Survival Journal Entry Three


Survival Journal Entry Three

No journal entry yesterday because not much happened so it will just go in with today's. Our scavengers came back and gave a full debrief of what happened when they were attacked. It turns out that the San Bernardino crew has some serious fire power so if we are going to try and take them on, we are going to need to be very cautious and prepared. I'm thinking that we need to meet in an open area so that our snipers have a clear line of sight and flanking will be hard. Our marksmen are probably the only way that we can get out of the encounter alive. We sent Carl out to see if he can find out where their main base is.

The wall got finished today and we have put more guards on the eastern wall to try and prevent the same type of attack from happening. With the projection that Carl gave us, we have at least 4 days until another massive horde finds its way here. We did see some of the stragglers that Carl saw the other day get within a couple hundred yards of the base, but they never got closer even when they saw movement and we took some pot shots at them. Usually they attack any sign of life but they just walked off to the east. If I didn't know any better, I would even say that they looked a little like they were scouting us.

The water tower got fixed but we have to have someone check up on it every couple hours to make sure that the patch is holding up. I started getting together a crew to go meet up with the SB crew and I am starting to like our odds. We are still most likely out-gunned but we definitely are coming in ready for anything. So far we have Brandon and Madisyn with their snipers if we can get a good perch or two. I am up front exposed with Jack and Charlie (brothers) in riot gear next to me. If the crew thinks we need it, we will take a couple guards as well to stand back just in case things get ugly, but I do not think that it would be necessary.

It seems like every time we fix a problem, another one pops up. One of the farmers wasn't looking where he was driving the tractor and killed Sally's cat. Not only that, but the cat clogged up the gears so we have to have John fix the tractor. I know that it is part of being human, but I am getting sick and tired of people doing their jobs wrong! Every day something new pops up that sets us back at least a couple of hours, if not days.

I am starting to get annoyed with this little campaign that is happening. I am in my position for a reason and Jim doesn't add anything to the position. This is just a waste of time but I am starting to be more cautious. Jim has a very fragile ego so I doubt that he would put himself out here like that without some sneaky plan.

We finally set up an outpost with the survivors up in Big Bear. We are going to start trading some of our crops for some meat. One of the benefits of the zombies showing up and destroying the world is that we have a surplus of animals to hunt now. Getting more protein in our diet will definitely improve moral and hopefully increase production. There is only one problem with meeting with them this weekend. Their leader is just stunning. She is beautiful but most attractive of all, she is powerful. She is able to lead even though at first look, most people write her off as just a pretty face. I just hope I can hold it together for the negotiations...

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