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Soul's Release

A Tale of Redemption

By Shidhartha HowladerPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Soul's Release
Photo by Matheus Farias on Unsplash

In the heart of Ravenwood, a town lost in time, stood a house untouched by the ages. Locals murmured in hushed tones about the dreaded Hollow House, a place where the very air seemed heavy with dread.

Beyond the town's flickering lamplights, where the shadows played their sinister games, the Hollow House perched. It was neither a decaying mansion nor an imposing fortress, yet it exuded an unsettling aura. The legends whispered that on the night of the blood moon, once a year, this house came alive.

Meet Edgar, a man of skepticism and unquenchable curiosity. His inner fire, akin to a raging inferno, burned brightly in the face of legends. As the moon transformed into a malevolent crimson hue, staining the town of Ravenwood, Edgar embarked on a perilous journey.

The night held its breath as Edgar neared the Hollow House. The structure stood, shrouded in an eerie stillness, as if the very timbers conspired to ward off intruders. Inside, the silence was uncanny, as if the house itself feared to make a sound.

Edgar's steps echoed softly on the dusty floorboards as he ventured deeper into the abyss. Shadows, elusive and malevolent, danced at the periphery of his vision. The rooms whispered tales of forgotten memories, with tattered curtains swaying to the rhythm of an unseen breeze.

In the dim light, Edgar spotted an enigmatic door adorned with cryptic symbols. Ignoring the unease clawing at his throat, he pushed it open. The room beyond was bathed in a haunting crimson glow, centered around an ancient mirror, tarnished and fractured yet emitting an ethereal allure.

His reflection beckoned, but it was not his visage that gazed back. Instead, he confronted a grotesque rendition of himself, eyes devoid of humanity, and a malevolent grin stretching impossibly wide. A voice, frosty as the grave, whispered into his ear, "Welcome to your reckoning, Edgar."

Terror gripped his heart, and he fought to flee, but the room defied his will. The walls began to close in, a relentless vice constricting around him. Panic surged as he struggled against the oppressive grip of the chamber. It was as if the house itself conspired to imprison him in this macabre nightmare.

As Edgar's sanity unraveled, the mirror revealed further horrors. The faces of the house's prior victims contorted in anguish, their wordless screams etched onto the glass. He watched in agony as they reached out from their spectral prison, fingers resembling bony talons, yearning for release.

With desperation fueling him, Edgar summoned the last vestiges of his strength and shattered the malevolent mirror. The crimson glow dissipated, and the room returned to its ominous stillness.

Desperation gave him strength, and with a final surge of will, he shattered the mirror. The crimson glow dissipated, and the room returned to its sinister quietude.

As Edgar's frantic breaths slowed, he realized the house had relented. But the horrors he had witnessed still clawed at the edges of his sanity. The Hollow House held secrets that threatened to consume him.

Determined to escape, he retraced his steps, the eerie silence now feeling like an oppressive weight. The house seemed to shift and whisper as he passed through its winding corridors, like a sentient being aware of his intrusion.

The front door loomed ahead, and Edgar's trembling hand reached for the handle. Yet, as he turned it, a deafening noise filled the air—the anguished cries of countless souls. The walls shuddered, closing in on him once more.

Edgar knew he had to confront the malevolence that lurked within. He climbed the creaking stairs to the upper floor, his heart pounding with each step. The second-floor landing opened into a dimly lit hallway lined with ancient, dust-covered portraits.

In the gloom, he found another door, one that radiated an ominous aura. Pushing it open, Edgar stepped into a chamber unlike any other. A colossal chandelier hung from the ceiling, its candles casting eerie shadows on the walls. At the room's center stood an ornate, full-length mirror, untouched by time.

As he approached, his reflection stared back at him, but this time, there was no distortion. It was just Edgar, his own weary face reflecting his fear and determination.

With trembling hands, he dared to speak, "What do you want from me?"

The room seemed to tremble, and the chandelier swayed ominously. From the mirror's depths, a voice emerged—cold and haunting. "We are the souls trapped within these walls. We seek release, freedom from the eternal torment."

Edgar's heart ached with empathy for the trapped spirits. He knew he had to help them find peace, but how? "What must I do to free you?"

The mirror rippled, and ghostly figures materialized around him. They whispered their tales of sorrow, of lives cut short, and of the malevolent force that bound them to the Hollow House.

As Edgar listened, a plan began to form in his mind. He had to confront the source of the malevolence—the very heart of the house. The spirits guided him to a hidden passage behind the mirror, leading down into the bowels of the house.

Descending into the darkness, Edgar discovered a chamber filled with forbidden knowledge and cursed artifacts. At its center, an ancient tome lay open, its pages filled with incantations of malevolence. It was the source of the Hollow House's power.

With determination burning in his eyes, Edgar recited an incantation from the book, reversing the malevolent magic that had plagued the house for centuries. The walls trembled, and the spirits wailed in a cacophony of anguish.

Then, in an instant, the curse was shattered. The Hollow House released its grip on the trapped souls. They ascended like ethereal wisps, disappearing into the night.

As dawn's light broke over Ravenwood, Edgar emerged from the house, physically and emotionally drained but victorious. The Hollow House, once a place of dread, now stood silent, its curse broken.

The townsfolk would never speak of the horrors that had transpired that night, but Edgar knew the truth. He had faced the malevolence of the Hollow House and emerged as a savior of lost souls.

From that day on, the house remained empty, its dark past buried in the annals of history. But Edgar would always carry the weight of the spirits' gratitude and the haunting memories of a night when

He had stared into the abyss and emerged triumphant.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Well written!

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