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Strange elderly woman on the road

by Julia Njord 4 months ago in urban legend
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And was this old lady dead?

It happened to me personally in 2003. I live in London, have a family, a job. But I come from a small village, about fifty kilometers from the city. Now, of my relatives, we have only a grandmother who did not want to leave her native place. I visit her occasionally, mostly on some weekends. On that very day, it happened.

It was summer, or the end of June, or July, I don’t remember exactly. I was going to go to her in the morning, but they detained me then for work, and I left by bus at half past six. Nothing, it gets dark late in the summer, so everything should be fine, but the bus broke down about ten kilometers from the city.

Some passengers hitched rides, but there were few cars, and no one stopped. After about an hour and a half, we drove on. But ahead there was a sudden repair of the road and a detour through the field road. I remember the driver was still swearing that he was driving here in the morning — and there was no repair, and then … okay, let’s go around, we also stood there a little bit. I arrived in the village around ten. And it’s still about an hour’s walk to the village from the highway, probably. I decided not to follow the road past the lakes, took a shortcut, and moved through the field. After half an hour of walking, I was pretty tired, especially since the day was quite exhausting. The village was just around the corner, but I still rested for a few minutes, dreaming how I would now come to my grandmother and fall asleep.

After sitting for ten minutes, I went on. I’m walking along, humming something in my head; suddenly I look ahead, and there’s someone standing there. I come closer and see that there is a grandmother, quite old, in a gray scarf, with a stick in her hands. Well, I think maybe I lost a cow in the field; you never know what could have been? And it’s about eleven o’clock, and it was such a moonlit night, I remember that well. Everything is visible around, as if by day. And this grandmother stands in front of herself and looks somewhere into the distance. I passed by her, at first, I thought, to say hello. Then I decided that it would be better to keep silent. Suddenly she would be afraid of an unfamiliar man on the field, especially at night. I walk five meters away from her, and she stands and does not move. Like a statue, and looks somewhere in the field. I also thought: maybe the grandmother was sick and she wanted to go for a walk at night. Well, forgetting about the strange grandmother, I go on. I come out of a shallow ravine, and stop in place, rooted to the spot. Ahead, about twenty meters away, the same grandmother is standing again. I stood surprised for about a minute. But, strangely, I didn’t even think about something mystical then. How could she outrun me? I couldn’t understand that.

On purpose, I walked as close as possible to this grandmother, and even looked into her face. But I didn’t see any black empty eyes, a forked tongue, or a horn on my head, as you might think. An ordinary grandmother, her face wrinkled like a baked apple, her nose like a potato — a typical rural old lady. Still not fully recovered from the shock, I moved on. The first rural houses are already visible ahead. I went, no longer thinking about my grandmother, suddenly… Then I couldn’t stand it anymore, seriously, for the first time that night I had fear. Again, ten meters away, this grandmother is standing among the bushes! I couldn’t stand it anymore; I rushed to run away from her, but I tripped over something with my foot and fell head over heels to the ground. I do not know what happened next, but when I opened my yes, I was just shocked.

I was lying in a trench along the road that I turned off about an hour ago when I decided to take a shortcut. That is, in fact, for all the time I have not passed a hundred meters, it turns out?! I was so shocked that I couldn’t even stand firmly on my feet. I wanted to remember the prayer, but nothing even came to mind. To be honest, I was afraid to go on the road again — you never know what. But this time I was lucky. A man was driving along the road in the direction of the village, and he drove me to my grandmother’s house. As it turned out, he himself lived three houses away from her.

I didn’t tell my grandmother about my adventure. Not that I didn’t have the strength, but I didn’t want to scare her. And who knows what an old man could invent for himself? That night I did not sleep, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the same old woman who was standing under the windows of my grandmother’s house. I even went outside for a smoke and looked around the yard, but of course, no one was there.

I still don’t know what happened to me then, but I remember it for the rest of my life. I still go to my grandmother’s, though, already in my car, but this has never happened to me again.

Thank you for reading my story to the end :)

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