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Restless Spirits in North Dakota

Paranormal activity in different places

By Rasma RaistersPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Ghostly Happenings

In Dickinson, North Dakota at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center, the elevator door that leads to the morgue often opens by itself at night. The most mystifying thing about this is that the door can only be activated from inside the morgue. Another haunted area is that which is near the cafeteria. Around here late at night, a soft, eerie moan can be heard. From unoccupied rooms at night on the third floor the nurse’s call button has been pressed. In the old section of the administrative offices from the basement, the voices of children laughing and running can be heard.

Glowing red eyes

There are train tracks that go through Fargo and Moorhead. Several years ago a woman who was trying to jump onto a train got dragged instead. She was dragged through town. When her body was found there was not much left. A pair of homeless men sleeping by the train tracks reported seeing the woman. One of them saw her in the distance with glowing red eyes. Thinking that if he closed his eyes she would disappear he did so but upon opening his eyes to see if the woman had disappeared he found that she was closer still with her red eyes still upon him. Becoming frightened he awakened his friend and then left to seek some sleep elsewhere.

Dancing Spirits

In Fargo in Trollwood Park which is home to a performing arts school, there have been numerous reports about ghostly happenings. At one time this was home to a pauper’s cemetery and there are still three locations where people were or are still buried. They have been marked by small stone monuments. The most common occurrences have been the ghost of a lady who is seen dancing around a willow tree while students are performing or music is playing. The lady appears in a blue-gray 19th-century dress. EVPs have also been recorded and the voice of an old farmer who used to live there has been heard telling people to get off of his property. Others have reported feelings of being followed, seeing people walking around then disappearing, voices calling to them, and being touched.

Old Lady Black Tongue

Black Tongue Hill is located 15 miles south of Fort Yates. More than 40 years ago there was a woman Old Lady Black Tongue who lived on this hill. One day walking to or from the hill she was hit by a car. From that time on people say that they see her walking or even running by their cars looking in the window at night. She wears a long black dress and a shawl.

Ghostly Shadows

At the Altru Hospital (formerly United Hospital) in Grand Forks the staff elevator makes several runs per night, often empty. Staff members claim to have seen the elevator doors open on their floor and have caught a glimpse of a figure inside. There are strange, unexplained shadows that set off door alarms in the psych ward. When seen on a video camera, the shadows appear to slide under the door and reappear on the other side.

Rubik's Cube Ghost

At Kroeze Hall in Jamestown, there used to be a college student who had an obsessive-compulsive disorder with Rubik’s Cubes. His room in the dorm was D15 and here he’d sit clicking away on his cube. When his dorm mate stole his cube he attacked him and was sent to the state hospital. Eventually, he killed himself but returned to his dorm room D15. Now late at night, you can hear the rhythmic sounds of clicking.

Ghostly Apparition with Glowing Eyes

In Leroy, there is the White Lady Road. In the olden days of traveling salesmen, one man fell for a farmer’s daughter. He took her for a walk on a remote road and when they reached a bridge which was over a swampy area the salesman killed the girl because she spurned his advances. Now people traveling this road at night have seen a woman in white standing on the road. Suddenly she appears by their vehicles looking in with glowing eyes searching apparently for her murderer. A group of people managed to knock her from the vehicle driving at great speed and swerving but a few miles down the road she was back looking over each person until she was satisfied that the one she was searching for wasn’t there. This has gone on for years and there have been many people who claim to have seen her.

Ghostly Wives

Mandan outskirts – Custer House boardwalk is haunted by the wives of soldiers who were killed in the battle of the Little Big Horn. On occasion from a spot on the boardwalk just to the south side of the Custer mansion, one can hear a terrible moaning and wailing cry. This is followed by a rushing wind-like energy that shoots upward from the ground. At night in the house lights appear in the downstairs and upstairs windows.

Spirit of Little Boy

At Standing Rock High School in Standing Rock when cheerleaders do their cheers before a game they can hear or see a little boy running by them. One time he shut the door and turned off the lights. A janitor taking pictures saw that when they were developed someone was standing by lockers 220-221 in the junior high hallway. In the boys’ locker room, there is a mirror in which people always see a little boy standing beside or behind them.


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