Six Places Where Reality Feels Altered

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Some places just feel like you’ve found a glitch in the matrix.

Six Places Where Reality Feels Altered

Have you ever felt uneasy or out of place, filled with a feeling that’s almost indescribable? Here are “Six Places Where Reality Feels Altered”.

1. Abandoned Homes

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Have you ever been inside somewhere that’s been abandoned? I always wondered just how things became so broken, and why the place was abandoned in the first place.

There was a house by my old elementary school, and on the inside of the chipped paint, molding porch steps, and broken windows were dozens of children’s toys. Barbies stripped of their clothes and their hair pulled out, and stuffed animals no longer stuffed. It was freaky, and honestly strange. Once I stepped inside, I might as well have been part of a horror movie.

2. Your House at 3:00AM

Remember when you were young, and you woke up at an odd time in the middle of the night? Some of us (probably those of us related to Satan) would wander around our house for no good reason, except for the fact that we couldn’t sleep.

You weren’t afraid, and the house seemed 110 percent more interesting than your bed. But it feels as if you are not where you are suppose to be. Anywhere seems like another dimension at 3:00AM.

3. Lifeless and Unoccupied Playgrounds

Children often play games on playgrounds. You’ll see them playing classics like “Tag” and “Grounders,” or perhaps kids just entertaining themselves on the monkey bars. So when you see a playground, lifeless and present in the pale moonlight, with swings swaying lightly in the chill air, there is the sting of something not quite right in the air.

4. Movie Theatres at Midnight

After coming out of a late showing of a movie, my friend and I found ourselves to be the only ones in a massive movie theatre. It was eerie, much to quiet, and the smell of popcorn filled our noises, as well as messing with our minds. While we waited for our ride to show, we sat, two people in a place that usually held hundreds.

5. Stairwells

When you’re taking the stairs you’re going somewhere. Up or down, wherever it is you’re going, your intent is never to stay in the stairwell. Sometimes I take stairs two at a time just to get out of their proximity. Strange isn’t it, there’s nothing outwardly threatening about them. It’s just the fact that I never quite feel at ease when I’m taking the stairs. It makes me feel out of place, like I shouldn’t be in them for long. Long, narrow and dark stairwells are gateways to hell, all you have to do is find the door.

6. Empty Parking Lots

Photo by Andre Iv on Unsplash

A parking lot, a great place to be if you enjoy the scent of second hand cannabis and car exhaust. But when they’re empty... they’re extremely trippy. Walking across an empty parking lot all you can see is paved space and flickering, ugly street lamps.

Underground parking lots are otherworldly. They’re dusty and everything seems gray. Walking to your car, you can hear the echo of your footsteps against the concrete walls. Sometimes pipes are exposed and snake around the ceiling. There’s no doubt they’re a place where time could pass as slowly as years or as quickly as seconds.

If reality feels different in these places, is it a trick of my brain? I always feel like I shouldn’t be in these places, but I’m not afraid, just on edge. Am I alone in this feeling?

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