Supernatural Events at the State Fair

by sadgirl about a year ago in fiction

Is it really just a ride?

Supernatural Events at the State Fair

It all started out as a normal summer night at the fair. The smell of overly fried foods and cotton candy that filled the air would soon turn into the smell of fear. The sounds of laughter would soon turn into piercing sounds of screams and uncertainty.

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into the state fair. There’s so much to do! Where do you even start?! Definitely have to hit up some sort of ride to get the adrenaline pumping. Especially to work up an appetite for all of the fried goodies you can smell before even walking in. Our favorite ride was Alien Abduction, so we set off in search of that one first.

Everyone looked so happy and in the moment—something I hadn’t been able to experience in a while, so I was glad to get this night out. We stopped to play some games on our way to Alien Abduction. We lost the basketball game and the balloon dart game so we kept on. When we finally arrived at Alien Abduction, the line was long, but we were too excited to care. The first set of people get off, and the next set got on, as normal. Not so normal once the next set of people got off. While some of them looked completely normal, some of them looked completely out of it. And the normal ones had not seemed to notice how out of it their friends were.

Trying not to think much of it other than people probably not feeling too well after an intense ride, I hadn’t mentioned anything to Jordan.

Our group was the next to get on. We found our spot and waited for the ride to start. Once it did, it was just as fun as I remember. The only thing missing was a Britney Spears video playing like I recall when I was younger. What a strange ride this is, I thought to myself. We literally spin around in a UFO so fast that we stick to the walls. Humans are weird.

Anyways, the ride comes to an end and we get off.

“Well that was fun.”

“Now what should we do?”

“Are you hungry yet?”

Realizing Jordan wasn’t responding, I look over at him and he was completely out of it! Eyes open, but glaring with a vast nothingness like nobody was home.

I try to shake him to get his attention, but he just kind of looks at me with no response. I decide to try and take him to the bathroom, thinking he’s not feeling well from the ride and might need to throw up. As we make our way through the fair, I’m noticing something is wrong. Other people are looking around confused and calling out for their friends/family/boyfriend/girlfriend. A panic sets in, and I have no idea why, but I turn to check on Jordan and he is gone. Soon enough, I become one of the people looking for their loved ones in a frantic state.

(to be continued)

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