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Tattooed Death Day

by Stephanie Schellhaas 2 months ago in urban legend
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In the Persepctive of Maria

Be warned, fellow adventurers, because everyone’s tattooed with their date of death at birth. As a child, I was always curious about what this was meant for. My parent's dates were always so far off, so it did not occur to me that anything bad could happen. Boy, was I wrong! As a 16-year-old girl, I had the urge to get a boyfriend, and when I did, we thought that was the day he would propose. So when I saw our dates were not the same I left him. But then, as my search went on to find my soulmate, it never happened. There was no boy with the same date as mine. Could I have been wrong? Was the date not about when you get proposed to? 3 years later, I then decided to get back together with that boy because I knew his date was approaching. We were going great, and we had come to the conclusion that the boy’s date was when he proposes since that is the most important time for the guy. While the girl’s date is the day, they get married since the wedding is all about the bride. A few days before his date, I got my hair done, nails done, and prepped for his big asking to marry him. September 15th, the day has finally come, and I could not be more excited. Every girl dreams of the day that her boyfriend proposes to her. However, that’s when everything went south. I woke up at 9:00 AM and did what I did every morning. But the moment I walked out of the bathroom, my boyfriend was dead in the kitchen. I screamed. How could this have happened? Does the date not have to do with love but death. I then thought clearly and knew that it usually takes me 15 minutes in the bathroom. This means he would have died at 9:15 AM; coincidentally, it was September 15, which in numerical date translates to 9/15. So the time you die is the same as the numerical day that you die. 2 years later, my date was coming up. My tattoo read October 30th so I will be dead by 10:30 AM or PM. As October approached, I was living in fear and did not understand why we were tattooed with a death date? Who was the person that was behind this, and why are they doing this? The day before my date, I did all the things I loved. I went out to the town and saw my friends and family. That night I went to sleep in fear, wondering how I was going to die. My best friend was dated 2 years after me, so we made a promise that when I died, she would solve this to figure out how this was happening and why and if it was reversible? October 30th has arrived, and all day, I was cautious; I stayed in my bed all day to try to beat this date. I did not sleep or move or do anything. 10:30 AM came, and I was still here, so I waited until 10:30 PM; however, by that time. I was again still alive. Did I beat the tattoo date? As we know, mine was dated yesterday, although it's October 31st, and I'm still alive. As a 20-year-old living alone in a large house, I was cautious in trying to stay alive. I wandered around my neighborhood, looking for suspicious things as I left my house. After getting food, I went back and waited for tricker treaters. Once I was done giving out candy, I went to my room to sleep. As I closed my eyes, I felt a presence in the room, and before I knew it, I had a spear in my heart I was dead.

urban legend

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