Shhhh Mr. Mix (Part 2)

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Shhhh Mr. Mix (Part 2)

(user 1 logs on)

Chat user 1: Hey... Is any awake?

I can hear him... he’s close now... his laugh... oh god his laugh…

He’s coming for me... he’s coming for all of us... I have to hide, I hear his whispers I don’t want to listen... don’t listen to him…

Chatlog box deleted

(user 1 logs off)

(user 3 logs on)

Chat user 3: Hey morning everyone or...after noon, man I had the worst night sleep ever last night. How did you guys sleep?

(user 2 logs on)

(user 4 logs on)

Chat user 2: I had the worst nightmare ever... but I can’t remember what it was about.

Chat user 4: I’m here, barely. I think I have squirrels in my attic because I’ve been hearing scratching noises almost the whole night.

Chat user 3: At least I'm not the only one, here we’re missing somebody.

Chat user 4: Yea, they're probably busy. Let’s scare ourselves awake by talking about the haunted typing game lol.

Chat user 2: Oh great, now it's haunted?!

Chat user 3: I think it's messing with you, dude. But I read ahead on the article and... let's just say haunted doesn't sound too far off.

Chat user 4: Wow… I was just joking…

Chat user 2: Well damn, ok. Let's hear it. I know you guys are just trying to scare me anyway.

Chat user 3: Whatever you say. So while reading I noticed the page has been abandoned for about four years now and that they used hacking software and managed to crack the game's code and bypass the impossible fifth level.

Chat user 4: Alright computer nerds!!

Chat user 3: Yeah but… things start to go downhill quick. The process didn't last long and they ended up quitting soon after they found disturbing some content. The file showed pictures of people with horribly deformed faces… appearing to scream in pain and agony with their eyes appearing to be… sigh, bleeding from their tear ducts and their skin was torn off in multiple places…

Chat user 2: Ok!!! I'm getting sick just picturing this... how much more is left?

Chat user 4: Dude like what the actual fuck…

Chat user 3: Hey you guys are the ones who wanted to find out more. just hang in there it's just a bit more to the page.

Chat user 2: Fair enough… continue, please.

Chat user 3: One of the hackers stated that when they attempted to delete these files, the computer will violently crash and blue screen, causing permanent irreparable damage to the user's computer hard drive. This happened because a lone byte or code in the game's ROM was triggered when the fifth level was completed.

Chat user 2: Meaning if you try to delete the game, the game will delete your computer.

Chat user 4: If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me lol

Chat user 3: Lol whatever, so after they removed this byte, they were able to proceed to the sixth and final level. That's where the page ended, but there was an article linked at the end here I'll send it to you guys.

Chat user 2: Nice, now we get to hear the aftermath. Who knows, maybe they burned down buildings or something.

Chat user 4: Either that or try to murder people out or complete insanity.

Chat user 3: I bet they were later found in an abandoned field mutilated and missing their eyes.

Chat user 2: Yeah that's not dark at all…

Chat user 4: Let's see whos right lol. The journalist says that all of the original hackers declined to discuss what they saw at the final level. And accounting all of their roommates and acquaintances, they have no idea what happened to them either.

Chat user 2: And the only definitive info they could get was that all of them became extremely paranoid and reclusive to the point they refused to talk anyone or about anything related to the game including each other. If confronted with what happened, each hacker started showing astonishingly extreme symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chat user 3: So at the end, they turned into hermits, go crazy, and probably hung themselves?... yeah that doesn’t sound cliche at all…

Chat user 2: That's it? All this hype for a so-called creepy game that messes you up and in the end I get zip? Man, that sucks!

Chat user 4: In a way, I guess it was a good thing that the other person didn't show up today because this was a letdown

Chat user 2: Seriously hey wheres the other one? I forwarded the dox to their inbox. I also found their online page and they haven't been on all day…

Chat user 4: Let's not worry I mean it's ok if people have lives outside of the internet right?

Chat user 2: Yeah but… this person was very active like everyday active history not missing a beat.

Chat user 3: They’ll turn up… eventually…

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