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You wont believe it...dont go in before time!!!

By Innocent JMPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Picture this: You find yourself at the airport in Hawaii a bit earlier than expected. Opting to relax in the waiting area, your attention is drawn to an anxious blonde lady in a white dress standing at a gate. She gazes out the window onto the runway, eagerly awaiting someone's arrival. Moved by compassion, you reach into your bag for some chocolate to offer her comfort, but before you can act, she vanishes into thin air. Congratulations, you've just encountered the Lady in Waiting, a resident phantom of the Honolulu International Airport.

As with any phantom, her tale is tinged with sorrow. The lady once deeply in love, promised marriage, only to be abandoned by her betrothed who never returned from his overseas journey. Heartbroken, she took her own life, yet her spectral presence remains tethered to the airport, perpetually waiting for her lost love. Similar to the tale of the loyal Japanese dog Hachiko, she stands steadfast in her anticipation.

Over the years, the local police have received numerous complaints about the lady phantom wandering around gates and other restricted areas of the airport. Bizarrely, she also frequents public bathrooms, echoing the presence of Moaning Myrtle from an iconic fantasy novel. Airport employees report strange occurrences, such as paper dolls unfolding on their own and toilets flushing spontaneously. While some phenomena can be attributed to automatic flushing systems, the story adds an eerie touch to the airport's atmosphere.

The narrative leaves the fate of the heartbroken phantom unresolved, adding a cautionary note to reflect on promises made. Transitioning to another eerie encounter, the script introduces a phantom at the Kee Goa International Airport in India. Pilots have reported sightings of a mysterious woman in a white sari on the runway. Despite calls for assistance, she vanishes before airport staff arrive. Witnesses recount sightings of this phantom in various areas, from cargo departments to escalators and parking lots, adding an air of mystery to her presence.

Moving to the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, one of the busiest in the world, the script unveils a haunting tale. Despite its relatively recent establishment in 2006, the airport sits on land that was once an ancient burial site, known as Cobra Swamp. Mysterious events, including wailing, screams, and even classical music, troubled builders during construction. Local beliefs suggest that disturbing the entities beneath the new airport led to these phenomena. To appease the spirits, 99 monks were invited to perform a ritual for nine weeks. However, a strange interruption occurred when a man claimed possession by a local entity, delivering a message about building a proper Spirit house for the airport's smooth operation.

The script then guides the audience to Denver International Airport, reputedly one of the most haunted airports globally, with tales dating back to its construction. Stories of strange incidents, including mysterious murals and gargoyles, captivate mystery hunters. The infamous blue horse statue, known as Blucifer, adds to the airport's mystique as it took the life of its creator. Speculations about secret bunkers and hidden meanings abound, creating an air of intrigue around the airport.

Next, the script transports the audience to the Chandler Airport in Fresno, California, revealing abnormal stories such as people passing through walls and disembodied voices in the restaurant. An old man phantom in the control tower adds to the airport's mystique, silently watching the field. In Savannah Hilton Head International Airport, a spooky yet romantic legend emerges. It suggests that landing right after sundown offers a chance to see the phantoms of Richard and Catherine Dawson, former residents of the land beneath the airport.

The journey concludes with Manchester Airport in the UK, serving around 28 million passengers annually. Reports of creepy figures, unexplained phenomena, and mysterious figures in pilot hats add to its haunted reputation. The narrative suggests the presence of phantoms, including a pilot in an old-school uniform and a night watchman from the 1960s. These ethereal entities contribute to the airport's eerie atmosphere, making it a notable entry in the world of haunted airports.

In summary, the script takes the audience on a chilling journey through various airports, exploring tales of phantoms and haunted encounters. Each narrative adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to these bustling transport hubs, reminding travelers that the boundary between the living and the supernatural may blur in the world of airports.


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I have lived a life full of mysteries hoping some day i will share them to the world guess its time!!

less explore together wonders yet to come....

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