She-Wolf Part One

Trans-woman becoming everything and Primal

She-Wolf Part One

Last night I was in my room wearing some awful pair of masculine pants, but that mole rat between my legs was tuck thanks to a good pair of panties. I wore a shirt that was something my woman part of me would wear, but I wish I had a good pair of Breasts to make it stand out more. I know I could fight anyone off because of my fists are quick and could knock someone out. My mind knows where to strike, and that will lead to no" Cavemen" messing with me.

It's been frustrating all these years to feel so locked up and not able to wear dresses or Skirts, starting right now, I'm going to take this to another level, and I'm not going to give an old flying fuck about being judged. I strip off those Jeans and put on my Girly jeans, which looks like sweats, then my Black boots, I keep the shirt. I look in the mirror with a smile on my face, but then remember I have to shave. I was pissed because it reminds me I'm a man, and then I look up at the moon, I know it's not a shooting star, but in my opinion, it's the next best thing.

I love it when a woman transforms, it signifies freedom not to be judged and put in a box to be good. In Wolf form, they are powerful enough to choose who could mount and want to shoot pregnant juices inside of them.

I want to be a woman and a Werewolf at the same time, I said it out loud, and the right words to use just came to me.

Of the light of the moon, I want to bloom, change me from this male to female, as well a Wolf with a big furry tail.

It starts with a slight headache, which leads to dizziness, strands of red hair fall down my face, and in the mirror, I was witnessing my dream of becoming a woman has reality. My face was becoming smaller, it tickles more than anything, and then my ears slowly became not human, my teeth grew canines, my Nose change too.

I became shorter, and that pulse of me shrinking went down my arms, and red fur was pooping out. The breasts I have wanted so much came out my chest, and then the most significant moment came, the Mole Rat which is called a Dick, it split apart like Banana, and my testicles went into my stomach. That's when the pain hit, my organs felt twisted and changed, something then bulges through my stomach and my fingers hurt so much...In a few minutes, it was over, and I slowly got up. My Sweat pants were down on my knees, my legs were hairy like a Wolf, and I had a tail, I took off my shirt to see my Breasts which made me happy, I saw little nipple on the stomach which means I'm going to have cubs.

I was going to go out, but I realize that I'm going to take advantage of my beautiful woods. I stripped off everything except for my boots and ran into the woods then disappear.

I woke up on the floor of my house because I did come home and as I look in the mirror, it wasn't a dream, I am a She-wolf. I'm so glad I live in a Supernatural world where Werewolves and humans live as one. However, I need a whole new wardrobe and identity, I look in my wallet, my name is Scarlet Wolf, and I look in my closet, It was all girly clothes. The moon took care of everything, and I look down to see those nipples on my stomach, why do I want to have them filled and have cubs attached to it? That means an Alpha might be in my future, DAMMIT!

So I change my outfit, I wore a beautiful red lace dress with the sexiest and provocative thigh high Boots then saw something which was perfect, a hooded trench-coat.

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