Stranger Ritual

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By: Inkmouse

Stranger Ritual

Hello there haters of life, more importantly of other human lives. I know why you clicked on this page, there’s someone in your life that has done you so wrong and the only way you’ll feel better is if that person is 6ft under huh? What better way to do it than summoning a demon, welcome to The Stranger Ritual. This is a ritual that allows you to contact something from outside this world to take care of the one you deemed unworthy of living.

In order to perform the ritual, you'll need a few things, so here’s a list and don’t worry you can substitute things if you don’t have the other:

-First, your gonna need a door, preferably a wooden door. It cannot have any windows or peepholes so don’t try to be fancy. it must have a lock so you welcome to use your bedroom door, closet door(if it locks), or any other door in your house.

-Next, you'll need two candles, one white and one black. It does not matter how big they are so just going to the store and find the first ones you find I guess.

-Then, you are going to need a gift. What? You thought you were just gonna invite an all-powerful evil spirit and not give it something for its trip? Bitch Please! When giving the Stranger a gift it is important that the gift is not something you have a personal connection to. I advise you to offer something that you bought earlier in the day on your way home. Candy seems to be a wise choice, I recommend chocolates.

-Also, a piece of chalk or some other writing instrument - chalk is probably the best choice.

-Finally, you'll need a photo of the person you are bewitching. It has to be one you've taken yourself and if possible try taking it within the week of the ritual. The more recent the photo the better. It cannot be a photo of anyone from your immediate family.

Once you have all the things you need, you must wait for nightfall before you can actually do the ritual. I know this is such a cliche thing to do in rituals it just works better. This ritual can be done any time of night, but its more likely to succeed the closer it's done to midnight for that’s when dark powers are strongest.

Go around your house and make sure all the curtains in the house are pulled, all the windows are closed, all the mirrors are covered and all the lights are turned off. You must also be alone in the house to do the ritual successfully. Having other family members asleep in the other room while doing this will put them at risk of possession. Once the appointed time has arrived, write the word "Stranger" on the door you have chosen and place the two candles you’ve gathered on either side of the door frame and light them.

Stand in front of the door and place your gift just out of the range of the door opening so the door does not hit or knock the gift over, this will also play as your safe zone. Making sure the door is closed proceed to knock on the door only three times and then wait…

After a while, you should hear three knocks coming from the other side of the door, if you do then the ritual was successful. If not something went wrong and you’ll have to try again another night. Sorry, summoning isn’t an exact science.

If you heard the knocks then open the door but do not open it fully or look outside, just open it a little and then turn around with your gift and the door behind you. When you hear the door open fully, you will start to feel the Stranger's presence. The air will feel heavy or cold… you will start to feel like something is wrong, like something that isn't supposed to be there. You must manage to stay calm and courteous, remember the Stranger is your guest in your home so you will not be harmed.

Be warned that under no circumstances you are allowed to turn around or look at the Stranger. If you look at the Stranger, then the Stranger will never leave. Some have dared look at the Stranger, and the ones that survive go completely blind or completely insane… what’s worse is that they say that the Stranger's presence never… ever… goes away…

If the Stranger approves of your gift, then it will ask you for a name at this point you must look at the photo you have acquired and speak the name of the person in the photo loud and clear enough for him to hear and understand the target. After saying the name, wait until you hear the door close and the Stranger's presence fades away, then you may turn around.

If the ritual was successful then you will soon notice that your gift is now gone. Lock the door and DO NOT unlock it until sunrise, this action will prevent you from entering the Stranger's world and anything from that world getting into this one. Make sure to also wipe the word Stranger from the door and burn the photo you used as soon as possible. If it has not been burned by the time the victim has died, then the image will fade and in its place, an image of you will appear. This will be a sign that you will die within three days.

Over the next three days, check the obituaries, if the ritual was successful you will see the person whose name you gave to the Stranger appeared in the listings. Although there is no consistent cause of death, it is reported that heart attacks are the most common cause.

Warning To Those Who Want A Way Out!

If you are too frightened to complete the ritual you must simply apologize and ask the Stranger to leave. You must wait until you hear the door close, turn around, wipe away the word Stranger from the door, and lock it. Whatever you do, DO NOT UNLOCK IT UNTIL SUNRISE. Once you finish this, never attempt this ritual again… for if you do the stranger will see it as an insult… and trust me… he is not of the forgiving nature…

Ink Mouse
Ink Mouse
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