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Size Doesn't Matter

by Ellie Mae 20 days ago in urban legend

The Legend of Little People In Maine

Size Doesn't Matter

The Little People

Legends of little people have been heard from all around the world and in many cultures. Many of the Legends are from Native American tribes. Today we are going to focus on the Passamaquoddy Indians legend. The Passamaquoddy Indians mainly resided in two primary areas. One was Indian Township in Princeton and the other was Pleasant Point Reservation in Perry. The Passamaquoddy Indians also lived across the border in Canada.

For this tribe, there were two different types of little people. The Nagumwasuk ( pronounced Nah-gum-wah-suck) and the Mekumwasuck. Only the tribe can see the little people that lurk. The Nagumwasuk are short hideous spirits that live near the Passamaquoddy settlements. The Mekumwasuck are said to be short, around 3ft, have extremely hairy faces and dress very outlandishly. While the Nagumwasuk and the Mekumwasuck are cousins, they are very different from each other.

The Nagumwasuk's do not appreciate rudeness for it is said that if you laugh at them or are rude, you will take ill and die. On the other hand, if treated respectably, they bring forth spiritual assistance and good fortune. These little people did not like being seen. The Nagumwasuk people lived alongside the Passamaquoddy tribe and had a society almost parallel to theirs. When a human was born the Nagumwasuk people would celebrate and when there was death they would mourn. Even going as far as to erect a tiny version of the Catholic Chruch when the Passamaquoddy tribe converted and had a church built on one of their reservations. The Passamaquoddy Indians respected the Nagumwasuk people, working alongside them. The Nagumwasuk people would help this tribe in many ways with everything including using their supernatural abilities.

The Mekumwasuck people lived outside the tribes' society until the tribe converted to Catholicism centuries ago. If you were to look directly at the Mekumwasuck people, you would sicken and die. Once the Catholic Church was built, the Mekumwasuck people took it upon themselves to be the guardians of the church. The little people now look over the church and make sure that no one is violating the church's rules. Anyone who does will be dealt with accordingly.

One such instance with the Mekumwasuck people was with a gathering at the church for a dance on Lent. The tribe was wary of such dance, but it was cleared by the pastor. Unfortunately, the Mekumwasuck people did not approve of this dance for they believed it violated the church's rules. One boy was with his cousin outside when his cousin thought he saw that of the Mekumwasuck. The boy was scared to look, for obvious reasons. He managed to work up the courage and got a glimpse out of his peripherals and indeed it was a Mekumwasuck. The boys ran into the church and warned everyone. Needless to say, the Passamaquoddy high-tailed it out of the church, and they all got home safe. Another story about the Mekumwasuck people was when a few men broke into the church to steal the wine. However, this did not end well for these men. The Mekumwasuck people went on the attack. The men fled, but one got stuck trying to get out through the window. The Mekumwasuck proceeded to badly beat the man until he finally was able to get out of the window and run away.

Don't commit any infractions or crimes against the church folks, no matter how small. The Mekumwasuck people might just find you.

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