new story arc that involves several new characters, including a new group of supernatural characters known as the Ghost Riders. Not to be confused with the Ghost Riders of Marvel comics, these Ghost Riders are of another science fiction mythology.

Not only were the Ghost Riders introduced, but Episode 7 "Heartless" just opened up a major story arc involving a new antagonist, Garrett Douglas.

Who Is Garrett Douglas?

#GarettDouglas became Beacon Hills High School's new physics teacher early in the season, but his motives for being there have been quite mysterious. While the Ghost Riders have been wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills, Mr. Douglas has been quietly setting up a diabolical plan of his own — one of which will include the use of a Ghost Rider's abilities.

Earlier in the season, Mr. Douglas was revealed to be the creature contained in the Dread Doctor's stasis tank in Season 5. Upon being released, Douglas went on a rampage, tearing out the pineal gland from several victim's brains.

The reason for the extractions hasn't been determined, but after seeing Mr. Douglas do the same to a Ghost Rider and then manifest abilities akin to that of a Ghost Rider, it's clear that the pineal gland of the brain holds the key to stealing abilities in the Teen Wolf universe, which likely means Mr. Douglas is on a mad quest for power.

For now, Mr. Douglas's motives are unknown. Despite seeing him killing multiple people and taking their pineal glands, we have no idea why he's committing these gruesome murders, but it's a safe bet to say that Mr. Douglas is probably on a quest for power and taking those pineal glands increases his strength. To add to what is already known of Garrett Douglas, a new sneak peek might have just revealed Mr. Douglas's origins while inadvertently shedding some light on his current motivations as well.

The sneak peek is of a flashback scene where Mr. Douglas can be seen conversing with some Nazi officers who appear to be his comrades. The clip sees Mr. Douglas's true past as a Nazi come out in what looks to be a sit-down between several Nazi officers. While this sneak peek does provide some insight into Douglas's past, further exploration is almost guaranteed. It's quite possible Douglas's origins will be explored in an upcoming episode, likely Episode 8, "Blitzkrieg."

Seeing as how the term "blitzkrieg" was coined during the WWII era, the term corresponds with Douglas's origins in the Nazi party during WWII. With Episode 8 being titled "Blitzkrieg," it's fair to assume a flashback of WWII will include Mr. Douglas during the war, along with possibly showing how Douglas became the Dread Doctor's long term experiment.

Going back to the sneak peek of Mr. Douglas a.k.a. Hoptman. In the clip, we can hear Mr. Douglas (Hoptman) speaking of attaining a power unlike any other, and it is for the Nazi party's benefit. Mr. Douglas attempts to convince his Nazi cohorts of the benefits of harnessing the Ghost Riders' powers, to which they respond to by laughing. This doesn't sit well with Mr. Douglas and he proceeds to eviscerate the Nazi officers in the room.

In case you missed the small hints in previous episodes, since Mr. Douglas can be seen as an Alpha werewolf in the past, as well as in the current day, it likely means he's a natural werewolf and that aspect of his character is bound to have some significance. There's also the matter of Mr. Douglas being stuck behind the mountain ash later in the episode, which proves he's affected by the mountain ash like any average werewolf.

What Will Douglas Do With the Power He Took From the Ghost Rider In Episode 7?

Now that we know who Douglas is, his character arc will likely round out to Douglas being the final antagonist of Teen Wolf. The series will conclude at the end of the current season, so a strong villain like Nazi-werewolf Mr. Douglas is probably going to be the last antagonist before the series concludes. Until Scott and his pack get rid of the Ghost Riders, they won't be able to focus on Mr. Douglas a.k.a. Hoptman. Although, it's quite possible that with Mr. Douglas's newfound abilities, he'll use those abilities to control the Ghost Riders, turning them into a weapon Douglas can use on whomever he sees fit.

The Ghost Riders' powers are absolute in terms of how they function, so with a malevolent being like Mr. Douglas possessing their abilities, something so destructive could literally lay waste to all of Beacon Hills. Keeping in mind that Mr. Douglas was a member of the Nazi party, a regime that prided itself in believing themselves to be a master race, Mr. Douglas could possess some of those same philosophies when looking at the world. If so, Mr. Douglas's purpose could be to eliminate everyone in the world that isn't of the superior race, or like him. Douglas's definition of superior could be quite vast, or it could just be anyone who is part of the supernatural world. Either way, it looks like Mr. Douglas intends to use his new abilities on the residents of Beacon Hills, seeing as how he abruptly zapped Corey with a Ghost Rider's whip.

For now, we can only guess on when Mr. Douglas's intentions will be revealed, but it's safe to assume Mr. Douglas will become a main focus when Theo spills the beans. Or, in another possible scenario, Theo may form an alliance with Mr. Douglas, setting Scott up to have his power taken by Mr. Douglas. Both Mr. Douglas and Theo were willing participants in the Dread Doctors' experiments, which mean they could share some allegiance, one in which they plot Scott's ultimate downfall.

Could Mr. Douglas Be at the Center Of the Mid-Season Finale?

Scott might not be killed off of Teen Wolf, but with the way things have been going in Season 6, it looks like Liam is being groomed to take over as Alpha in Scott's pack. If so, Liam could become the Alpha as a result of Scott losing his abilities to Mr. Douglas or Theo. Still, we'll have to wait until Mr. Douglas reveals himself to Scott and his pack to find out what he intends to do in Beacon Hills. Though, we should expect for an exploration of Mr. Douglas a.k.a. Hoptman to take place in the next few episodes.

Season 6 of Teen Wolf will go on a brief hiatus after next week's episode, Episode 8 "Blitzkrieg," but when Season 6 resumes, there'll only be one episode left before the mid-season finale.

The mid-season finale will likely see the Ghost Riders put to rest while Mr. Douglas sets the stage for the last story arc in the series. There may even be a scene in the mid-season finale which turns out to be Mr. Douglas revealing himself to Scott's pack, possibly using his Ghost Rider abilities on Scott, leaving the werewolf pack without a leader. If so, the setup for Liam to become Alpha would come to fruition.

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