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SJWs vs Zombies

by Ferrari King 8 months ago in fiction

Zombie Chow

Table of Contents

Introduction & Disclaimer

Chapter 1: The meeting

Chapter 2: The Zombie Parasite

Chapter 3: All hell breaks loose

Chapter 4: The SJWs speak their ideology while the zombies feast

Chapter 5: Meanwhile in the cafeteria and the escape

Chapter 6: The future of Planet Itchylore


A group of Social Justice Warriors decided to descend on a small college campus to disrupt a Men’s Rights Group discussing funding for cancer research and increasing funding for cancers such as prostate cancer while a group of Social Justice Warrior got offended for some reason and decided to disrupt their meeting.

Unknown to them an accident had happened at a nearby military base unleashing a parasite that brings back the dead. Apparently the military working with astrophysicist found a way to create wormholes and someone accidently brought back a parasite that infects then kills it host. After the host is dead for about a few seconds the parasite brings the host back in a very agitated state. They will attack, eat or infect anyone they come into contact with.

Who will survive the zombies as the military quickly quarantines the small town? The social Justice Warriors were mainly unarmed but many of the others that came to that town to hear scientist for some of these Men’s Rights activists were not so unarmed. Will they help the SJW’s or leave them to die?

There is nothing wrong with Social Justice itself but the extreme left that are

promoting dogmatic views. It is their way or the highway and they have a huge list of do’s and don’ts. Supporting LBGT rights, holding bankers accountable, want the police to be held to a higher standard and punished for misconduct or noble goals but the SJW’s go to the extreme and even promote racism and sexism towards whites and men. They will go as far as claiming men and whites should not voice opinions and if anyone disagrees with them they are labeled a racist, sexist homophobe. If you feel I am exaggerating then feel free to check out YouTube or watch the news.

Please note there are SJWs on the right also. Also, SJWs have a persecution complex, are easily offended, want to control speech, will destroy the lives of people they disagree with, intolerant, unwilling to change their opinions and much more.


This story is purely fictional and is not meant to accurately represent any group, person or ideology. The places and institutions mentioned in this story are fictitious and do not exist. Any similarity to any person, place or anything else is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

It was early on a Tuesday morning in early August that the Kilgrove Junior College (KJC) decided to host the meeting of the Men’s Right groups. Along with the Men’s Rights Groups were several leading liberals and conservative joining in for the friendly debates also scheduled for that day. Some of the more intelligent students decided to host the event while others felt they were bringing hate speech on campus.

The event went well for a few hours until the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) showed up. They started pulling fire alarms, blow bullhorns and shouting Hate Speech, Hate Speech. When confronted by other students and security they were asked what was said that was so hateful and all the SJWs could answer was Hate Speech, Hate Speech while they spit on some people. Many of the liberals and conservatives in the crowd simply rolled their eyes in disbelief but they half knew that these SJWs were going to show up. Among them was a skinny, sickly looking fellow, named Melvin Poindexter. He held his sign calling the Men’s’ Rights Groups sexist although he could never come up with a reason WHY THEY WERE SEXIST. All he could do was shout Hate Speech,, Hate Speech over and over again. He and others would get into the faces of and liberal or conservative that tried to get them out. One of the lady’s, a known liberal of medium sized stature stepped in front of Melvin and of course true to form Melvin spat on her and he had until this point never face consequences for his actions. Well this lady, Barbara Stout punch him square in the jaw, knocking 2 of his teeth out and then beat him with her umbrella. It took several security guards to pull her off Melvin who was bloody and crying for his mother to get him. Melvin threatened to sue when Barbara lounged at him again but was caught by a big conservative Texan named Leroy Tang. Leroy told Barbara that a fool like Melvin could not take another well-deserved beating which at that time Melvin made certain nasty comments at Barbara and she flew at him so fast that Leroy was unable to stop her.

Melvin ran as fast as he could into a wall and was knocked unconscious.

Little did they know their noise was attracting hundreds of zombies from neighboring towns.

Chapter 2: The Zombie Parasite

The military working with the International Space Agency (ISA) as well as the world’s leading scientist created the first stabile wormhole and created a project of mining distant planets. On one planet they had miner taking samples and one of the miners not thinking took off her helmet (Casey Fishborn), then her co-workers did the same. It was the first time anyone ever walked on that planet and Casey and her crew were instructed not to remove their gear. It had special chemicals that could kill anything and their suits could easily be decontaminated back on Earth. The Planet was named Itchylore and little did anyone know there was a small parasite living on that planet that was harmless to the Planets native inhabitants but not to humans.

Casey as well as her co-workers were infected immediately. They got back to Earth within 45 minutes of their infection. They had to stay on the base since it was discovered that they took off their helmets and did not get decontaminated. The parasite latter named Zomppers worked quickly. Within an hour the victim feels fatigue and muscle soreness. After another 30 minutes irritability and hunger sets in. After another 30-45 minutes the victim is dead and after being dead for a full minute the parasite revives the victim into a vicious hungry, running, zombies looking for who to eat or infect.

Once the parasite enters the bloodstream into settles in the brain, muscles and digestive system were it divides uncontrollably. With the digestive system infected it can use the nourishment from the meat the zombie ingests. The muscles are infected so the zombie can run at full speed and the brain is infected to keep the zombie’s agility and some thinking abilities available.

Once Casey became a zombie she bit the nurses and doctors watching her while her co-worker bite many of the soldiers. The soldiers tried shooting at those zombies but they were already dead and shooting them in the brain has no effect except causing them to walk instead of run. The parasite also had the ability to repair using the host DNA any damage to the brain, muscles and digestive system. The zombies would walk for several days after being shot in the head but went back to running after 4 days. The parasite also infect the entire nervous system of its host, which allowed the zombie to not only run at great speed but being a zombie they never tired and they were able to turn as quickly as their victim they were after as well as jump over or go under hurdles.

The military, in response to the outbreak sealed off hundreds of miles to prevent anyone from getting in or out but they sealed off many towns after the event had started. The infection had started the day before.

Although the parasite was airborne on its native planet, on Earth due to its host it could only spread by bodily fluids or direct contact. Just getting the parasite on your skin was enough to infect you.

Chapter 3: All Hell Breaks loose

While Melvin, who usually wore a mask since he was a coward, was sitting in his corner sulking and the rest of the SJWs were picking fights and being put down by security and the people there for the event a loud horrid groan was heard. The people stood there in silence and many of the SJWs pissed themselves and they heard the groans again. Brad Faraday, a large fellow decided to look outside and to his horror he saw what looked like nearly a hundred zombies descending on the campus. Everyone started to panic and the SJWs started to blame whites and men for this outbreak although Casey was Hispanic and she was the reason the others took off their helmets. The SJWs went into their tirade about how racist, sexist and homophobic all whites were, especially white men. Trudy Sloan, who really hated men although they did nothing to her shouted how men should die and women were more peaceful when a zombie reached into the window and grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back. She was then bitten across her face but some people managed to free her. Many people that did not belong to the SJW camp want to quarantine her but the SJWs did everything to prevent it.

The liberals and conservatives as well as the Men’s Rights group decided to work together to come up with a plan to save everyone while the SJWs were complaining that they should just find out what the zombies wanted and that typical whites were just over-reacting. Everyone except the SJWs made their way to the cafeteria. The SJWs decided to stay in the gym where they thought they were safe and believing they were superior and had no reason to ever listen to others they kept Trudy Sloan with them. Trudy was known for her out spoken hatred of whites and men although she was white herself. She grew up in a very wealthy family full of love but allowed herself to get indoctrinated in a women’s study class. She then grew hateful and mean. As she lay bleeding and in pain she kept complaining about men and how men and whites are oppressive.

Chapter 4: The SJWs speak their ideology while the zombies feast

With everyone else in the cafeteria, the SJW’s were alone in the gym. They tried to reason with the zombies but failed and a few got eaten. They left Trudy near some bleachers and covered her wounds with towels and bandages they found.

“Well you know this is the white man’s fault. They must have created this to wipe out the black man,” said Trudy laying on the bleachers and most of her fellow SJWs nodded in agreement.

“All men are sexist, all whites are racist, all straight people are homophobic and all cis people are transphobic. All non-Muslims are Islamophobic. Christians have done so much bad things and yet people hate Muslims.” yelled out Melvin in pain, in which he got loud cheers. He smirked when some of the female SJWs then put their period blood on their faces in opposition to the patriarchy. They felt everything including this zombie outbreak was due to the patriarchy. He never understood why is pro-Islam, anti-Christian rants did not work on fellow atheists and instead got their ire

“I do not understand why these men’s rights groups think they should have more funding for cancer research. Just because men may be more likely to get cancer and just because cancers that affect men such as prostate cancer get less funding than cancers that effect women does not mean anything. Men are just bad. Then they want a shelter for men that are abused by their spouses, I mean really cry me a river,” said a young white man (Trevor) with a nefarious grin and again the SJWs nodded in agreement.

“All cops oppress blacks. We do not need them and we should take guns away from people. (It did not matter that second hand smoke kills more people than gun violence but in America gun ownership is protected by the 2nd Amendment, not to mention the pollution and fires caused by smoking, and you die slower and much more painfully because of second hand smoke). No one should defend themselves since it is the government’s job to protect us. When we take over the world we be a better place. The rich will have to give up their money to the poor and we will just be so happy. White men will have to feel the oppression they caused others for a century or so by having their voices silenced,” continued Trevor with so much enthusiasm that he impressed his fellow SJWs so much that even snapped their fingers.

With such pride Trevor continued “We do not need any group coming to our colleges with hate speech. Hate speech is anything we disagree with and we do not have to listen to other people’s opinions. We have freedom of speech which means we can make all the noise we want to silence opinions we disagree with.” No one ever said Trevor understood what free speech was and before he had a chance to continue Trudy started to groan very loudly. (The could not understand the purpose of debates is not always to change the mind of your opponent but to give listeners enough information to make an informed decisions which would require a debate to know their opponents views).

At this moment Trudy took her last breath and within a minute she was chasing that white man that made his comment. The others did not know what to do while Trudy chased Trevor around the room. Eventually Trevor got corned and begged for his life while Trudy jumped him and feast on his body. Instead of defending himself Trevor just kept begging Trudy not to eat him and asked what he did or said to offend her.

A few of the SJWs decided perhaps the zombies were not being oppressed and are actually dangerous managed to subdue Trudy and locked her in a locker in the women’s restroom and the left Trevor in the men’s room not realizing that he will awake in a few hours. The whole time they could her Trudy bang on the locker and decided to place benches and other items in front to prevent her escape. After they were finished the other SJWs look upon them with hatred and called them zombie haters and white oppressors although some of them that helped lock up Trudy were black.

They argued back and forth until Trevor woke up and attacked some of his defenders. Several were bitten and Trudy was let out by some of the SJWs since they felt she was being oppressed. She immediately attacked her helpers. There was mass panic while the smarter SJWs realizing that their oppressive ideology may have flaws decided to join the others in the cafeteria.

The SJWs that stayed behind did not want to accept that perhaps zombies were dangerous. They were convinced that it was them that was offending the zombies somehow and kept begging Trudy and Trevor to not attack them. They decided to fight back against Trevor since he was a white male and they locked him up but Trudy was left to chase them around the gym and bite a few more people until she eventually caught one to feast upon. Melvin yelled at his fellow SJWs and called them zombie phobic and zombie haters for hitting back at the zombies. Melvin then being full of fear nearly ran into a wall trying to get away from the zombies and finally spot the locker rooms. Melvin ran into the lock room and locked himself into a locker feeling he would be safe. Melvin felt all this was the cause of the patriarchy and cis white men trying to wipe out the minorities and oppress women. How he came to that conclusion is unknown but Melvin was a diehard SJW. Melvin always felt that only SJW views should be heard and that the UN should pass laws prevent anyone from criticizing his beliefs. Although he was British he hardly represents the British.

Chapter 5: Meanwhile in the cafeteria and the escape

Back in the cafeteria the people realized they needed a way to defend themselves and find a way to escape. Most knew that the military would bomb the area any minute. As they were trying to decided who would scout for a way out and who would get supplies they heard a knock on the front door and as Barbara and Leroy carefully opened the door and found some of the SJWs wanting to join them.

Although the crew was willingly to allow the SJWs to join their group, knowing full well the SJWs would not have returned the favored they laid down some ground rules. First everyone must pitch in to get supplies and find a way out since it was a matter of time before more zombies showed up. Secondly all the SJW BS will not be listened to if they are unwillingly to listen to other people’s opinions. “No one has to listen to you if you are unwillingly to allow others to speak,” said Barbara gnashing her teeth and letting them know through her menacing body language that their behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Leroy added with a scowl, “If you cannot follow our rules you will be thrown outside.” Then a few more rules were added, thirdly the zombies are undead and are not oppressed and such so do not treat them like living people. Fourthly you will not make unnecessary noise to attract the zombies. The SJWs agreed to the terms and worried about their fellow SJWs left in the gym.

The people split into small teams to search the town for weapons and a way out. After a few hours they all meet back at the cafeteria with plenty of knives, guns, ammo, leather clothing and such. They all put on the leather clothing and covered their bodies to make it harder to be bitten and they also placed oil on themselves to make it hard for them to get grabbed.

They gathered together and decided on the best way to escape when one of the SJWs asked, “What about our friends, we are not going to leave them are we?”

“Of course not,” replied Barbara rolling her eyes. She would not leave them but really did not want to save them since their behavior is just so reprehensible.

The group gathered their supplies and using vehicles they parked outside they ran over dozens of zombies that were in the way as they went to the gym. It did not take long for them to realize that removing the head of the zombies was the best option and then to slow them down shooting them in the head. Removing their head did not kill them but they were no longer a threat without their heads.

They checked the gym and found nothing but hungry, angry zombies and left. They also left the door to the gym wide open after they checked the place. They did not notice Melvin cowering in a locker and he was too scared to call out to them. Also the zombies poured into the gym several of them heard him whimper and started pounding on the locker. After breaking the locker door they pulled him out and Melvin was eaten alive by a dozen white male zombies. They started with is legs and arms and ate him slowly. After they were finished with him there was nothing left but a few bones.

The group made their way around the blockade and managed to get to the soldiers who had them quarantined for 2 weeks. The town was checked thoroughly by the military and the police before it was bombed. They managed to save hundreds of people but hundred more had died.

After the quarantine they found out that their ordeal had made it on the news in many other countries and people wanted their stories.

Chapter 6: The future of Planet Itchylore

The military and world governments declared that Itchylore was too dangerous to explore and anyone caught going to that planet would not be allowed back to Earth unless they went through strict quarantine.

For centuries after people talked about what had happened in that small college town and Itchylore. Hundreds of people went to Ichylore to explore and many became infected and were left on that planet. The parasite and other organism on that planet had lived and evolved together in harmony for millions of years

but humans had no natural immunity. It took nearly a thousand years before a vaccine was discovered and it had to be given within 30 minutes of exposer. Also, it did not work for everyone so although the number of thrill seeker infected and becoming zombies was lower there were still people being infected.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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