Ripple Effect

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Blue Spaces

Ripple Effect
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Can't you see it too?

You know that moment when you literally can't escape fast enough, I'm tiptoeing that line. If I could just force time to skip forward, it would make things so much easier. Ugh!

Graduating faster than your friends makes it impossible to keep healthy relationships going, but I managed one that is still going, well semi-strong. It's exactly five minutes and 17 seconds until I get to leave for three weeks—just him and me. I feel myself smile when I think of him. So cliche, I know.

I mean, it's not everyday you meet someone with those eyes and that hair. I slouch in my seat and rest my face on my hand as I exhale softly. Yes, it's definitely like that.

"Miss Walters," I hear all of a sudden, "Were you able to find the volume of 22.4g CO2 at STP?"

I feel the blood heating up my face as I look up to see the whole class had already turned around to stare at me. Waiting for the answer so they could get on with the lesson. Crickets.

I offer the answer from the paper sitting on my desk. It's not like I don't know me, I'm a total space cadet all the time. So, I over compensate at the things I'm good at, like researching for hours until I find the answer. Like Peter Pan would say, "Oh, the cleverness of me!"

The professor glares at me, then turns back around as if it didn't happen. It doesn't matter cause at that very moment the bells begin screaming holes in our eardrums. Seriously though, who woke up one day and said, "These bells should bust eardrums!"

I can't help but smirk at myself, so good and yet bad at the same time. I throw everything in a mess straight into the bag and yank the top over to clasp the latch. I stand up quickly throwing the bag over my should onto my back with a thump. Alright, alright, take a breath spaz. I quickly straighten the wrinkles out of my pants and shirt. Taking a deep breath to center myself, I headed to the parking lot.

There he... EEEK! A silky head of dark blonde hair with specs of natural sun highlights comes up from the side of a 1957 dark blue MG A Roadster. The car, of course, always takes my breath away. My dad bought me this car as a college gift. I should've been sad that day, considering cars aren't allowed on campus, but I knew it was for us to fix up together and that was worth everything. My dad died my second year of college. CLL, of all things.

"I know I pale in comparison, but really Lex."

I smile up at Charles. Wow, something's different. Don't get me wrong he was good looking before I left, but he's leaner and stronger looking all at the same time. His eyes, before a light clear blue span of endless sparkling ocean, now have a darker purple hue in the depths. More magnetizing than mesmerizing. His skin softer-looking than before, but the bone structure was definitely more defined. Would you close your mouth already.

"Uh-umm, Hi-i-i", I stammer as I clear my throat from the dryness that has taken over. He smiles down at me, flashing his beautiful smile. I feel my body tense, muscles tighten almost painfully like I need to run away. He leans down slowly. It's like electricity when our lips touch. His mouth full with a tiny scar on the bottom lip adding structure. What's wrong with me, you'd think I was star struck!

He sweeps me up in a big hug and whispers, "Are you ready to go, cause I've been looking forward to this for weeks." I melt into him, feeling the comfort of the old him, more familiar to my senses. But, I can't quite shake the uneasy feeling. Oh well, it'll have to wait.

"Yes, please whisk me away!" I giggled, feeling excitement and nervousness at the same time. He walks to the other side, and we duck into the car at the same time. I take a side glance at him in my peripheral as I slide into the seat. A shiver runs through me. It looks off, contorted, like smoke rushing into the car.

I suck a breath of shock and do a double take. Charles is looking me with confusion. "Everything okay?" he says looking concerned.

I shake my head as if it's nothing and smile at him. He cranks up the car and begins driving away from the school. I'm sitting a bit stiff in the seat, trying to figure out what I had just seen. I took a quick look at him. He's now whistling along to "Patience" by Gun N Roses.

I look out the window. What the hell Alexis, hallucinating now?

To be continued...

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