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Tales of the Walking Dead Season 2 Expectations

A sophomore season of 'Tales of the Walking Dead' isn't in the works yet, but there's a lot of promise in it regardless.

By Allie Z.Published 2 years ago 5 min read
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There’s no denying the facts anymore, Tales of the Walking Dead is unlike any AMC show before. The flagship and its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, are relatively similar, but Tales is in a category all its own. The reason is that the showrunners have done something unique with the latest spin-off. They've added elements like the supernatural and science fiction to a world that's seemingly grounded in reality. Zombies fall in those categories, but in the TWD universe, their existence is no stranger than ours is.

Regardless, the entries in this anthology series have set a precedent for the impossible becoming, well, possible. Episode 2, for instance, gave a pair of survivors multiple opportunities to save themselves from the apocalypse. Blair (Parker Posey) and Gina (Jillian Bell) failed miserably several times, and in the typical TWD timeline, that would be the end of the story. Fortunately for the spunky duo, they figured out how to save themselves, albeit after countless deaths reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Episode 2 (Image Copyright: AMC)

More importantly, the season finale put all the cards on the table. Episode 6, La Doña, dug deep into the supernatural, adding tones of Mexican folklore to what started as a typical adventure in the land of the dead. It featured a pair of survivors unwittingly killing the owner of a secluded ranch, assuming ownership in a passé manner. Idalia (Daniella Pineda) and Eric (Danny Ramirez) attempt to convince the other that La Doña had an accident, but they know the truth. Guilt plagues them soon after, or so it seems. In reality, the old lady haunts them until they fall into her grasp. The pair walk into the basement only to find a swarm of dead ready to consume them. They get their just deserts not long after.

The great thing about the Walking Dead writers venturing into this unexplored territory is the door is open for all kinds of adventures in Season 2. And they can follow more than random survivors.

Telltale's Walking Dead Adaptation

Telltale's Walking Dead videogame (Image Copyright: Telltale Games)

If the showrunners listened to fans, an adaptation of existing stories like the video game narratives would be in the works. Telltale’s Walking Dead series featured an entirely new storyline that captivated fans for years. Their overall quality was to thank, although the central protagonist, Clementine, had much to do with it. She became a fan-fav in very little time, with some gamers speculating that the video game character would jump to live action before TWD concludes. We know such an intro is no longer possible, but Tales has presented AMC with the ideal platform for debuting a live version of Clementine.

The potential for the network to strike gold is also a real possibility. A standalone episode dedicated to Clementine could garner the same response that FTWD did in its debut season. The six episodes were such a massive hit that it got bumped up to a full fifteen every year, and the companion series is about to enter Season 8. Assuming a Clementine episode strikes a similar chord with audiences, calls to have the majority of Telltale’s arc adapted will follow. They succeeded in video game format, so it’s safe to assume the adventure will perform equally well on television.

The other benefit to borrowing elements from Telltale is the choice factor allows the writers to keep audiences on their toes. Granted, viewers might think they know what happens after playing the games. Of course, unexpected twists could blindside them. The games make a few moments unavoidable, but most of the story depends on how the player decides the events. On television, those alternative choices would be at the writing team's discretion.

'Walking Dead' What If...Adventures

The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 13 (Image Copyright: AMC)

Additionally, if the Tales team desires to tell new stories, Michonne's farewell episode offers a look at something different. In it, the upside-down world made the lady samurai merciless. She left countless bodies in her wake, killing several people who were friends in another life. Thankfully, that was only an imagined scenario.

Tales, too, set a precedent for retcons to the main story with their “Dee” episode, rewriting the Whisperers’ beginnings. Alpha (Samantha Morton) was believed to be the first, except her encounter with other skinwalkers changes the story a bit. Creatives worried about how retcons to the timeline will be received need only look at the number of posts from fans wishing seasons panned out differently when a favorite character died or when a settlement dissolved. One, in particular, stands out.

Everyone hated watching Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bludgeon Glenn (Steven Yeun) to death in the Season 7 premiere. It was brutal, senseless, and killed off a beloved character. His arc left so much to be desired, too, so perhaps a one-off episode depicting a What if Glenn Survived-scenario can pan out. Coincidentally, AMC had the TWD crew shoot execution scenes of all the characters with their necks on the chopping block. The footage is already complete. It only needs to be repurposed as a setup for Glenn being the sole survivor after Negan slaughters his friends. One might question why not simply spare Glenn, but the idea of him being alone afterward is much more intriguing.

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 1 (Image Copyright: AMC)

Watching Glenn entirely on his own again, the same way he was following the Prison collapse, would present a unique look at the world. The Saviors and Whisperers dominated the West Virginia region for some time, meaning Glenn would have to go elsewhere. He was already familiar with the state of things between Atlanta and Virginia, making West the only safe direction.

New Journeys, New Friends, All Potential

Now, you might assume Glenn would run into the FTWD crew. Except for a single episode journey, he would likely find new allies on the road in that short time. Glenn was always receptive to strangers, believing even the most cowardly could become better than themselves. That faith, however, was ultimately why he almost died trying to save Nicholas.

There are pros and cons to Glenn trusting people. For the show, it offers the writers an opportunity to partner Glenn up with new allies. At the same time, it gives them the freedom to sow a snake within the ranks, one who can potentially get everyone killed.

Depending on how open-ended they want to leave things, Glenn assembling a crew sounds like the ideal setup for another Walking Dead project untethered to the main narrative. Though, in the latter scenario, another Nicholas-type attracting the attention of walkers while the group sleeps seems plausible.

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 (Image Copyright: AMC)

Until more details come out on whether Tales of The Walking Dead gets renewed for another season or not, we can only speculate on the matter. Whatever the case is, though, Season 2 seems like the perfect platform to see beloved story arcs play out, if not but in one episode each.

Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 is now streaming on AMC+.


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