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Searching for the Sound

by The Bearded Bartender 4 years ago in fiction
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What lurks in the shadows?

I walked through the deserted house, curious if I could find anything worth selling. In the far end of the house, I heard a creak of a board and my heart immediately jumped into my throat. I got a hold of my nerves by telling myself that there was nothing to fear. All of a sudden, I saw a shadow dart across the wall and disappear into the next room. Something drew me towards it, probably curiosity or stupidity.

I cautiously entered the next room staring at all the old items sitting in the dust-covered kitchen. I walked past the cracked oak table when I heard another sound coming from behind me. A pile of long forgotten dishes smashes to the floor, echoing throughout the kitchen. I whip my head around to see what caused it, but nothing can be found in the room. My heart feels like it is ready to jump out of my chest, thinking of what it could be. Standing in the old abandoned house in the middle of the night, all kinds of ideas start entering my head. I start thinking of all those old horror movies where some huge mad scientist’s creation jumps out and rips the victims head off. I stand paralyzed with fear until another crash is heard in the next room. I gain some courage and pick up a piece of an old broomstick to see what is there.

I am now entering the master bedroom, which looks like it has not been entered for twenty years. I hold the broomstick high, ready to strike at anything that moves at all, whether it is a rat or Frankenstein himself. I then start to laugh when I realize when nothing is here at all. "Damn get a hold of yourself man you’ve been watching too many horror movies," I say out loud. I start to laugh again when a growl is heard coming from the end of the hallway outside the door. I swallow hard as I slowly step into the dimly lit hallway and walk down it, trying to see if there is something this time or if I am losing my mind.

Then the vase in at the end of the hallway tips off the end table smashing to the floor sending pieces everywhere. I get ready for something to jump out and rip my head off. The end table shakes a little and I steady myself. I prepare to swing, but halt myself when I see that from behind the end table emerges a stray dog. I drop the broomstick and start laughing at myself once again, when I find out that this old dog caused the mysterious sounds. I walk towards it and it curls back in fear and I try reassuring it that I won’t harm him. As I get closer, he starts barking like mad at me like I’m threatening him.

"I’m not going to hurt you, little fellow," I respond, but he just continues to bark. I shrug my shoulders, giving up on him and I turn around to leave. My heart stops for a second as soon as I see that I was not what the dog was barking at, but the creature behind me. It towers over me and grins sinisterly, showing its long blood stained fangs. I try to move, but nothing happens and the creature let’s out a deep growl. I then turn around to run and its long hand grabs me by the neck and lifts me up in the air.

I swing in the air, staring at the creature as it squeezes my neck tighter and tighter. Then the old dog jumps at the creature, but it does no good as the creature grabs it and bites its jugular hard and drops it to the floor, letting it bleed to death. It then turns to me and I try to plead, but my cries are falling on deaf ears. I stare in fright at the creature and realize that I brought this upon myself by trying to find the source of the sound, when I could’ve just left. My curiosity and stupidity wanted the mystery solved. Well, here it is, and here is the end of my life.

I brace for the pain as the creature lifts me up and smashes me into its knee, breaking my back. I lay on the floor paralyzed and the creature walks up to me and, with its sharps claws, it slices my throat, sending my blood everywhere. I begin to choke on my own blood as it pumps in and out of my throat. I feel my life slipping away and I watch as the world goes black as the creature feasts on my flesh. My life ends and my body becomes a meal for the creature from the unknown.


About the author

The Bearded Bartender

I am a creator of many things: stories, poems, songs, and much more. Here you will be able to read the insanity that runs through my mind, ranging from light hearted to complete darkness. Hope you enjoy the world inside my mind.

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