Spirit Communication

They're all around us.

Spirit Communication

Have you ever had that feeling like you've been touched by something and you have no explanation why? Yeah, I think that every day. After all, there's always something weird happening in my life.

Reunited My Friend

In June of 2000, one of my classmates had gotten killed in an accident. I saw him 3 days before he died at my old elementary school. It was really weird seeing him around my neighborhood since I never saw him there. I was so upset to hear the news when he passed.

It was almost a year later, at around 6 AM I was walking to the train station and had to pass by my old elementary school. I looked to see if any cars were coming so I can cross the street. It was a very quiet morning.

I started to cross the street, continuing to look and check on any oncoming traffic. It was a hot day but all of a sudden I felt a sudden breeze, and as I turned around, there was a car coming out of nowhere.

It almost felt like a deer in a headlight as I looked at it coming so fast. Something astonishing happened after that. I felt a push and ended up on the other side. I turned around to see who it was, but no one was there. The car had disappeared.

It took me a while to recuperate and then as I was walking, I was trying to figure out what just happened. In the blink of an eye, I was almost roadkill. Then it hit me. This was the same place I saw my friend, the last place I saw him. It made perfect sense. He died saving and he still saved even after death,

Body Swap

Now, this was a whole new weird for me. It even happened at the most sacred place. Church. Where the holy spirit lives.

If I am not mistaken this was about 17 years ago. I was in church with my mother. There was a huge holiday going on. We were sitting down listening to the sermon when I thought I felt someone next to me. I looked around and literally, no one was next to me.

The priest asked us to stand and pray. I went to stand up and that's when I felt the weirdest sensation. I felt like someone went inside me cause the next part was blank.

I don't remember much, only that when I came about, I was standing next to my mom. Apparently, she was talking to me, and I didn't answer her. Luckily, I didn't do anything crazy, but it still was really weird. It never happened to me again.

It's All About The Eyes

Back in August of 2010, I was at my boyfriend's house having dinner. Now what happened next will really knock your socks off. No one was in the house except for me and him.

We were sitting down having some dinner when I felt someone standing on top of me. I felt him breathing down my neck. It was very uncomfortable. I froze like I was afraid of him.

After I came about, I noticed my boyfriend's face was in shock. He told me there was something weird with the picture on the wall. The eyes were black. I looked at them and they looked normal. Still, after everything I just felt, I knew there was something going on.

I was thirsty so I decided to walk to the kitchen and get something to drink. What happened next was inevitable. That very same picture that I thought was normal had black eyes that were following me as I went into the kitchen. I think dinner was officially over.

That wasn't the end. We went downstairs in the basement trying to analyze what just happened. We heard footsteps upstairs running around. Only, it wasn't ours. We just left the house and never looked back.

I must have done so much research into that house after that, just trying to figure out did something happened? Was there some type of abuse? There was a lot of negative energy in that house and I was going to find out what was going on.

Did You Hear Those Footsteps?

I was at my sister's house one night. My mother was down in the basement and my sister with her family went out for the night.

A little while later I was in the living room, sitting down to watch some tv when I heard footsteps upstairs. I called out to my mother:

Hey mom, they didn't leave yet? They will be late.

My mother's reply simply was:

They left an hour ago. Why?

In my head, I was about to tell her—Oh, because I heard footsteps upstairs and I thought they didn't leave yet. What a weird moment. All I told her was that I thought they didn't leave yet.

A little while later I had found out that my old high school teacher had passed away. Guess what I heard then was spirits running around ready to take someone.

Should We Allow Them In?

There are many good spirits and bad and as I always say, the reason they find us is to try to communicate with us. Maybe they have an unfinished business or just maybe its a loved one saying hello to us. Have you had an experience with the supernatural?

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