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Scary stuff. Even snakes get eaten

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in monster
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The little ant is so scary

Ants are small dwarfs in the biological world. They are very small, and generally speaking, they do not pose any danger to humans. But there are always some strange things in the world that make us wonder. At a particular time ants will become more terrible than lions and tigers. In the 1950s, there was a very famous German traveler Dr. Ewerth, who narrowly escaped being born under the siege of ant swarms.

Back in the 1950s, Ivos traveled to Mexico alone. He was immersed in the beautiful scenery along the way and saw many interesting and new things. That night, he chose to stay in a small hotel in the country, and after dinner, he began to write a diary of his trip that day.

Suddenly, he heard the squeals of a rat. He looked down and saw ants crawling under the door, dark as a moving carpet. Yves jumped onto the chair, but the ants slowly climbed up along the legs of the chair. He immediately moved to the table, but this was not a safe place, so the ants climbed up along the corner of the table. It seemed that he had been targeted by the ants.

The rats were screaming and Yves leaped from table to table and from table to table and from table to tin pitcher, but he lost his footing as the ants, by this time two or three centimetres thick, took over the room.

Faced with such a frightening sight, Yves was cornered. To make matters worse, the colony gave off a stench like rotting flesh that nearly knocked him out. At this crucial moment, if Yves could not hold on, if he fell to the ground, the army of ants would immediately engulf him.

Standing on the tin can, Yves was trying to find a new shelter. He looked around with his eyes wide open and suddenly found that there were no ants in sight on the bed, which was more than one meter away. How could it be? The four feet of the bed stood in a basin full of fire oil, which was the bane of the ants.

So Yves jumped onto the bed, grabbed a sheet and wrapped himself in it. The next morning the ants were gone, and Yves was barely alive hiding in the bed. But the mice, cockroaches, tide insects, centipedes and other small animals in the hotel are swept away by the ant colony and become a delicious meal in the ant's stomach.

Ants are indeed one of the weakest members of the biological world, and can be crushed to death with the least effort. But what was it about the ants that Yves encountered that made them so formidable? It's a different kind of ant. It's called the jacker ant, or the army ant, and it's the uncrowned king of the tropical forest.

Bullet ants of males can achieve around 25 mm in length and they have no fixed residence, where go to eat, when they rest in one place, many of the hook to each other with their feet and form a large black ant the ball, the ball center is a leader, led the entire head of ant colony hunting food, among the odd special spherical nest and one channel, Food can be carried inside the ball, and they sometimes climb to the top of trees to rest by hanging from each other's feet.

At night, like Asian hornets, jacker ants will send scouts out to scout. As long as they find food, they will immediately come back to inform the ant colony. The jacker ants who get the news will soon gather hundreds of thousands or millions of members to form a vast ant colony. They line up a few meters wide. In front and on either side, larger soldiers act as imposing escorts to protect the large ranks of workers. At the head of the ranks are scouts who lead the colony towards its prey.

Marauders march on a rampage, often lasting more than a dozen days, killing every animal they can escape from. There are also stories of leopards being killed by looters.

Their bodies are also toxic and can quickly render their prey defenseless. If they find an animal, the colony swarms, and in a matter of time, the animal is just a skeleton. Even anacondas several meters long can escape from them.


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