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It was the day when I watched 'Lights out' (a must watch movie for all the horror movie fans out there) all by myself. I have heard a lot of stories about sleep paralysis from my teachers and parents but not until I had my own experience did I know how scary it was. According to their explanation, the black demons also known as 'Khyak' in Nepali takes a visit and tries to asphyxiate humans. One of my teachers in my school told us his experience of being choked to death but I sat there in disbelief until that very day. SO as I was sleeping peacefully I abruptly felt the presence of a heavy person on my chest. Not only was it sitting but was pressing me down real hard. I tried to reach out to my sister who was sleeping just beside me but I was like a stone, couldn’t move. I screamed so loud for help but no voice came out of my mouth. The pressure on my chest started to get much heavier. I started to think of the ghost in the movie. Was it her? But then all of the stories of my teachers and parents struck my head. I felt the pain down through my shoulders. I fought to wake up . I kept on screaming with not an "ah" coming out from my mouth. Then finally after a few minutes, I was set free. I could move, blink my eyes but since I was not so sure about my voice I shouted real hard. My sister who was scared to death from my high pitched scream consoled me to sleep. Of course, after what happened I couldn’t sleep for days. I didn’t sleep for weeks thinking that if I slept it would happen to me again and again. I was afraid of falling asleep. I was sleep-deprived, I went to college I tried sleeping in there. I couldn’t concentrate on what my teachers taught. AND the days were tough however I got over it after maybe 2 weeks. But I tell you, it didn't happen to me just ones, I am 17 and by now I have already experienced this sleep paralysis over 20 -30 times.

SO what is the real story behind this sleep paralysis? I did a lot of research to find out if I was gonna die from this. BUT heh NO. According to google it is simply a feeling that you get when a part of the brain is awake, but the parts controlling your body are still asleep—so when you try to move, you're unable to for several seconds or even a few minutes. It is said that it occurs due to disturbed REM(rapid eye movement) which I still have no idea what it is. Whatever it is, it simply isn’t any kind of demon sitting above you. (Or maybe it is and we are the beholder of supernatural powers.) is it?

SO if you are experiencing this then I wish you get better soon and I hope it never happens to you ever again!!



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